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Rex Deus,Merovingian's & the Antichrist


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As we approach closer to the day where this man of desolation will lead the world via the UN into destruction, we need to be vigilant.


So who will this Antichrist be ?

  • Well first he must be classed as Jewish, Maybe a Cohen ?
  • And second he must be of a certain bloodline (the blue bloods RH negative) the bloodline of Kings & Queens etc in order for him to take on the Demonic power of Satan,
  • And third he must be versed in the craft of the 7 secret sciences (magik) of the Illuminati.


It is the descendants from the Merovingian bloodline families who have stemmed these 13 most powerful families who remain out of view but control everything we do in our lives, such as the Rothschild's etc.

The Merovingian's can go whey back as far as Atlantis, it is said that they were the sea Hybrids. But generally I believe their blood line comes from the Nephilim who were fathered by the Fallen Angels.

It is these descendants who will claim to be from the linage of King David.

It is the Antichrist, prophesied in the Book of Revelation who plans to present himself as descended from this Davidic line to bolster his false claim that he is the Jewish Messiah.

It is the intention of such propaganda that will influence the opinions, emotions, attitudes, and behavior of Jews and philo-Semites to achieve his Satanic objectives. An increasing number of fringe Christian eschatologists believe the Antichrist may also present himself as descended from the Jesus bloodline to capitalize on growing adherence to the hypothesis in the general public.

But this will be a blasphemous act.




This book can be read free online PDF



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13 Families that Secretly Control the World


Now for those famous bloodlines who control everything. These guys are so rich and powerful, they make Ambani and Gates look like peasants. Their ideologies and connections aren't known to the public. Which is why we don't know much about them. Don't question yourself if you don't recognize them - that was their plan throughout.


1. The Astor Bloodline


2. The Bundy Bloodline


3. The Collins Bloodline


4. The DuPont Bloodline

5. The Freeman Bloodline


6. The Kennedy Bloodline


7. The Li Bloodline


8. The Onassis Bloodline


9. The Rockefeller Bloodline


10. The Russell Bloodline


11. The Van Duyn Bloodline


12. The Merovingian Bloodline


13. The Rothschild Bloodline


These all have RH Negative Blood just like the Windsors/Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.



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 The contemporary Rex Deus families include:

  • the Counts of Champagne,
  • the Lords of Gisor,
  • the Lords of Payen,
  • the Counts of Fontaine,
  • the Counts of Anjou, de Bouillon,
  • St. Claire De Gisor, St. Claire De Neg,
  • Brienne, Joinville, Chaumont,
  • the St. Claires,
  • and the Hapsburgs1

(thirteen families). Originating Rex Deus bloodlines were introduced to other families through marriage: Blanchefort, Sinclair, Plantard, and Hapsburg/Lorraine. For example, Marie De Saint Claire, a descendant of Henry Saint Claire of Rosslyn Chapel, married Jean De Gisor, the first independent Grand Master of the Priory of Sion.

We should look to the Hapsburg/Lorraine house with the same degree of skepticism, for they also possess intriguing history that is burgeoning with Rex Deus bloodlines.


One if these 13 families holds the Key to who will be the next and final Antichrist.

Let us seek him out.

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40 minutes ago, alexa said:

One if these 13 families holds the Key to who will be the next and final Antichrist.

Let us seek him out.


what if the artificial intelligence is the anti-christ?


If christ represents connection to heart so that the different aspects of a person align so that they may develop a greater connection to the source then surely a connection to a machine that would instead create a greater connection to an artificial reality would be the antithesis of that?

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27 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


what if the artificial intelligence is the anti-christ?


It will be a man possessed with the power of Satan/Lucifer, it states this in the Bible.


2 Thessalonians 2:3

Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction.


A place is withheld for him within the UN.



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13 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


we'll see!


I don't want to wait & see, I want to know who this mysterious guy is now.:classic_biggrin:

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

I find the St Clair family quite interesting as they have played a big part in Rosslyn Chapel, but this is just one avenue of research for me.

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