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Let's use the Climate Change scenario!


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I have come up with another solution this morning. It was like ah-ha!


Reading Dr Ibrahim Karim's book, I realised that we are slowing approaching the so called end time or slow death IF we don't do something about the current 'technological' advance. Ibrahim explains this in his book 'Back to a future for Humankind'.


Basically, the way radiation such as 5g are increasing, we will reach a point where our immune system will collapse even with or without the jab.

The Earth also produces harmful energy but compared to what is produced artificially it is 1:1000 😱

We are already seeing the negative effect such as mass murder of bees, birds etc and it affects plants/veg/trees too.


The elites are blaming CO2 as the culprit of the climate change but it is infact this harmful scala waves as the byproduct of increased radiation in the air which creates extreme conditions. The good thing is, people have bought into the idea of Climate Change. We are a halfway there. Borrow the weapon (climate change narrative) of enemy and use it against them. You basically start to introduce and link 'the radiation (5g etc) which causes environmental change' scenario to the climate change scenario because THIS is serious and species will simply die. I don't think even this forum realises what is waiting for us.


EDIT: When I said the bold bit above, I meant to say, members realise the danger of 5g etc but they haven't yet connected the dots that it actually end up creating the extreme weather and other environmental disturbances. It has been said that people collectively need to change, more kinder, higher vibration etc, to stop earthqueakes etc. That sounded like some wishy washy new age stuff but when you understand the works of scala waves.....it does make sense now. People are unhappy and those kind of energy has to go somewhere. If it's not properly processed it will errupt.....yes like volcano. Do you see how it is impacting the Earth?


Your thoughts can affect the environment and other people's consciousness. So rather than spending time doing the protest, please learn this and do something and make change.


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1 hour ago, Bombadil said:

We’ve had 2 days in a row of sun here where I live in Cornwall. Must be something wrong.


As the locals would say:  bleddy ansum


Lucky you, tho it's not bad here in South Wales, bit of sun but cloudy. No chem's yet.⛅

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