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The Differences Between One Set Of Ideas Created By A Former People Of Heaven (Divine) and Versus A People Of Heaven (Cosmic)

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First There Was The Gnosias Who Created The Original Cathar, Paulican and Bogomili Traditions In The Burgundy Republic Of France Where The Founders Of The Religious Sect Where Also The Merovingian Royalty As Well Who Where The Original Indigo's and Starseed's Of The Heavens Who Went Between Earth and Sky But Also Sky and Earth Too Who Created A Social Order Called The Stonemason Orders Which Predated The Freemasons. These Same Burgundies Also Created The Hindus and Wrote The Vedas Who Also Created The Taoists and The Book Of Tao Where As The Ideas Where Also Twisted By The Fallen Indigos and Fallen Starseeds On Purpose In A War Of Ideas. The Real Indigos and Starseeds Of The Heavens Have Also Salt Glands, Salt Water In The Bellies and Salt In There Blood Too. They Have The Chromosomes Of 47 XXY/47 YYX, 48 XXXY/48 YYYX and 49 XXXXY/49 YYYYX Otherwise Known As Intersexuality Not To Be Confused With Transgenderism and Homosexuality Which Is What The Fallen Indigos and Fallen Starseeds Which Is What They Where Into.


Then The Fallen Indigo's and Fallen Starseed's Then Took The Ideas From The Original Gnosias Of The Burgundy Republic Of France and Created The Gnostics Of The Languedoc and Then Built Cathar Castle Along The Coast Of The Mediterranean In Southern France Where The Salt Water From The Ocean Fueled The Former Salt Glands That These Fallen Indigos and Fallen Starseeds Had In There Bodies and Well They Created Other Ideas Like The Denominational Christians, Judaism/Zionism, Islam/Islamism, Sikhs, Satanism, Freemasons, Setians and Eastern Star Orders and The Illuminati If You Want To Understand That Way. The Fallen Indigos and Fallen Starseeds Where Former Intersexuals Who Call Themselves Transgendered Which Means There Half Hetrosexuals/Intersexuals 44 (XX) and Hetrosexuals/Intersexuals 46 (XY).

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