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Alternative kids school syllabus


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On 4/9/2023 at 5:49 PM, Grumpy Owl said:

I've become convinced in recent years that many kids now expect to leave school and walk straight into highly-paid £100k a year jobs

Running Boatyards I found virtually everyone expected a higher wage. Or overvalued their contribution and skill set. They would get pissy because I earned more. (Not that I ever discussed my wages. A really tacky thing to do imo). 
They quickly forgot that, I was the one who dictated the current work plan and what we needed to do to achieve it. I taught them the necessary skills to accomplish their tasks. I came behind to inspect and correct.

Its not about me, just an example that to achieve anything you need a practical understanding of the task set before you. 

Young people forget as well, that usually, better paid staff get more grief when things go wrong. Most just turn up, do as little as possible and go home and forget about it. Managers and foremen take their work home with them. Hence the stress.

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This is a miracle!

Do you think children in UK would have had a skill to survive for 40 days? They are only 13, 9, 4 and one! 😲

I'd imagine that 13-year old would have had some sense by that age to look after siblings but one year old is a tough one. Baby only cries when he/she/it is hungry and don't understand the circumstance. Would you have survived for 40 days?!


Anyway, I think they were protected by something....may be their ancesters or nature spirits.

What's interesting is what the grandmother has said. It just shows people in South America still have connection to the nature, mother earth.



The children's grandmother, Fatima Valencia, said after their rescue: "I am very grateful, and to mother earth as well, that they were set free."



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