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What music do you want to be played at your funeral?

Mr H

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And why?


I have two songs.


Re-united by wutang clan (explicit version) - because I will be re-united with source, my soul family and my earth families, the lyrics are excellent and would be funny to imagine folks bob their heads to the chorus



And Crowded House - take the weather with you. Just because I'd like to think that's how I lived my life. Being responsible for creating the environment around me - and it's a beautiful song.



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Simple…. Actually 2  Nocturnes from Chopin.





Why… because he is my fav composer to play and these pieces really tell a story full of emotion but instead of words he is using sound, pitch, tone, vibration, and frequency. If you listen to these you can really feel it and what I hear I feel relates to my life. 

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On 5/31/2022 at 10:23 AM, Fluke said:

The way the prices are going you will be lucky with that.

Right. lol


Listen to the lyrics..... I've never ever paid attention back then but I think she sings about this world. She even included the gold fish.😂



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Good mourning Britain: how chillout music soundtracked the death of Diana | Music | The Guardian

Licence to chill … the UK airwaves were briefly taken over by the Aloof and Sabres of Paradise.

Radio 1 had long been sensitive about its playlists at moments of national crisis: during the first Gulf war, for example, Phil Collins’s In the Air Tonight was one of many songs banned for somewhat tangential reasons. At the point of Diana’s death, there was already a sense that the station’s “Obituary CDs” (which then were literally a set of compilation CDs of tasteful instrumental music, kept in a cupboard in each studio) needed an upgrade. Not too upbeat, not too bleak and, crucially, lacking any lyrics that could be interpreted as offensive, chillout was the perfect music to accompany a national tragedy.

The sheer scale and intensity of public reaction to Diana’s death took everyone by surprise. This was not an atmosphere in which presentational or musical faux pas would have been easily forgiven. Former Radio 1 Newsbeat presenter Tina Ritchie now looks back on the week with amazement. “I was sent to Kensington Palace to do vox pops with the people who had gathered,” she says. “I was standing among these flowers, basically justifying my existence. There was a really hostile attitude towards the press. Basically, once they saw me with a microphone, I might as well have murdered her.”

You could probably mark the reaction to Diana’s death as the first significant kickback against the so-called mainstream media, he says. “It wasn’t quite ‘The Bilderberg Group and Bill Gates are controlling everything’ but it was certainly a case of trust starting to go.”

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I want to choose my burial site the same as my hero, Robin Hood.


As Robin lay in his deathbed in Loxley Hall, he summoned his trusted friend Little John and whispered, 'Fetch me my bow and arrow.'


Little John, faithful to the end, dutifully brought the requested items to Robin who shakily drew back his bow and pointed it at the open window saying, 'Bury me where this arrow lands.'


I make a pilgrimage every year to Robin's grave, on top of the wardrobe at Loxley Hall.


RIP, Robin.




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