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Revelation of the Holy Pig ("faith without the removal of antichrist (dead flesh), is dead")

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(The answer is..............God disputed satan's right to be a witness, when satan destroyed the testimony or moses or tried to, and then God talked about the golden calf, what humanities uncleaness and, lack of, or legal right to live under the gospel's law entailed.................also humanities responsibility in its accusation of its generations with god)


This is an legal example only:


Faithful Only Witness

Revelation 1:1

Revelation 1:12 to 1:20


Antichrist/Human Dirth Charge, invalidated Earth and Humanity as a Witness

Revelation 1:2 to 1:11


(You can image what my experiences were like as a child going to the public and catholic schools, and the other abuses from minorities and jews specifically.................God is only going to do so much, and society will indeed stop like it is now, but the reality is, this is your future the few short years humanity will have until its death......................only right now this is not a reality or a common knowlege among the people but it will be)


(Right now you are not motivated, but anyone can go through the revelation following the format above, I may do more, but remember, everything is a joke with satan in its controversy, so things must reach a maximum conclusion maybe this year we will see some of this revealed)

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