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18 Year Old Gunman Kills 10 Black People In Buffalo New York Supermarket. Supposedly Out Of White Supremacism And Anti-Semitism.


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4 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

Another shooting. Hospital in Tulsa.


Wow they are really trying to disarm the US people.

Let me guess...he was an "anti-vaxxer", a "covid-denier", or a "conspiracy theorist", or all of the above, including incidentally, a "white supremacist".




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Rather aptly I'm watching a film/documentary on the NWO and the attack on the King James bible and a great parallel from a Christian perspective was made about disarming the populace spiritually, and indeed from dictators from taking guns owned by civilians


(plays at time stamp)


These false flag MK Ultra/Monarch shootings will continue by the bastard PTB, just like their globalist satanic agenda. It's very clear to me Who the solution is.


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