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insight into homosexuality (sexual content warning!)


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16 hours ago, tommydrifter said:

I say that clear thinking points to the fact that reptilian extraterrestrials created the illuminati (genetic engineering programs) to serve them as their envoys on the earth.


Maybe, I tend to imagine these extraterrestrials as demonic evil spirits.

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8 hours ago, tommydrifter said:




1. Rothschild (Bauer) -- Pindar

2. Bruce

3. Cavendish (Kennedy)

4. de Medici

5. Hanover

6. Hapsburg

7. Krupps

8. Plantagenet

9. Rockefeller

10. Romanov

11. Sinclair / St. Clair

12. Warburg (del Banco)

13. Windsor (Saxe - Coburg - Gothe)






Blue Blood, True Blood: Conflict and Creation, p. 174




They are all connected in some way especially the Rothschild's.

The contemporary blue bloods Rex Deus families include:

  • the Counts of Champagne,
  • the Lords of Gisor,
  • the Lords of Payen,
  • the Counts of Fontaine,
  • the Counts of Anjou, de Bouillon,
  • St. Claire De Gisor, St. Claire De Neg,
  • Brienne, Joinville, Chaumont,
  • the St. Claires,
  • and the Hapsburgs1

(thirteen families). Originating Rex Deus bloodlines were introduced to other families through marriage: Blanchefort, Sinclair, Plantard, and Hapsburg/Lorraine.


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5 minutes ago, TheConsultant said:

Is there any possibility in your mind that other intelligent life exists that is not evil, demonic or nefarious in some way?


Indeed yes, but not beings from other so called planets or far off supposed galaxies.

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1 minute ago, alexa said:


Indeed yes, but not beings from other so called planets or far off supposed galaxies.

Where is this intelligent life then? if its not off planet/in other solar systems or galaxies? 

Also the hubble ultra deep field picture shows hundreds of galaxies in a cluster.


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40 minutes ago, TheConsultant said:

Where is this intelligent life then? if its not off planet/in other solar systems or galaxies?


The Sons of God of course.


When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy. Job 38:7



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3 hours ago, alexa said:


Maybe, I tend to imagine these extraterrestrials as demonic evil spirits.



  • negative extraterrestrials
  • dark spirits 


Extraterrestrials are simultaneously physical and spiritual. Most of you reading this are expressing your physical nature but not expressing your spiritual nature. Otherwise you would see that I am right and you are wrong. Otherwise you would see what Stewart Swerdlow can see. Otherwise you would see what Karl Mollison can see. These men have spiritual vision. They see the astral light.


Karl Mollison explains that the dark spirits attach (possess) the extraterrestrials and the humans on the earth. In a sense, the dark spirits are the negative influence.



  • Stewart Swerdlow
  • Karl Mollison



  • Just about everyone else - you get bits and pieces that are truthful - but because their understanding of reality as it is, is incomplete or incorrect, the big names in the woowoo mislead, misdirect, the masses away from the fundamental truths about reality as it is.



  • specifically-programmed 
  • mass-programmed
  • compromised
  • paid shills



Since you are going to be wondering about David Icke and what I think about Icke -- I will tell you. In my opinion, Icke is mostly truthful information with notable omissions. It is what David Icke omits, or does not talk about, that has aroused my suspicions. I do not want to criticise the guy on his own website but he is avoiding the elephant(s) in the room. I have considered that he is tailoring his presentations and his books for his audience - the masses - and this is why he will not focus awareness on the more significant truths even if he knows himself.



I am the least likely person to have stumbled into the truth but I know what I am talking about. I want to emphasise, that a person who knows the truth is probably more likely to be a nobody like me rather than a big name researcher, YouTube star, or "on the circuit" giving lectures, doing interviews, and so on. 


Mind-control is the illuminati's method-of-operation. The big names are allowed / encouraged to make it to the top in order to be implemented as programming icons, to shape the way you think, the way the illuminati wants you to think. Truth-tellers are discouraged, attacked, targeted and  killed -- so they cannot influence your thinking in a way that would bring knowledge into alignment with reality, which would undermine the goals of the illuminati. It is all about control. The illuminati will give you deep truths if it means they retain the power to manipulate your mind, shape your thinking.


To all of you reading this. I am just like you. A programmed human. A dysfunctional human. A human in a lot of pain. I am flawed. I have problems. But what I know, I know. And if I do not know what I am talking about, I keep my mouth shut. I am not going to lecture you on quantum physics or neuroscience, because I have no fucking clue what I am talking about!


I have patience for you because I am just like you. I am almost certainly older than you. I almost certainly have more spiritual vision than you. Not talking myself up, just pointing out what is what. My point is, be discerning, and pick your information sources judiciously because otherwise you will be a victim of mind-manipulation and programming.


Good onya guys and gals. Thanks for listening and take care of yourself. Synchronise your left-brain, right-brain, hemispheres; unlock your locked DNA and express it in order to break the programming. This earth is a nightmare place. It is horrible what is going on. I feel what you feel.







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