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How Superstitious are you ?


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"Right hand itches, I gets money for sure." - from "Ain't Superstitious" by Willie Dixon


My mother had always told me it was the left hand. She also said you have to rub your hand on your butt to make it come true. The itchy right hand, according to my mother, meant you would be meeting a new person. I'll admit, after either my left or right palm itches, I rub it on my butt. Hey, I need the money!


I'll knock on wood, too. My mother and grandmother's had a slew of them, such as if you drop the dish rag, company would be coming over. I use a sponge, which may explain why I never have company. Souls of your feet itch, you'll be walking on strange land. Ever get one of those shivers out of the blue for no reason? Someone is walking on your grave.



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