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Minor News items - Not worth a thread of their own


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"Britain's Fattest Man" died on New Years Day, this is one of several stories on the Birmingham Mail.


Tributes paid to Birmingham City fan Barry Austin known as 'Britain's fattest man' after tragic death




Tributes have been paid to well-known Birmingham City supporter Barry Austin - once declared Britain's fattest man - after his tragic death at the age of 52.

Birmingham City announced via a statement that Barry - known as Fat Baz - died on New Year's Day after a health battle.

The club put out a brilliant photo of Barry on social media last night, and said: "We are saddened to hear of the passing of lifelong Bluenose, Barry Austin. His love for Blues was unquestionable. May you rest in peace, Baz."

Chelmsley Wood resident Barry gained popularity after he took part in the SkyOne documentary Inside Britain's Fattest Man.

He also took part in ITV’s The Fattest Man in Britain where he admitted he consumed up to 29,000 calories a day, including 12 litres of fizzy drink.

Barry, meanwhile, had his own custom-built chair at St Andrew's which took up the space of three 'normal' seats inside the stadium.

The ex-cab driver appeared to be turning his life around in April 2012 when he was reported to have shed 20 stone to marry his fiancé Debbie Kirby, 50.

From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/birmingham-city-barry-austin-dead-19552102


It's a shame and all that, but it is sad that the media are almost idolising this obese fellow. At least he didn't die from Covid though...

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On 30/12/2020 at 8:14 PM, DarianF said:


That's the video. You're a legend I couldn't find it. Thanks! No doubt she's a psycopath.

Im not sure as to the validity of the Claire Edwards clip, but when it came out I wondered why St Jacinda was first on her list whilst Dictator Dan got no mention.


Perhaps she has more insider knowledge.


St. Cindy. Ardern

  • From a Mormon Family:
  • Policeman, come High Commissioner to Niue, father
  • Questionable Masonic links
  • International President of Socialist Youth - spending time in Israel and China 
  • Senior Policy adviser under the Blair Govt, then seconded to the Home Office to help with a review of policing in England and Wales.
  • Parachuted in to Aunty Helens vacated 'safe Labour' seat of Mt Albert after twice being defeated in Auc Central.- very convenient. 
  • That smile, paraded on TV from the get-go - on TVNZ Breakfast as one the "young guns" back in 2008


  • To name but a few










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17 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

The man with the magic penis: Denmark's national broadcaster launches CHILDREN's cartoon about a man with the 'world's longest manhood' who uses it to steal ice-cream, fly like a helicopter and light a BBQ




That's nothing. You should see what his wife's vagina can do.

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