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Since this section is for personal solutions, I thought this would be the appropriate place to signpost a form of art therapy known as 'Neurographica'.


I had this recommended to me recently and it was very useful to me, as well as being an enjoyable and creative way to spend time. It requires no artistic talent whatsoever, in fact if you are a person, like myself, who feels quite creatively blocked, it is ideal. Anyone can do it.


This is a form of art therapy which can help people with a wide variety of problems ranging from depression to anxiety, PTSD and others. It's efficacy relates to it being a mindfulness, meditative and intentional process. Here are a couple of videos on the subject which will explain in greater depth how to get started. I hope some people on this forum will be helped by this. Have fun.




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14 hours ago, DaleP said:

That's beautiful. I can imagine you can get really stuck in without thinking about worries.

The problem is.... don't really have a time for it right now.


No worries. When the time is right, you'll find time.

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