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The Stage Is Being Set For The United States To Go To War With China And Russia Simultaneously


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If you haven't been doing your own research on current events in the world and just worried about what going with the other distractions, please open your eyes.


The stage is being set right in front of our eyes. I believe Biden was picked for his declined mental state. Our military is spread out amongst Europe 100,000 troops or so. Leaving us venerable from an attack. All of our forces of focused in the East. An invasion could simply happen on the West Coast of the USA. While Our weapons are being shipped to Ukraine, we are depleting our stockpiles at home here. Lockheed and other war companies can only produce so many weapons at a time... example: maybe 1,000 Javelins a yr...


How many have we sent to a war that is we should have no part in??? So, take in count everything that is unfolding with RU, EU, CCP, Supply chain, Food shortages etc and tell me that we at home here in America are prepared for war... How many people would actually fight? How many would submit? People talk shit and say they would but in the face of reality they would cry and run scared. I've been to war, I've been blown up, I've been shot at, I have nightmares, I heard the screams and cries... I could not imagine my son going through that..


Leaked Chinese Video -  and I got the source from: Leaked Audio From Chinese Military Meeting on Invasion of Taiwan and War With US – Offensively Patriotic – 2022 (offensively-patriotic.com)



take everything with a grain of salt and please research.. the spider web is really big.




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OP hasn't visited for two weeks but.....if you are reading, you know all about war, don't you? This is your experties...


Anyways, Taiwan Navy & Army exercises but I don't think their force is large enough and they definitely need support from other countries.

Here comes the US which is against Russia/China, and Japan is not only under the command of US but they have their own interest in saving Taiwan too.



I did say while back that Taiwan was under threat from China for the reason of oil which belongs to Japan but US wants it too....... It's larger than the one in the middle east. Whoever gets hold of it will be the richest country. Japan can't dig this oil unfortunately due to an agreement they were forced to have (by the US of course)


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China just shut down all air traffic (according to this vid) by kermit the frog by the sound of it ...  tanks and 'Aircraft Carrier Killer' mobile missile launch tanks have been strategically positioned. 
China (according to kermy,although has included twitter links and vids in this clip) have also positioned troops in Russia in order to fight NATO.  China have also moved Military vehicles up to the 'Taiwan Straight' , just a military excercise nothing to see here?........

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America will keep pushing.


Now america has landed pelosi, america will see it as a sign of weakness from china, and keep pushing and pushing.


You all know it.


Its about which side wants to pretend to the world to be the good guy.


America will keep pushing china, and they will just get emboldened by this.


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