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Democrats racing against time (mid-term primaries) to oust Putin. Biden given more authority to arm Ukraine.


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Yesterday the US house of representatives backed the lend/lease act to give Biden more authority send military aid to Ukraine.  The democrats are racing against time, as they are expected to lose control of the house of representatives, and the republican will further gain control of the senate. 


My question is, why are the deep state throwing everything at Putin? It's like a fight to the death.


Your thoughts

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The more weapons they send, The more Ukrainians will die. They could not give a fuck. They think punishing Russian civilians will help overthrow Putin. Russians know that the world is punishing them, they end up supporting their government even more. When the sanctions really start hurting the West's populations, The people will  end up protesting and rioting against their leaders. Leading them to stand down and quit.

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