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Have You Ever Considered Using Free Open Source Software Instead Of Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX Because It Saves You Money and It Won't Backbite You When It's Used

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Let's just boil this down into plain English for a lot of reasons and well if you think that using Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX costs you an arm and leg to use the computers that have the software installed on them are slow and laggy as fuck plus well aside from the surveillance state using the computers to hack and backdoor you PC remotely for whatever reason and use it for whatever and I really don't know what it is and that well this why I distance myself from using stuff like that in the first place and that well if you want to be over opinionated and own a Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX preinstalled PC. Well you'll get red flagged by the state for hate speech at least in the roaring twenties of the 21st century and then some too.


Please Do Check This Place Out and Try To Avoid Using Debian and Ubuntu Distributions Unless It's Tails Linux Or Parrot OS (Home Edition) Which Has Most Of The Bad Binaries Programmed Out Of There Instance 




My Top Picks That I Have Used














Oh Then There's This Too Just In Case You Weren't Aware Of How Things Work With The Cyber Security Professions and Blackhat Communities








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