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Exclusive interview with Dr. Ardis and Stew Peters interview video


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I just finished viewing this video and strongly suggest that everyone who has any concern for the future of humanity view this.  It fits right in with David Icke's efforts to get the truth

out for the past 30 years.  It is shocking information, but I believe it to be an accurate analysis of what Covid really is.  Hint! its not a bug or our conventional understanding of a virus, but much more evil and diabolical than the average person can imagine and as always ends up at the feet of the usual NWO suspects and their controllers.  Make it go viral around the world.  I'm 82 and don't have much to lose, but do it for the future of maintaining our human DNA pool. 



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I agree, OLD GUY!!!


Have you seen Mr. Icke's report on all the German and Austrian Mayors who have died?? We don't yet have a true report on the numbers, but here is what has been published so far. This has the dates of death and ages/names/locations. (So sorry it's not in English):

Hier 14.06. 50 Markus Landthaler I Lenggries I BM
Hier 30.09. 56 Heinrich Süß I Weisendorf I BM
Hier 17.12. 41 Dirk Rosenbauer I 41 I BM

Hier 18.08. 60 Sepp Oberauer I Nußdorf I BM
Hier 15.09. 47 Jesko Vogel I Limbach-Oberfrohna I OBM
Hier 21.10. 60 Christian Ruh I Bodolz am Bodensee I BM
Hier 24.10. 56 Stefan Caplan 56 I Burscheid I BM
Hier 28.11. 59 Joachim Ruppert I Groß-Umstadt I BM
Hier 24.12. 55 Fabian Streit I Schiltberg I BM

Hier 05.03. 57 Horst Gerner I Österreich I BM
Hier 23.03. 45 Kristian Tangermann I Lilienthal I BM
Hier 26.03. 38 Christian Maurer I Neuhofen (at) I BM
Hier 28.03. 79 Uwe Kahl I Ostseebad Nienhagen
Hier 29.03. 57 Joachim Baumert I Waldshut-Tiengen I BM
Hier 31.03. 53 Thomas Nowak I Coburg I 3. BM
Hier 01.04. 54 Franz Renftle I Pfaffenhausen I BM

Freie Bremer: U.a. aufmerksam geworden durch den plötzlichen Tod des Lilienthaler Bürgermeisters.

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There are strange, never before seen, incidents occurring all over the place in regards to the so called "covid" gigs. Have you heard about this?

Why are Russian coronavirus doctors mysteriously falling out of windows?


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Of interest, for years there has been research on various venoms used as "treatments". Obviously those "clinical trials" continue today as "covid vaccines". The symptoms Patients have suffered and died from after taking the "covid vaccines" are exactly the symptoms caused by -- the venoms. You are not supposed to know that.


The quacks claim the venoms are "cancer cures". No, they are not "cancer cures" yet they state those who administer oriental herbal meds claim such and use that as justification of what, in reality, is nothing more than a murder machine. If they really wanted a natural cure for cancer, the American Indians have been treating and curing cancer -- with an actual herb, and yes, lab reports most assuredly state "the tumors are healing". It sure isn't any type of venom. In fact, the Indians use herbs to treat and cure deadly venom poisoning, but the pharma quacks are more interested in the money they haul in for their quackery, and you and your loved ones magically become victims. Now that crap is being injected in food plants. One example -- bananas. Don't buy bananas. The CIA owned banana productions have been juicing bananas a LONG time with "vaccines". Insects are being developed in the murder machine schemes as are bird and rabbit infections that can and do spread to people and animals. By the way, those labs do not hire professionals. Nope. You would not believe what goes on in those labs.


What we see happening to everyone is NOT "covid". It is a gigantic, ILLEGAL clinical trial, operant for the use of venoms as so called "treatments". And Doctors, Nurses and Researchers who disagree with that sorry agenda end up with their names on a Pfizer hit list AND dead.


Well, I am fed up with all that quackery, murder and smelly stinky shit.


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