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Why I regret “upgrading" to Windows 10 from 7

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btw,  great Linux distro to open your eyes is Kali Linux, it is a hacker tool, in playing with it, it will open your mind.


Just do the following on a Bash or ZSH shell command line on Kali.


nmap -sp


that'll tell you what is connecting to your home network; changing the ip address from if you you router uses a different local ip gateway address.


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18 minutes ago, k_j_evans said:

Ah, we gave up on IBM and went with ICL (as Fujitsu were then) so used ICL NRX not AIX (but that's a few years on from my Xenix days) - instead of having nice easy to understand IP addresses we had give terminals addresses in binary using dip switches, and twiddles to printers drivers were done in octal - not even hex! The height of sophistication was amber text instead of green.


Recently, I have taken to suggesting that when junior developers mention Non-Binary, they are referring to Hexadecimal, but I guess Octal would add that extra feel of perversion!!!

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