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Back in the UK, from what I understand, it seems A Level exam results this year ... well the teachers who "predict" the scores of their students (whatever the fuck that means) ... have decided to exaggerate the genius of their students and given all their students A-star-star-genius-star.   And, from what I understand, a lot of students had their studies disrupted by the scamdemic and so the result you get is not based on your work or your exam but on the lies your teacher told the exam board in their "predictions".

The Exam Board initially noticed that pigs do not fly ... and rejected giving every student in the land A-star-star-flying-pigs-star ... but after enough snowflake moaning was organised ... now yes ... the UK is going to be tolerant compassionate and lie and say that yes even braindead johnny is also a A-star-star-flying-dipshit-star-genius.

Which the newspapers are hailing as a great success.


The universities who get megabucks from the poor stupid sheep students who will turn up, learn nothing, and leave with £50,000 debt and a degree in Canoe Maintenance and a snakebite-n-black hangover .... are very keen to encourage said students to come on in.

Problem is there ain't no jobs because mickey mouse is not very good at enterprise.


Next stop the bank of mum and dad, who will double remortgage their conservatory.
Then it's time to sell the nation's silver dinner spoons.

Embarrassing and moronic Britain is.
I suggest people stop having kids, if this is what you gonna teach them.



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More on that A-level story :


Now the newspapers are demanding that heads roll.   All the stories are agreed that something terrible happened, a catastrophe, incompetence ... and so on.  But they are careful not to describe what the catastrophe is.  They can agree it's a disaster and something must be done but they are careful not to describe exactly what the problem is.


Because, everyone in the scene knows they are lying.  They know that you can't run an education or a country on the basis of lying about exam results and giving everyone undeserved high marks.


They are lying, all of them ... the apologizing Government ministers, the very quiet exam regulators, the universities demanding action, and the violin playing students and parents.


It's all a lie ... and they all know it.   They all know exactly the lie.   And that's why they demand action.  And after a few heads roll then they will all congratulate themselves and no longer have to have the fact that they are all lying staring them in the face.


And that ... is what human monkeys are.   They are like this.   This is exactly why wars are made.  And this is exactly why they have no hope.  Humans have the same profession as each other, lying.


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Exam Results

Hmm .... shenanigans.  The Government has sacked two senior civil servants now ... because of all the hoo ha with the A-Levels.

Initially the Exam Board did it's usual thing of noticing that not every student in the country gets A-star-star-star and adjusted the marks so they were proportionate with other years ... it does that so that the UK education system doesn't become a total joke.

But then the (re) moaners got on board reminding the government that it's a CV19 year and so everyone needs stars ... and the Government discovered that "the science has changed" and it awarded all children regardless of whether they were sitting exams ... A quadruple stars and half the milky way.

Anyway a couple of bods in the civil service have been sacked.

... what they never say is that it's early retirement  meaning they get paid by us for not working permanently on a final salary golden pension.  Some sacking.   And that's why they agree to it and walk out, because they have won the lottery.

And nobody in Downing Street has to resign.

And more importantly while the whole country knows it's a big issue nobody has to explain what the issue is ... which would make everyone look stupid and insincere.

You can call it a ritual sacrifice, a bit of blood here and there and no more questions are asked.  Which is the most important thing when you are dealing with education.


Next piece of the saga ... The Government was asked exactly why the sacked these people.

... ooops ... nobody is supposed to ask any questions ...

And so the Government says ... "actually the sacking was not directly a result of the exam fiasco but we just need new people".

And with that everybody's ass is covered, all gaps in the logic are sealed.

2020 A Levels are golden and so are the pensions of two ex-civil servants.

The papers has got the fiasco headlines they wanted, with no details.

Parents feel they got what they wanted.

And the public got what they wanted.


What a theatre !!!

As bent as a 2020 A'Level


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1 minute ago, SuperstarNeilC said:

The United Nations put on a 2.5 hour concert featuring Pacific Islanders. The last song on the show mentioned their concern about Covid19, and it also gave praise to the “New World Order behind closed doors.”



really bad lip syncers

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Looks like Kali Yuga.  Everybody screaming and demonstrating, blaming and revolutionizing.   Clearly they all think they are controlled or alternatively fed by other people.  This is all slavery and lack of self knowledge.  Externalising everything and having no sense of one's own abilities and trajectory.

Being in a big emotional crowd is very much appreciated by monkeys, then they don't have to do anything.

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