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Reclaiming my language


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Am I being a pedantic literalist or do I notice a trend among progressives to redefine language to mean something different, or even opposite to what it actually says. It leaves me with a feeling of being gaslit, disorientated, cognitive dissonance at the shift in meanings. So I'm starting to challenge their use of language as part of deconstructing the whole agenda. Some examples: 

Racism, sexism. Adding the suffix '-ism' to the end of a word is supposed to mean a system of thought or social movement associated with the word, not giving it a negative meaning of discrimination. Similarly, the suffix '-ist' is a person who's involved in the '-ism'.   For example, Buddhism means the religion based on the teachings of the Buddha, and a Buddhist is a member of the religion. So racism should mean something like the subject of human racial identity, and racists are people who believe in racial identity and belong to a race. But no, to be  racist or sexist  has been twisted to mean someone who has fallen foul of the rules of the new social order. 
Homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia. A phobia is an irrational fear of something, like heights or enclosed spaces. It's a medical condition but it's used similarly to -ism above in the meaning of hate and persecution.  
Semitism, Anti-semitism. Semites are people who speak a wide group of languages from the middle east and as far west as Malta. Yet anti-semitism is changed to mean only the Jewish people. 
I expect there's more but this is a start. 

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