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In other words: by July 2020, the Russian government had positioned itself to profit from the production and distribution of two COVID vaccines: Sputnik V and AstraZeneca’s shot.

As vaccine-linked injuries and deaths continue to be documented around the world, some have portrayed Russia as a bulwark against Big Pharma’s murderous business model. As we will document below, nothing could be further from the truth.










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 460billion quid 

to the Russians via western union. The ultimate money laundering scam

Makes you think did boris get covid or umbrella spiked to make it happen 

The people need to read the prince or schen tzu this war against the people has been ongoing for a long time.

The needs define the means the ultimate Machiavelli an mindset 


It's a war game and the booster is the cherry on the cake the ultimate flu vaccine.


Ukraine is at war because the Russians saw aunderhand deal fro turkey and kazachstan to build the pipeline to Europe bypassing Russia's own line.


Think up across and up like a z or a swastika. If you look at the symbolism of taking the knee that is also a z or swastika arm.

So together that's a Nazi subliminal programming 


Putin already had the vaccines ready.

And when they remove him from the panel of human rights that s the perfect opportunity to release the kraken as they are not bound by the Geneva convention or it's replacements.

So next it's germwarfare and whatever tech they want to use.

And the queen was given the booster.

Imagine they now activate her as a Manchurian candidate.


The queen's speech will never be the same she probably won't be appearing there either her.

The umbrella gang have already played their hand.


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