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Minor News items - Not worth a thread of their own


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On 4/24/2022 at 2:25 PM, Golden Retriever said:

Bravo that man.👏



That was so uplifting to watch. Moreover, the bloke who dropped a ciggie will likely not do so again because he won't want to put 80 quid in the pockets of 3GS.


A quick search of 3GS brings this video up - what a pair of unintelligible gimps



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Effing ridiculous and not an April's Fool!


They even want cattle to wear masks


Hey climate change nutters, leave them cows alone.


Prince Charles backs methane-reducing “gimp masks for cows” in climate competition


And the Royal has said that he gives the mask his backing, saying that, by embracing the designers’ ingenuity, “we will have a better chance of winning this battle in a shorter time.”





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Another lying pos; what an absolute prick.

All his so called ‘wisdom’ dished out to the poor ignoramuses over the years; the arseholes are showing themselves more and more day by day.


WEF Guru Admits ‘They Want More Souls, I Want Less On The Planet’



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WATCH: Antifa beats woman in German clothing store, coordinates attacks in multiple cities


Germany: Deutsche Bahn must offer third gender option for train tickets, court rules


Only half of Czechs perceive the media as free


‘I don’t feel like I’m in Belgium’ – Socialist leader claims multicultural Brussels neighborhood seems like a foreign land

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Are landlines about to become extinct ?

My landline doesn't get hacked or stolen - and NEVER vibrates in my pocket during Tchaikovsky's Fifth: BT's Beattie MAUREEN LIPMAN gives a ringing defence of the home phone as it faces extinction


MAUREEN LIPMAN: I hate with a passion the drug that I am addicted to. It is oblong, sits in a leatherette cover, at my bedside, in my handbag, and wants my attention like a chihuahua on heat.



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