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Climate Lies: Salter's Duck Could Have Provided CLEAN Energy En Masse In The 1970s. The NUCLEAR LOBBY Crushed It.


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In the 1970s, Professor Steven Salter of Edinburgh University designed a floating device named "the Duck" which extracted so much energy - 80% - from naturally occurring Ocean and Sea Waves that it was cost-competitive with conventional "dirty" ways of generating energy (oil, coal, gas, nuclear).


The Nuclear Lobby prevented the Duck from getting the funding it needed.


The Duck was never tested at sea as a result and the most promising clean-energy invention in the World died, leaving us with "Climate Change" decades later.


Fascinating story:





Salter's latest work on REVERSING Climate Change using "Cloud Brightening"




The story of the Duck:










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16 hours ago, Itsjaybigjay said:

I've seen this technology reported on MSM way back in the past probably 80's early 90's and probably on tomorrows world. I do wonder how much tech was shown on there that has now been memory holed 


Since 9/11 in 2001, tech development in many fields has mysteriously SLOWED DOWN or STALLED completely.


Its almost like pre 9/11 ANYTHING could be imagined or worked towards.


And post 9/11 some GLOBAL MECHANISM keeps PREVENTING new tech from being built.


Except AI, brain chips, surveillance tech and population control tech of course.


Only the HARMFUL INNOVATIONS are allowed now.

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Theres a good documentary on Netflix regarding the Three Mile Island accident (America's version of Chernobyl).  The then infant nuclear power industry went to great lengths to suppress what happened there to the point of intimidating whistle blowing employees with death threats.  Apparently the clean up operation could have created an even bigger disaster than the accident itself through corner cutting, if it wasn't for the persistence of former employees lobbying their case and ensuring better standards.  


Amazing how Chernobyl is never far from main stream media coverage, yet America's Three Mile Island and Britain's Windscale accidents are all but forgotten about!

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Didn't UK use to dump radioactive waste at sea or in Scottish lochs back then,

or bit before ?

This duck and so much cleaner technology is suppressed as doesn't fit the agenda.

Victor Schauberger understood implosive clean energy and how to look after rivers ,unique powers of water etc back in mid 20 th century.



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15 minutes ago, eddy64 said:

i think there's still an effort to use tidal and wave power, seem to remember the duck was trialled and found to be very unreliable and hard to maintain so was abandoned.



From what I have read the Duck was govt funded during the initial small scale University Prototype scale.


But funding was lost when a first full scale Duck was to be built and tested at sea, which required much more money.


I also seem to remember that Salter was made to say publicly that the Duck 'isn't as efficient' as they thought.


In small scale trials the Duck had been 80% efficient. Now it suddenly wasn't.


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1 hour ago, Talorgan said:

This duck and so much cleaner technology is suppressed as doesn't fit the agenda.

Victor Schauberger understood implosive clean energy and how to look after rivers ,unique powers of water etc back in mid 20 th century.



Clean energy and in abundance has been possible in a multitude of ways for a very long time. It cannot be announced publicly as doing so collapses a multi trillion dollar industry, and is the bread and butter of the controlling families. Along with pharmaceuticals, which incidentally use petro-chemicals, another multitrillion dollar industry.

I asked the question in another thread, I will repeat it here:

How do you power a 10 petawatt laser? That is a laser with the output of 10 quadrillion watts, or 10,000 trillion watts. Our entire power output globally is in the region of 20 terawatts. (currently most powerful laser in existence as far as I am aware)


"17.7 Terawatts is a big number. To give you an idea, 1 Terawatt can power 10 billion, 100 watt bulbs at the same time!"


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"Shocking statistics highlighted by the Farm Safety Foundation (FSF) show 133 people in UK farming and the associated agricultural trades took their own lives in 2019-20, 31 of them in Scotland"


Many more since Covid I suggest and the vegan agenda.




Small farmers are being put out of business because of the climate change bollocks. Support them if you can.






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