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What DRIVES The Influential People Pushing All These Bizarre "Agendas" Onto Their Fellow Human Beings?

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We all see the agendas in play - go LGBT, go Woke, live in Fear, Obey, use Digital Money, there is no God and you have no Free Will, you will have no Privacy and you'll be happy, and so on and so forth.


We also have a pretty good idea who the Power, Money and Political Influence behind these agendas are. Hint: it isn't the working class or middle class doing it.


But what drives the "people" pushing all this crap? Are they on drugs? Are they mentally ill? Are they serving a dark Anti-God? Are they afflicted with a maniacal hunger for controlling everything? Did they have their Brains or DNA screwed with? Did inbreeding and intermarriage give birth to strange brains that work totally differently from psychologically normal people?

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Here is a very interesting conversation that might help to answer the question of the 'why of the drive', in fact 'why' is always about change, going from one state to another in its most simple form, it certainly fits with the transition to Aquarius.


Author Derek Gilbert discusses his new book The Second Coming of Saturn: The Great Conjunction, America's Temple, and the Return of the Watchers.
Source: William Ramsey Investigates



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