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Musk purchases Twatter….so f*ckin what?


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I have just read an article on info wars bigging up how Musk is going to bring back free speech to Twatter. Yet again the alternative (or the usual suspects) being suckered in again just like they were with the Covid bollox. WHEN will these idiots f’in learn???

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1 minute ago, Golden Retriever said:

Alex Jones Info Wars?



Did he mention this?



Of course not. Just like MSM he is very particular on what he likes to talk about. Are his money problems due to the ‘elites’ trying to destroy him OR people finally seeing through him? I know what I think 😂

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Meh... unless Red Ice, Infowars and Icke are replatformed, (and every other actual free speech activist and not pretenders like Musk) then it's all just hot air. Also Twitter is a brand that deserved to decay under its own toxicity. Musk has essentially offered it an olive branch it did not deserve.

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