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Minor News items - Not worth a thread of their own


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United Airlines Boeing 777 rained down debris over a square mile of Denver after its engine EXPLODED before 'textbook' emergency landing - as police say they are 'staggered' no one died

  • Police in Broomfield, Colorado responded to residents who reported large objects falling from the sky
  • Local investigators arrived at different addresses to see huge metal objects strewn across lawns 
  • Boeing 777-200, which was carrying 231 passengers and 10 crew, diverted back to Denver and landed safely 
  • The plane's engine is believed to have set alight mid-flight. The plane landed 30 minutes after taking off
  • Video posted on Twitter showed the engine fully engulfed in flames as the plane flew through the air 
  • Two passengers on board said they could feel the heat emanating from engine after it exploded mid-air 
  • Photos captured by drones show a hole in the roof caused by debris that fell through one home in Broomfield 


More scary pics and short terrifying video of this one taken by a passenger sitting on the wing in the article 😶





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57 minutes ago, Saved said:

Bomber Biden gets off to a flying start. Syria 2.0 underway.





I was predicting last November that if Biden won he would have started a war by the end of February.

He's also just passed a bill to allow abortions up to birth too. Sickening.

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Not recent news but very interesting all the same. 




I wonder why no one wants to fund this machine? Would reduce carbon emissions and plastic waste all over the world. Oh wait, I've answered my own question. 

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There is a global shortage of seasonal fruit pickers, as a result of the enforced COVID-19 travel restrictions. As it is getting harder to find fruit pickers to harvest the world’s orchards, some farmers are turning to AI drones to pick their crops.


Now an Israeli company, Tevel Aerobotics Technologies, has developed a flying autonomous robot (FAR) that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and pick the ripest fruit. It combines artificial intelligence with computer vision, advanced robotics, aeronautical engineering, state-of-the-art flight control, and data fusion and perception.


The FAR robot can work 24 hours a day and picks only ripe fruit. It uses AI perception algorithms to locate the trees and vision algorithms to detect the fruit among the foliage and classify its size and ripeness. After choosing the right fruit, the robot then works out the best way to approach the fruit and remain stable as its picking arm grasps the fruit.




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11 hours ago, DarianF said:


Total filth. The lowest level.


Apparently born male and attended an all boys school. Name originally Richard aka DICK.



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6 minutes ago, Beaujangles said:

Apparently born male and attended an all boys school. Name originally Richard aka DICK.


Psychologically speaking it's very clear what's going on with these trannies.

They are heavily f***ed up inside their heads, some severe trauma etc...

They have dealt with this by cutting off parts of their body and trying to be something they are not.

Inside them is a lot of insecurity, because something inside them is saying "you are a man".

One of the ways they fight the voice of sanity in their head is by seeking public office and damaging other people's children, making them as weird as they are.

Basically, the f****ed up people in the world are taking over.  Many of them are journalists and politicians.

That's not necessarily a cabal thing, it's more like society is deeply insincere and f***ing itself up.  It's like a war with countless really damaged people in it.

And they push it on others to make themselves feel better.

The more they can damage the better they feel.

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Anyone heard of Ian crane? Apparently he had a huge part in banning fracking. 


He attended the alternative view conferences and has sadly passed away of illness. Rip. 


Will have to check out this mans work. Sorry I didn't know what section to put this in but is known in the 'truther scene'. 


Cheers @Basket Case sorry.

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Guest Gone Fishing...
2 minutes ago, Fluke said:

Sorry I didn't know what section to put this in but is known in the 'truther scene'. 

ln here, dude..  :O)


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