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Edinburgh H.A.A.R.P : Craigkelly Transmission Station, psychotronic frequencies, & tragedy

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sorry just because something bad happen you just can`t claiming some "frequency weapon must of done it " there NOTHING in any of these stories that suggest the use of a "frequency weapon" and YOUR claims just discredit other more credible stories OK 


like the navy yard shooter 


Navy Yard Shooting Update: Aaron Alexis etched messages into shotgun used in massacre - CBS News

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It comes down to this, either shutdown Craigkelly Transmission Station (& the GWEN Tower) or we will see multiple aviation tragedies.


Edinburgh Jet2 flight forced to make emergency landing following mid-air fault







An Edinburgh flight was forced to make an emergency landing after developing a fault mid-air. The Jet2 flight to Gran Canaria took off on Wednesday morning, March 15, but was forced to abandon its flight path shortly after take-off due to "a fault". The aircraft landed at Manchester Airport and was met by two emergency vehicles on the runway, reports The Herald.  A spokesperson for the airline apologised and confirmed the minor fault as a standby aircraft was used to ensure holidaymakers got on their way to the Canaries "as soon as possible." A spokesman for Jet2 said: “Flight LS715 from Edinburgh to Gran Canaria followed procedure and diverted to Manchester Airport this morning, due to a minor fault indication."  "Customers will be transferred onto a standby aircraft so that we can get everyone on their way to Gran Canaria as soon as possible. "We apologise to everyone onboard for any inconvenience caused.”


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Jet2 B738 near Manchester on Mar 15th 2023, cabin did not pressurize

Last Update: March 15, 2023 / 14:37:38 GMT/Zulu time

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A Jet2.com Boeing 737-800, registration G-JZBR performing flight LS-715 from Edinburgh,SC (UK) to Las Palmas,CI (Spain), was climbing out of Edinburgh when the crew stopped the climb at FL250 due to problems with the cabin pressure. The aircraft dive...



again where the connection  ?????? ....... 

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Craigkelly Transmission Station / Edinburgh Suicide Wave


Edinburgh sisters found dead weeks apart;






Two Edinburgh sisters have tragically died within just weeks of each other, as their devastated family and friends have now launched a fundraiser in their memory. Shaunie Thomson, 26, and her younger sister Shavanna, 21, died just 19 days apart in what has been described as the "worst news any family can receive." The sisters, from the Stenhouse area, are to be buried and have their funerals together. Shaunie sadly passed away on February 12 and her sister Shavanna died just three days ago on March 3.




Again North Edinburgh / Leith is involved in this again. Shaunie was found dead at a flat in Granton Medway. Note its proximity to the coastline & the water allowing the frequency full access without blockage from the north;





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