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How to build a 'consensus' and maintain a narrative - delete or hide any opposing opinions or views

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Well, I suppose I asked for this, I was commenting away the other day on Birmingham Mail articles, and left the following comment.


Next morning, I wondered why I'd not received any notification of replies...



"Content deactivated" - apparently 'Your comment appears to violate our community guidelines and has been deactivated. "


The article in question if anyone is curious as to what this relates to:

NHS calls for return of masks and limits on indoor mixing as Covid hits record high



Now how this works on these Reach owned websites, is that if a comment gets 'deactivated' but others have replied to it already, you still see the 'content deactivated' notice in the comment thread. You do have to wonder how many other comments get deactivated like this, which no-one else ever gets chance to respond to.


Thus the end result is a one-sided 'conversation' where it appears to interested onlookers that those commenting on the article are broadly in favour. "No-one's opposing this, so I guess I should go along with it".

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