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Subterranean Lemurian / Telos / Mt. Shasta, are they good or evil?


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I recently got myself into some materials related to post-apocalyptic Telos beneath Mt. Shasta in California and those survived Lemurians who are still living in that underground city. There are some channeled books about the history of the catastrophe and how the Lemerians want to help the humanity raise their vibrational level as close to 5D as possible so they can let "surface" people join them. Are they good or evil? Are they actually connected with the "cult" or reptilians? Any sources that I can read more about them and their true intentions? 

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Many ancient people talk of caverns , caves and underground cities. I have done a bit of research on lemuria and while it did sink , it is in control of Britain and India , on their shared logo it reads lemuria is in our control. I will see if I can find it and I will post it here.

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Found it !


The motto is In tutela nostra Limuria, latin for “Limuria is in our charge/trust”.  , Britain and India have been down there for years. Those living among us are most likely the Igigi from mars which are hybrids.



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