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UK Column News - 6th April 2022


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On 4/6/2022 at 7:23 PM, rwkt said:

Interesting exposure


2 parts of what unintentionally turned into a 3 parter.. 

Insider - with genuine original documents talks about the coming Reset. 


Pt1- Sandi Adams - Agenda 2030 


" For one mother, a brief meeting with Bill Gates leads her to conduct a dedicated investigation of the Global Biodiversity Assessment; circa 1,000 pages detailing a dystopian plan for the world. Join Sandi Adams as she exposes this world plan, now better known as Agenda 2030 and hear why she warns it must be stopped. "




Sandi Adams - Agenda 2030 pt2 


" In Agenda 2030 Part 2, Sandi Adams exposes the details of the declared globalist Agenda 2030 plan to control every aspect of our lives. We need to understand that nothing is safe from globalist control, not Health, Education, Justice, Food, Water, Gender, Energy, Economies, Cities, Land, Sea nor Air. The next step? The Metaverse. " 



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