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Turbo Yeast

Mikhail Liebestein

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I've been thinking about survivalist kit.


My old mantra was/is to stockpile whisky.

But it pretty clear that in a crisis that would get used up fast, i.e. drinking it, treating wounds and heavens forbid needing to use it as fuel.


So my though has now turned to alcohol production. I've done a bit of brewing, but was recently told about Turbo Yeast:




Basically 48-72 hours, just add loads of sugar and you end up with 14-23% alcoholic strength. Not the best drinking as this yeast doesn't allow flavour development, but certainly works with a still.


Anyone else looked at this?


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I think as you do, alcohol is essential for well being and not just for drinking as you have pointed out, but alas i have not got everything in motion just yet, beer is my thing that i shall be attempting to murder, i am not that good at cooking or growing things, but if successful it would be a major plus in the less dependent life style i am aiming to achieve, i say less dependent and not independent because no man is an island and we do need co-operation from other like minded individuals, so for myself i just need to get things in motion, i have a lot of ideas to share but i just need to go through the practicalities involved and until you try these things you never know the hitches and glitches that arise, my moto is simplicity is best.

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I've used turbo yeast before.


I put 8 bags of sugar in a fermenter, filled it up to 5 gallons and added the yeast. It went like mad..


I added activated carbon once it was done which gets rid of any nasty flavours. I then used Kwik clear to fine it clear. I stored it in demijohns.  You can buy little shots of flavouring that you add to an empty spirit bottle and fill up with the clear liquor, then get sloshed on it.


You could easily distill it to increase to spirit strength before mixing it with the flavouring though.

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