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Max Igan - The Crowhouse (most things Con-1984)

Guest Gone Fishing...

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4 hours ago, Morpheus said:

Well what do you know, Jeff's scams resurfacing and someone else calling out Max...... Couldn't write it. 

Hard to know what is true.


I was really sucked into Jeff and Max.


Jeff's show is definitely entertaining - but if you watch him enough you can spot he is a scammer.


I mean he claims that he is a trading genius and made millions from luna and FTX collapse almost as if he saw it coming - but only mentions in hindsight, never in foresight. He also claims the guys that run his newsletter are 100% right, and having been in the trading industry the past year I know the best traders in the world are right 33-50% of the time. Wouldn't surprise me if all the scam allegations are true.


Max seems a bit more genuine, but a bit of a grifter too and not very balanced in his views or assertions and gives a lot of stuff out of context or edited.

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The other thing I noticed about these guys is that they use the same tactics the main stream media use to get money. And that is to play on human fear. You never hear these two say anything positive or show positive stuff. It's pure porn fear on every episode. Porn fear sells as the main stream knows, this is just on the other side of the coin representing the hero to the msm villan.....


I used to follow a guy called Neil Mccoy Ward and got to know him a bit in his community. I asked him one day, your videos are great, but why don't you ever post one about something positive? And the reply was he tried once and no one watched it!


I think this is how the game is played for a lot of these folks in this industry.

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24 minutes ago, novymir said:

Max is no "grifter".


He is one of The One. Spirit.


And the ego hates him, through it's unconscious/unwitting vessels still under it's control.


I just watched his first video of 2023 and it was pretty good.


A New World Rising



I've been watching Max for a while now and have been looking for evidence of him being a "grifter". These days you really have to scrutinize where you get info, and I've come to feel that he's the real deal. I've never found an instance where he was misleading, and he provides a lot of good verifiable information as to what the cult is up to. I've heard a lot of people say that he brings too much negative news for the shock value, but the news is what it is ......... you can't sugar coat it or ignore it. People need to be aware of what's in store so they'll get up off their ass. It's better to know what's around the next corner than be broadsided by it by being ignorant. In every video he does, he mentions that this approaching dystopian society their trying to create is actually an opportunity for humankind to awaken because the cult has laid their-self bear and exposed themselves so blatantly.  


I also appreciate his spiritual nature as his views very closely parallels mine.


I would love to go to Anarchapulco in Mexico this year (Feb 6-10th) if I only had the funds 🤑


Anarchapulco 2023 Tickets (Use the coupon "IGAN" for a 10% discount)

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