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Looking for others views on reflected surfaces and mirrors to the parallel


Not really much online


Doing a few experiments so if anyone got some tips or info on this subject, be very grateful. 

I don’t need to be warned about the dangers. 

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Hi Warriorwings,


I don't have much knowledge on this topic, sorry, but I have read and heard people speaking about couple of things:


1. Looking at yourself in the mirror for a prolonged period of time may show you if you have some entity attachment, and it can also show you some of your appearances from past lives. Lighting a candle is supposed to help the process.


2. Some people say that we can use mirrors to travel between parallel dimensions, and to switch places with our "other-selves" from those other dimensions. Like in the movies, the "other you" will move differently than your reflection is supposed to move, and you will switch positions.


To be honest, it sound rather unbeliveable to me. 1. not so much, but the 2. definitely sounds like some bs.


I wanted to try it, but I get a very weird feeling while starring at the mirror, so I haven't pushed through with it 😅


Kind regards..

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Had some experience with mirrors during toltec studies I did a while ago. They very much used the mirror. The regular one was seen as a portal to another dimension and you had to always "open and close it's energies" I didn't really experience anything myself.


But they use a lot more is the black mirror, which is made from obsidian. In fact it was so much a part of the culture, that if you climb to the top of their pyramids their will be a man laying down looking into his obsidian mirror! Used for many different things. But the main exercises we used it for with success, was to change the perception of our faces in the mirror to the animal archetypes that we wanted to dream about that night (lucid dreaming another of their popular practices), we used different eye movements to look into the mirror with which kind of changes your consciousness a bit. And I think we did some healing techniques also. (can check my notes if more info on the black mirror is required).

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