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How The Anonymous The Hackivist Group Helped Pedophiles On The Internet By Running A False Campaign Against Them and Then Secretly Them Helping Via The Tor Channels and VPN Channels All Over World

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I remember back in the old days when I used to be with anonymous and watching them "dox" pedophiles on the internet however the pedophiles they went after routinely however they weren't pedophiles but the parents of children who had there kids abducted from pedophile gangs where they would "dox" the parents and families of those stolen children and even child abuse survivors of the sorts. Where I noticed that even images of child pornography would end up being sold by anonymous hacktivists after they would purge the darknets of the images and then they sell them privately for about 7 or more bitcoins per image and then use the funds to sell private security and hacking services to perspective clients over the internet where they would protect pedophiles, criminals and terrorists from the police and the rest of the security professions where they would never get caught by the police and the rest of the security professionals but that anonymous would find ways to blast the psychic lightbodies and psychic sub lightbodies of pedophiles into general public to elude the foresights of the security professionals and there third party partners across the western world. Anonymous and company helped the pedophiles and the deep state worldwide or what is called the illuminati when they claimed to hate them and that well they where there go to types to get the dirty work done just like with the unions.


By the way I was more of the observant types out of the anonymous hacktivist group expect for the part where I got booted out for being a rat, fink, snitch and narc or should I say doxed out of the group for being a patriot rather than activist and sticking to western constitutional values. 

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Let's put like this the anonymous hacktivist group and certain clusters of the anonymous hacktivist group worldwide have cold storage devices with deleted and purged child pornography stored on these devices where depending on the person you might ask over IRC channels they would give it over for a price and that some anonymous hacktivist groups and clusters sell there own there brand of security services like the CIA to the general public for whatever reason there perspective clients might ask them to do and that there is a large number of them that do make quite a bit of money acting like there own CIA and yet none of these blokes have salt glands, salt blood and salt water in there bodies to be that way in the first place and that well there pretty much the deep state portraying themselves as the anti deep alliance when there psychic lightbodies and psychic sub lightbodies including psychic vocal vibrations and psychic sub vocal vibrations but then also psychic aggressive vibrations and psychic aggressive sub vibrations say something different as I have seen them come out of there own EMF weapons and my electrical sockets. Where they have called me things like an incel, daesh or the illuminati for some time now and that there inner capitulating and contradicting comes out ass backwards at me and they make it sound like it's me doing that stuff when they are doing those things themselves and I just watch on as they do that stuff via the internet and on the street. 


Just remember one thing there just hetrosexual men most of them and I'm an intersexual man/woman

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Another thing to note is that when anonymous the hacktivist group and clusters of them wear the white and the black what there really doing is wearing colors of there enemies on the outside while covering the red or green skin they have on the outside of there living body and that there enemy is Lucifer and Abraxas where even there symbolism displays that and well there not showing there true colors there putting it on display. But the other thing to note too is that Guy Fawkes was Roman Catholic extremist to which that group proselytizes quite a bit and that Guy Fawkes was basically the illuminati and somebody by the name from within his dead apertures was aati/bati an enemy of Lucifer and Abraxas who is called achi/acki and jimi/limi from within it's own living apertures.

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