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UFO (Holographic) in HD/4K coming soon?


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With most of the worlds population now in a state on constant fear, and IF WWIII is not triggered by the BS Russia/ Ukraine pantomime, wouldn’t the fear of UFO’s do quite nicely to up the fear a few more notches and move the agenda along?

Over the past year or so we have been drip fed evidence that UFO’s do exist. Why over the past year has this happened? Why now?

I’m willing to bet we are not far off seeing an Alien craft/s (holographic) in our skies somewhere in the world……I’m guessing in America but wherever it is it will be filmed clearly showing its full detail, with no shaky cameras or blurring or focusing issues……it will be like eye candy, all nice and clear for all to observe, probably with something else in shot to give it scale.


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12 hours ago, DaleP said:

Do you know if there is an online betting for the 'aliens in the sky'? What is the odd?

I don't know about that but when we were given the covid score card every night I thought that was a great business opportunity lost to the online betting companies

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  • 2 years later...

If you zoom in top right corner that object the little grey "thing" "disc" is projecting that vortex it was mid sky not touching the ground just a dust devil in mud air below the "clouds" but above the ground stationary just chilling vortex for like 10+ minutes I had to leave and it was still there when I left. I had a 1:15 minute video I took a few frames from it this is one of them and I didn't see that object in real time projecting anything but I did accidentally delete the video when I got these frame pics. I zoomed in just to see the sky better and bam there it is projecting this vortex. Now I also see the outline of a Star Trek type ship in the blue not so much the back end but the front end i definitely see a outline!?! I feel crazy because I can't seem to get anyone around me to listen and I wish I didn't delete the damn video by accident! Friends family seem oblivious to the fact. If I had the video maybe it would've sparked their interest. The strange thing being a vortex mid sky no connection to the ground staying stationary for a long time was that it wasn't a windy cloudy rainy day it was clear as it could be sunny no wind anywhere and in the video whenever I zoomed in on the vortex it would start to get the actual serial of the vortex like I could see the smoke or dust and then it would go blurry like bad and then when I zoomed out in the video recording it would clear up crystal clear then I zoom in again and bam distortion. Am I crazy am I seeing things I just want someone else to confront that they see it too. I just thought the vortex was a cool but the zoomed in grey thing is even better 


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