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Locked down in Shanghai - Don Weinland


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I read this interesting article after hearing journalist Don Weinland, interviewed by Matt Frei on LBC radio, on Sat 30th April 2022. The interview is available on global player, I believe today is the last day and I don't know how to save it? (Don is the Eonomist's China business and finance editor)


Interview ...



Forward to 1 hour, 3 mins 40 seconds


Article ...



Excerpt - Register to continue reading ....


"Locked down in Shanghai, I’ve caught a glimpse of our techno-dystopian future - April 26th 2022


I never imagined living through history could be this boring. At the end of March, the Chinese government responded to an outbreak of the Omicron variant in Shanghai by embarking on the largest city-wide lockdown in history.

Most of Shanghai’s 25m residents are shut in their homes or sleeping on the floor of their workplaces. Police cars idle down boulevards that were once bustling thoroughfares. Occasionally buses full of masked passengers, ostensibly heading to vast, makeshift covid hospitals on the outskirts of the city, zip past on the motorway below".


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Thank you MarcusOmouse, 

I hadn't heard of Don before ... yes you would think so wouldn't you, but he sounded almost matter of fact for someone who'd been locked up for 50 days. I enjoyed a few soundbites in the 14 minute section, and will try to share those with you. I love listening to talk tadio stations, and flick between several channels to try and catch people's opinions of lockdown and the covid policy!

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