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BBC Radio 4 - Eating meat .. bills .. and going bust

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Just sharing this. Not to recommend listening as such, but just 'cause this is a prime example of what we said they would say. Now it's coming out, and of all the people who thought we could waste 4.5 trillion of so called cheap borrowing on nothing but destruction, some might start to see just who we sold our rights to? Or will they say again, that no-one could have seen this coming? All we will hear night and day now, is the 'cost of living crisis', and what will that solve?


Radio 4 - You and Yours - Noon til 1


Are we being misled about some of the environmental and health benefits of giving up meat? Rents with bills inclusive are become more popular but are they worth it? Businesses are going bust. 


What was the tipping point for you?


Business owners quotes:


"I employ 14 people. I can't fight these battles anymore. I don't feel confident anymore"


"People are tightening their belts"


You weren't tempted to borrow money to get through? 


"Absolutely not"


"We need more time, to recover slowly, we can't recover quick enough"


"No-ones talking about VAT rises" (over the years)


We've had brexit and covid, we're not recovering psychologically ... And now with the cost of living ...


Guest from TUC ... who say they are voice of Britain at work, supporting trade unions to grow and thrive, and standing up for everyone who works for a living.


"Businesss have extra debt especially since Jan 2020"


"In the period that businesses thought they would get a rebound period after covid (summer) .. war ... energy ...


"There's a lack of confidence and a lack of support" 


"When we get through this period we don't want to look around and see empty businesses"


Presenter: "So, do you think this is just the start Joan?"



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