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Is The Rumoured New Monetary System Why the US is Trying to Usurp President Putin?

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An new monetary system has been talked about for years, but recently due to the confiscation by the US of Russia's foreign reserves, there has been alarm and new urgency to establish a new world monetary order.


The new world monetary order means that countries will no longer worry about upsetting the elites in Washington, or even bothered to repay their debts, as detrimental effect on their swift controlled credit rating will not effect them in the the new world economic banking system.


The world is afraid of the abuse of power by the US, the EU, the U.k., and Japan for confiscating the foreign reserves of Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, Afghanistan, and now Russia. 


That is why there could be a strong argument for the US to weaken President Putin's hold on power.  This proxy war in Ukraine may have many desired outcomes by the Americans, but one thing is for sure, the US currency as the the worlds premium foreign reserve currency cannot be trusted to hold this position, and therefor it is inevitable that several countries will have no choice but to develop a congruent economic banking system to supersede the now untrustworthy and treacherous US  dollar backed SWIF system.


The question is not if, but when.  And what will be the consequences?  A lot of countries will no longer have to bow down to the US.  This means their new world order will not be global.  It will only be tied to countries that cannot find a way to escape the current financial system.


So in the near future there will be likely two reserve currencies, two spheres of influence. The western [email protected] club, with their rigged United Nations, and their corrupt buddies in Nato, their stealing of other countries foreign reserves, sanctions, wars etc.. and the the South Global sphere ( a collective of countries) that will go their own way.


The fallout will probably be tit for tat sanctions, and confiscation and bullying, but this will only alienate the western countries further. The trust can never be repaired.  Stealing foreign reserves currencies can never be forgotten.  It's like your bank taking your money because you didn't agree with some powerful people, who were trying to take over your company.


What would you think then? What would other company owners think, if a new monetary system came along, that they could trade with instead?  










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