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Destruction of Food Processing Plants In USA... Nothing To See Here!


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An absolute warrior in the covid war, Jon Rappoport now highlights the “mysterious” destruction of numerous food processing plants in the USA which will no doubt contribute significantly to widespread food shortages next winter and beyond..


I think we all need to take note of this.


Open letter to FBI, NYT, WaPo: Ongoing Destruction of Food Processing Plants Across America 

by Jon Rappoport 


I see no evidence you people are investigating or covering the string of food-processing-plant destructions across America.


Is there a problem? Do you think these accounts are fake?


Do you assume they’re unrelated?


Do you think it’s important to hide these events from the public?


Do you think the strong possibility of coordinated attacks on these facilities is merely a bad disaster movie turned out by Hollywood hacks? 


Do you want to feature “other reasons” for food shortages? Such as Russia? Putin? Truckers? COVID? Racism? The high costs of processing? Putin? Russia? My Aunt Martha? The man in the moon? Putin?


Do you seriously think the majority of Americans still have faith in your methods and agendas?


Gateway Pundit: “On August 11, Tyson Foods Inc TSN.N meat-processing plant in Kansas caught fire causing significant damage. The plant was subsequently indefinitely shut down despite providing approximately 6 percent of the US supply chain’s beef. Analysts warned the closure of the facility would catastrophically impact market prices nationwide.”


“On August 23, Patak Meat Products, a meat processor in Cobb County, Georgia was set ablaze. The temporary closure of the facility, a family-owned business had minimal impact on the national food supply chain.”


“On September 13, a third food plant was set on fire. JBS beef production plant in Grand Island, Nebraska, which processes 5 percent of the nation’s beef, was reportedly aflame for nearly 15 hours.”


“On February 22, Shearer’s Food Processing Plant in Hermiston, Oregon, which supplies a large portion of the western United States with potato chips, burned down.”


“On March 16, a Walmart facility in Indianapolis, Indiana was set aflame. The Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives bureau’s National Response Team is reportedly investigating the cause and origin of the fire.”


“On April 11, a fire demolished East Conway Beef & Pork. Just two cows were killed. Firefighters spent 16 hours hosing down the rubble, the Conway Daily Sun reports.”


“On April 13, a massive fire at the Taylor Farms Processing Facility in Salina, California was ignited, burning down nearly 85 percent of the 225,000 square foot building. The California agriculture company supplies salad kits in grocery stores nationwide.”


“On April 15, China-owned US pork producer, Smithfield Foods, shut down its operations in South Dakota. the plant Chinese billionaire owner Wan Long, claimed the US facility warranted closure amid the threats presented by COVID-19.”


“Earlier this week, on April 19, a fire destroyed the headquarters of Azure Standard, the nation’s primary supplier of organic and healthy food. The cause of the fire remains unclear.”


There are more, linked at TIMCAST[dot]com.


To be fair, I realize that none of these events connects to your major concerns: puberty blockers for third-graders; men identifying as women competing against women in swimming pools; releasing violent-crime suspects on payment of minimal bail; confirming that all white people are systemic racists; maintaining open borders to ensure an adequate supply of incoming street-fentanyl for all US residents. 


But still.


Everybody wants to eat food. 


So this is an issue. 


Think it over and get back to my team at Index of Bloviating Excuses For Investigations That Aren’t Taking Place, PO Box 12345, America, a Public-Private Partnership, Inc.




(The link to this article posted on my blog is here -- with sources.)


(Follow me on Gab and Twitter at @jonrappoport)

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A large fire at a sausage factory showed thick plumes of smoke and flames rising from the building.


The blaze at Riverway Foods on River Way in Harlow, Essex, on Tuesday was being tackled by 10 crews from both Essex and Hertfordshire.


It is said when crews arrived the building was 95% alight and 100% smoke-logged.



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I believe that:


- The facilities were scanned remotely with a 3D scanning technology that can see through concrete walls/metal roofs

- The absolute worst spots for a fire to start and spread were identified

- A directed energy weapon (e.g. microwaves), possibly airborne and at high altitude, which can fire its beam right through building walls or roofs was focused on those spots and caused them to ignite violently

- This was done in such a calculated way that sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, sand buckets and similar were insufficient to prevent a larger blaze from forming

- Directed energy may have been used to invisibly keep heating storage areas and substances like cooking oil to the point where the fire could not feasibly be brought under control by facility staff and evacuating the facility was the only option

- Most modern food processing plants SHOULD have a serious fire suppression systems and equipment in place in exactly those places where the most flammable substances are stored


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16 large food distribution centers destroyed to-date and yet the FBI is doing nothing... that means someone (something)  is ordering them to allow the destruction. 

Hopefully a local enforcement agency will get culprits and broadcast their confessions before bigbrother scoops in 

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