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While Left And Right Fight, The Powerful Are Quietly Re-Engineering The World

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I believe that:


- Woke/LGBTQ was deliberately financed to the tune of 10s of Billions of Dollars to SHOCK the Conservative Right into outright DESPISING the Left. This ensures people cannot meet in the CENTER for at least a decade.


- The Internet was deliberately designed in such a CRAP, low-tech way that people oftentimes cannot understand each other and bash each other as a result. Twitter's short character limit was designed to only let people post snappy little micro-opinions with no context and no clarifying supporting text.


- Americans were deliberately given a binary choice between 2 men  - Trump and Biden - neither of which is particularly good for America or the World.


- An atmosphere so toxic was created that true intellectuals who can see both sides of an argument stand no chance of calming the public debates.


- Mainstream media on the Left and Right are owned by the same power center. Controlled opposition on both sides.


- MSM censorship of many things that matter is nothing more than a scare tactic. "Haha! You see things happening in the real world but we are not covering them. What are you going to do about it?"


- The foundations of major future events are being covertly created today.


-Bitcoin/Crypto are Government created to get the young ones used to digital currency.


- The Content Industry in LA in particular was handsomely paid to bring down the quality of movies, TV shows, music, games and literary fiction.


- Both Left and Right do not fully understand Capitalism, Socialism or other economic systems.


- God and religious faith is what scares the Elite the most.

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