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On 9/24/2020 at 2:13 PM, zArk said:

Btw just seen Tenet (film) and wow ....


its about time distortions and moving between forward time and backward time

when the characters are in the backward time they need to wear masks with oxygen feed because in the world turned upside down they cant breath the air ... it will kill them

there is a machine that allows the switch between backwards and forwards which is literally a revolving door mechanism imo this symbolises the changing of ages, the change from Age fo Pisces to the Age of Aquarius

when in the backwards time, the main character stamps in a puddle , aquarius


struck a big chord with me that the world is moving people (if some arent already there) to believe that the air itself is dangerous for their survival


the media /film  has been feeding the mask motive as 'life' for decades

Bane in Dark Knight Rises

Darth Vader

the Apollo13 scene when the technician in Nasa inhales cig smoke and Apollo 13 then has a problem with its Oxygen

All space movies at some point use the 'living requires a mask or helmet' to create anxiety


My wife and i have been trying to work out why so many people are using the mask as a security blanket and it is a massive task trying to unravel the human condition and psychology of others because it requires a large amount of subjective interpretation yet as this whole covid affair plandemic is media led it is the media itself that provides people with a basis for germs and  safety. it is hyperreality. all references for pathogenic viruses and safety are entirely within the media.


michael wann talks a little around the subject here



Just watched it too. wow....

People running backwards and forwards, it was hard to follow, a bit like Inception.

But this movie is about time travel + multiple timelines interlocking, past and present can be played at the present point that you could meet yourself....

The level of hypnotic induction was unreal, it was never ending, honestly lol

I think this film was released so that people may be open to other ideas of reality like it was said a few times in the script.


I don't know about you but I have noticed people stare at me even to the point of turning back to look at me.... It happens everytime.

What do they know?

OK, so I feel like my brain has been put through a blender and right open, I'd better put something good rather than a nightmare now.

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