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If you Believe the MSM, chances are, you will never be successful.

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There are exceptions.  So why? Because if you allow yourself to be brainwashed by a MSM corporation, i.e. read a newspaper, watch any TV News, then you are complicit in allowing yourself to be seduced by a slick journalist in a sharp suit, or a pretty face in an expensive and formal dress, talking with  authority, or talking with conviction, with a sense of normality, as if it is naturally the truth because they are journalist, then you have no objective thoughts of your own, no critical thinking of your own.  You are being lazy, you have no interest in finding the truth, you are allowing other people to project images into your mind, to get you emotionally invested.


If you are allowing this, then chances are, you will never be successful, because if you are that easily brainwashed, then there's no way you can overcome your emotional blocks, your fears, to go for something in life.  There are exceptions, but many successful people who reiterate the MSM narrative are either bribed, blackmailed, in fear of being ruined, or lose sponsorship, or have an monetary interest in the outcome of a MSM narrative, or just like attention.


The rest of you are easily brainwashed.  Have you ever met a business person who isn't critically thinking about everything? analysing, assessing, filtering?


I do not mean to offend or inflame anyone.  I am making an important and reasonable observation.  We can fight back against the MSM, by stating the obvious in your posts, your vlogs, blogs, tweets, etc.. call the MSM out. By playing them at their own game.  People wake up and pay attention when you make them aware and self conscious of a valid point, such as the one I'm making.  That's how the MSM media manipulate us.  Lets manipulate ourselves and others against blindly following the MSM.


Do you see where I'm taking this?


Your thoughts.




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