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Have homophobia and misogyny been defeated?

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On 6/21/2022 at 3:23 PM, mazuzu said:

Humanity has Zero Value with God,

You got this directly from the source, God, did you?


If not, what make you think your statement is true?


Fact is, God, not that such exists, would have to values humanity, as only humanity acknowledges the existence of a God.




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On 6/17/2022 at 10:49 AM, Gnostic Christian said:

If fear is not the source of the hate, what is?


Love biases creates hate biases.


Are you suggesting that homophobes love the positives of heterosexuality too much?


Not likely, so what do you suggest is the source ofr the hate?




I think I've already established I wouldn't be lending any credence to the term "homophobia". The people I've known who were not fond of homosexuals tend to site their sexual activities as the main source of their dislike. Never have I heard anyone (I've known) say they were afraid of homosexuals, with the exception of a period of time in the Eighties when AIDS was the Covid of it's day. But even then, the fear did not equate to hate so much as disgust. 


Are you having problems with your own feelings of homosexuality? Do you hate yourself as a result? 




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