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Max Igan - The Crowhouse (most things Con-1984)

Guest Gone Fishing...

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2 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:

Could this not have been posted in the existing Max Igan topic?





Sadly many members don't bother to use the search facility and create new threads unnecessarily.

This imo is a waste of space and dilutes the information about whatever the topic is about.





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  • lake changed the title to Max Igan - The Crowhouse (most things Con-1984)


Max Igan; the man who deserted his country to live a life of Reilly with his hopped up mate, while his fellow Aussies are subjected to worse and worse - with more to come - diktats.


Making spurious excuses that his deluded sycophants accept with no question.


Despicable pseudo ‘truther’.


(I have absolutely no interest in anyone who ‘sticks up’ for this coward; this is my opinion, and in this, I’m not interested in yours, or your abuse).

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