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SCHWAB And ZELENSKIY Give Joint Presentation At DAVOS 2022


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On 5/23/2022 at 5:01 PM, Captainlove said:

I thought that twat zelenskiy was busy having a war with Russia. But clearly not if he's got time to do zio speeches.


What war, it was an internal conflict where they blew up their own towns and people up where Russia stepped in to support those in the east and north to stop the blatant domecide that was going on, and then the west shit itself when the labs were discovered on Russia's border that are linked to Wuhan and then it was decided to carry out genocide to cover their guilty little butt holes, HANG THE FUKIN LOT OF EM, it's sickening how these psychopath's will do anything to prevent being discovered at the things they do, which means they do have a conscience and are therefore willful in action and being self aware of the harm!!!

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