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There Was Alien Criminal and Terrorist Organizations Out In Space That Ran The Milky Way Galaxy Like It Was Compton or Bronx


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If you think that deep space out in the skies is a nice place because it looks beautiful and what not well let's put it like this for the longest time since the fall of the old world order extraterrestrials alien gangs and terrorist groups that survived the fall of the old world order and the milky way galaxy four million years ago. Who inhabited places like asteroid belts, dead rocks and planets like earth literally would traffic drugs, weapons, people being mainly children and young adults from different places all over the galaxy to earth including other thing of value would end up on earth and that these prickfucks would land there space ships on earth and trade and barter goods to the gangs and terrorist groups on earth for things of value on this planet or cold hard cash but that this problem was ongoing for awhile and well certain air force bases on earth would be places for these illegal/illregal activities to occur and that well the deep state in say the U.S. air force for example would literally make a lot more per year than the average air force enlisted member that would only make a basic pay check based on there ranks and that well things would get passed around to the black market on earth that came from outer space that didn't belong on earth literally and that well these extraterrestrials alien gangs and terrorist groups would then play god with people when they weren't supposed to do that stuff and that well they reverse engineered the human race a lot and made a mess of the human race that tried to come back to there original selves from the collapse of the old world order four million years ago.   

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