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Is Prince Louis The Future Antichrist ?


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I don't mean to pick on the little guy as I reckon he's cute as they come, if this is true he wont be be in power for sometime yet.

These pictures got me reflecting on this idea;


Rosemary's Baby




Here he is making the 666 sign, thanks to @DaleP for Picture




Tongue out










Tongue out again




Just a thought..........What are yours ?

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Alexa 666 in Revelations multiplied by 3:


600 x 3  is  1800

60    x 3  is  180

6       x 3  is  18


Total             1998


If this is the Birthyear of the Antichrist:


He is   33 years old     in 2031


That may be WHY we keep hearing 2030 THIS   2030   THAT



Nobody will follow a leader under 30, so the little prince is too young in my humble opinion.


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2 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

Was that nurse who hung herself when he was born, they blamed on some prank.


Kate never looked pregnant & the baby looked fake.


Oh well remembered mate, cannot believe I'd forgotten "the birth". That stank to high heaven. Kate had a bloody cushion up her top.

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"Christ" literally means someone who's been anointed, and British monarchs are anointed by the Archbishop with holy chrism at their coronation - for Elizabeth this part of the ritual was considered too holy to film and if memory serves they screened her off - so in theory they're all Christs. 


Come to think of it, wasn't I anointed by the Bishop at my confirmation when I was a young lad? Flippin eck...

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