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Eurovision 666


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Tonight saw the 66th Eurovision 

The Ukraine got 631 points


 Sam Ryder carrying a head scar like On the face of the shroud or turin  got 466points.

Emphasis on 12million vierers ntik. Tok


Interestingly Italy the host came 6th


That's lots of 666 and the beast is Italy.


Did we just witnes operation bluebeam with a Jesus lookalike in second place.


Norton kept saying he was Britain's aviour.


But he looks like a prince Harry clone.

I guess William lost to much hair to be the christed one.


Ukraine has to host it n xt year maybe they can I'll call in th mutants to evaporate our memories and put it back together over night.


So the big 666has now been revealed








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Ooh look, Yewkrane won.


Well blow me down with a fucking feather, who would have possibly predicted that.


Clown World strikes again.


And people still don't get that this is all a fix. Not a poxy song contest, but...like...the whole world.

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Who's going to pay for the huge arena maybe marupol is the big clean up. And Russia's intent is now obvious to host Eurovision in it's new territory.


London had it's olympics and  reclaimed all that barren land.

Ukraine uk reign gets a single use arena in stead.


About the size of a huge steel factory maybe 


Not cynical honest


Sam Ryder was the Jesus look alike prince Harry clone even his video was messianic.


Watch a big event in June there was a Easter egg moment in the white room not saying anything more







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17 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

It's just another desperate excuse to have a symbolism-heavy parade of propaganda and agenda-setting.


And another opportunity to fritter away millions of pounds of taxpayers money.



According to The Times, hosting Eurovision next year could result in the BBC having to fork out tens of millions of pounds, which would follow suit with the costs host countries have faced in previous years.

The publication stated that the BBC would provide the funds for the majority of the costs, which came to a cost of $76million (£63m) in Azerbaijan in 2012, $53m (£44m) in Denmark two years later and approximately $35m (£29m) in Ukraine in 2017.


Following the confirmation that the UK will host Eurovision 2023, a BBC spokesperson said in a statement: ‘The Eurovision Song Contest is a co-production of the host broadcaster and participating members of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).


‘There are a number of funding options to be explored that will contribute towards delivering a fantastic event and great value for Licence Fee payers.’

It’s understood that various options will be considered to obtain third-party and commercial funding for the event, with the host city also expected to contribute and possibly also the government.

From: https://metro.co.uk/2022/07/26/eurovision-2023-being-hosted-in-uk-could-cost-bbc-tens-of-millions-17069293/?ico=more_text_links


What a remarkable waste of money for a singing competition.



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