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Social Entanglement

Fabricating Consent in the Age of Puppet Societies

Individuality and free thinking threaten the fabric of a civilized, rational society, and must be squashed"

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, so we changed the Word for you to remain beasts", Dediaalif, John 1:1.

"U.S. patent number 5830064: A method and apparatus of generating values and detecting Whether the values fall outside chance probabilities. In one embodiment, a random-noise source provides a signal that is amplified, conditioned, and sampled to provide a series of random numbers. In one embodiment, conditioning includes inverting some of the values according to a pseudo-random sequence mask in order to remove certain first-order bias. Another aspect of this invention is to perform a statistical analysis of the values generated, and to control an output based in whether or not a chance expectation has been exceeded, or by the probability of a certain result obtained."

"psychic and spiritual experiences can be easily stimulated via magnetic fields, much as suspension of volition can; turning those experiences in accepted beliefs is just a matter of mass media engineering"

"Beliefs can easily cause us to become blind to the obvious. Recent research on "inattentional blindness" has shown that even minor tweaks to one"s expectations can cause a form of blindness"

Based on the results of these robust experiments Messrs. Tiller and Dibble have theorized that reality consists of two quasi-independent but reciprocal domains, an electromagnetic, distance-time dependent domain (the domain of our everyday existence), and a magnetoelectric frequency domain which is neither distance-time dependent nor susceptible to analysis by conventional scientific instruments geared towards the analysis of electromagnetic phenomena. They postulate that these quasi-independent domains can be coupled by what they call a "deltron" moiety. This moiety allows for interactions between domains and experiment suggests it could be the mechanism responsible for quantum entanglement and other information based mysteries.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... nsent.html

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[Image: 83.jpg]

Next Generation Search Engines:

Searching what they want you to search

"The first stage was serving the users which the data and information we wish them to access; next stage is forcing them to search what we wish them to search. A predictable society is a society under full control, and search engines play a key role in turning people predictable.

we know data gleaned from search engines cast light on a variety of phenomena from politics, sociology, economics, linguistics, and psychology. What we now need is people searching in a directed way in order to consolidate our viewpoints and having them to cause those phenomena, or to prevent the occurence of other phenomena which may pose a danger to our viewpoints.

From things we perceive we get information about other things, often things we haven"t perceived. The presence of smoke gives us information about the existence of fire in the vicinity, the state of a window gives us information about earlier physical contact with some hard and solid middle-sized object. As a first approximation, I"ll say that one event or contingent state of affairs A gives information about the obtaining of a distinct contingent state of affairs B just in case the existence or obtaining of A tracks the obtaining of B, or again that A is produced by a process that reliably results in an entity of the relevant type of A just in case a state of affairs of the relevant type of B obtains.

We already know what people is searching when they surf the web; and we already know why they search a specific data or information at a given time. What we now need is to remove the need to spy on them by simply having them to spy for us through their search terms. That is exactly what Force4 is all about.

it never was so easy as it is today to condition people's mindsets, globally. "

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... gines.html

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[Image: 1.jpg]

Anti-languages in the age of fabricated consent

Countering disinformation by countering language

Truth cannot live on a diet of secrets, withering within entangled lies. Freedom cannot live on a diet of lies, surrendering to the veil of oppression. The human spirit cannot live on a diet of oppression, becoming subservient in the end to the will of evil. God, as truth incarnate, will not long let stand a world devoted to such evil. Therefore, let us have the truth and freedom our spirits require... or let us die seeking these things, for without them, we shall surely and justly perish in an evil world.
Fatal Rebirth (H.M. Sweeney)

Over sixty years ago, Walter Lippmann discussed the concept of "manufacture of consent," an art that is "capable of great refinements" and that may lead to a "revolution" in "the practice of democracy." The idea was taken up with much enthusiasm in business circles "it is a main preoccupation of the public relations industry, whose leading figure, Edward Bernays, described "the engineering of consent" as the very essence of democracy.

"disinformation" entails the distribution, assertion, or dissemination of false, mistaken, or misleading information in an intentional, deliberate, or purposeful effort to mislead, deceive, or confuse.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... cated.html

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[Image: 2.jpg]

Digital Opium

Keeping you passive in the Real World

"In classical optogenetics, you use light to control cells; in sonochemistry, you use sound to trigger biochemical reactions; in optochemistry, we use the light emitted by the display in digital hardware to cause altered states of consciousness, mood and affective disorders, and more specifically, we design web sites that can induce those effects on the visitor"

"The use of language is an key element of consciousness since this allows representation of facets of ourselves, and our interactions with the world at large; this could not occur simply via mental imagery, thus we design our sites carefully taking advantage of the specific state a subjects's brain gets into when analyzing linguistic information being presented to him"

[Image: 3.jpg]

"To shape a specific mood in a subject you need to induce a slight sleep disturbance; a heightened arousal during sleep can easily be obtained with these techniques. It is key to understand that REM or paradoxical sleep and wakefulness are fundamentally identical states with the provision that the handling of sensory information is altered in REM sleep"

"If you have the sensation that you are acting, or even that you have acted, then that would be enough for you: you won't need to actually act in the real world, for your brain has been tricked to believe it has already acted. This is the way we turn people into passive puppets. See, this is the only way to keep millions of people inactive, people that at the end of the day go to sleep believing they have interacted with the real world when, in fact, they didn't."

[Image: 4.jpg]

"Do you really think someone can become a radical Islamist by simply reading hatred web sites? For that to be possible you need to tweak the digital content in a subtle way. You need to insert some pixels here and there, you need to modify hue and intensity of those pixels, and you need to combine all of it with intentionally designed patterns, imagery, and sound. Only that way can you modify retrieval of memory for a specific event. Episodic memory is a fundamental component of consciousness, and fabricating memories is all you need to alter consciousness and create a terrorist out of an otherwise normal subject"

"All we learnt with the OxyContin experiment is there. This is just a fruitful marriage between chemolinguistics, optochemistry, and the science of addiction: inducing in people's brains the sensation of having done things, when in fact they have done anything at all. With a 3% of the population termed "activists", in a world of millions of people, there is no other way ahead than deploying these technologies. We do not regret at all what we are doing, Why should we?"

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ve-in.html

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[Image: 6.jpg]

Language as a mental disorder

"It would be helpful to consider language as a mental disorder, as this could help us in gaining some deeper knowledge about our human condition. And it might also help in removing linguists' anosognosia, their denial of knowledge about this disorder".

"Ironically, linguists were supposed to study the disease, i.e. language, and not to fall in love with it".

"in the area of memory disorders, it is often considered that brain damage can cause a fractionation into functionally different memory systems"for example, declarative versus procedural, short-term versus long-term, episodic versus semantic, and so forth"some of which are accompanied by awareness, and others of which are not".

"There has been a good deal of work to suggest that implicit systems are robust in the face of disorders that are known to produce serious deficits in conscious, overt processes".

"Talking to a patient with anosognosia can be an uncanny experience. Indeed the reason the disorder seems so peculiar to us is because it brings us face to face with some of the most fundamental questions that one can ask as a conscious human being: What is the ""self ""? What brings about the unity of my conscious experience? What does it mean to will an action?"

language is a severe mental disorder...

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... order.html

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[Image: 47.jpg]

Why disclousure through memes failed

XViS, memetics and its myseries

"Summing up: accepting simple explanations is rewarding, and creates pleasant feelings of understanding in an otherwise stressed society. XViS is a powerful tool for non-invasive psychological belief forming, encoding, and false memory formation. Society has never been so ready to accept specific distorted views of reality."

"Memes allow to modify brain connectivity in specific ways, and to elicit neurodynamics processes that finally encode beliefs. We can so far force a target brain to filter incoming information the way we wish, and we can get that target brain to distort and transmits further the information we want to."

"Conspiracy theory may be treated as a memeplex that is easily activated by various pieces of information, giving it meaning consistent with the memeplex responses. From neurobiological perspective learning requires adaptation, changing functional connectivity, adjusting physical structure of the brain. Learning is thus energy-consuming, requires effort that should be carried out only when there are potential benefits."

[Image: 48.jpg]

"Social networking allows us to add new information to the existing pool of interacting memes, or attractor states - the so-called memeplex - which is then replicated further. As we control the information being fed, we obviously control what beliefs will finally be encoded in millions of brains"

"Once a set of distorted memory states is entrenched it becomes a powerful force, attracting and distorting all information that has some associations with these states, creating even broader basins of attractors. Encoding of information in this way enhances the memeplex and is one of the reasons why conspiracy theories are so persistent."

"Brain activity evoked by hearing or reading words evokes internal imagery at a high level of invariant, multimodal object recognition. Once all targeted brains share the same memes, truth management becomes an easy task"

"We failed to encode alien abduction paradigm in other Western societies mainly due to the fact that we failed in deploying PSVs in those areas; the Rendlesham Forest experiment dramatically proved that only previously treated targeted brains were prone to interpret the experience the way we expected, while those untreated brains were immune. Same for black flying triangles, a meme we could not plant into European minds because cultural conditioning was - and is - working against us; actually, the conclusion drawn by neighboring countries was that the Belgian police and army are just naïve, if not straight stupid. Cultural rivalry was at work here."

[Image: 49.jpg]

"Simple explanation of complex phenomena have thus a great advantage even when they are quite naïve, as long as they do not lead to behaviors that are obviously harmful, or significantly decrease chances for reproduction."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ailed.html

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[Image: fl7.jpg]

The ethics of silent invasions

Managing truth disclousure impact on Sol-3 technoscientific civilization

A technoscientific civilization claims no particular territory and has no center, but penetrates and connects all capitals and territories. It transcends the nation-state as the unit of historical, political and sociological analysis, undermines the scary idea of a centralized world government (which flourished in the 1950s) and provides numerous pathways for world governance.

[Image: fl8.jpg]

Not too many people care about global civilization at this moment, in fact, most people are prepared by their local culture to dismiss a singular civilization or consider it a dangerous thing. Tell the people there is solid evidence of past human-like life in Mars: the impact on their lives will be nil. Did the discovery of the ancient civilization of Ebla modify anything anywhere? No, it didn"t.

[Image: fl9.jpg]

The loyal feeling for the common globe is achieved, maintained and changed by shared symbolizing, and such symbolizing can create an emotional group identity. What happened before with the social construction of nationalism can happen again, at a global scale. That feeling will last a short period of time, however. The very moment you realize the language chosen to communicate the truth is not yours, that truth becomes meaningless to you. And a probable lie.

World civilizations cease to exist, once they are wired into the global matrix of the galaxy. They become local cultures in a global galactic civilization. For the newcomers that means they have contributed nothing to that global galactic civilization, so far, and sure Sol-3 will be shocked when it finally be accepted into the Deneb-5 matrix.

Algenib-3 induced the Neolithic revolution in Sol-3, silently. Is it a model to follow?

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ct-on.html

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[Image: 54.jpg]

Mind Extenders

Developments in Organosynthetics

"consciousness transfer"

it worked so well with children that we began to wonder whether the system could produce equally powerful results with a wider population.

We have no time. We just cannot wait for the population to reach a level of literacy and ethics that could get us in a position to change our fate. Natural evolution is a slow process. It takes millions of years to teach an ape to make music or to solve differential equations, and we have no time.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ts-in.html

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[Image: 103.jpg]

The Global Knowledge Factor

and War Algorithms

"War prevention relies on knowledge. The more you know yourself and others, the higher the chances to prevent conflict. An ethically advanced civilization uses information as a means to avoid war, while a morally deficient civilization uses misinformation to promote war."

suppose for a moment that they reach the level of development that allows them to explore distant moons in their own solar system; suppose they do find remains of Neanderthals, and no Homo sapiens sapiens anywhere. Then what would their conclusions be?

The highly developed science and technology of synthesizing believable misinformation, and delivering it to the adversary through a variety of network and malware channels, will make it difficult to assess the quality, correctness, authenticity, and security of information.

It is time to agree on what we want and what is our role in the future of Sol-3.
If we want humans to be part of the technosphere, we need to make them clear what the future impact of climate change will be on their planet. Here too slow response can trigger shifts. In this case, global social collapse. When you engineer a life form like the Neanderthals to colonise a planet and you later on introduce a new species to take over the next stage of colonisation, you are supposed to do it gradually. Yet, if the takeover process is too slow the result is a useless resource-depleted planet. See, terraforming a planet is easier than inhabiting it.

The history of human civilization has been shaped by events of disasters, wars and conflicts. It is a fact that armed conflicts and wars have been instrumental in shaping the course of nations. Ancient epics all talk about large-scale wars, and so do ancient historical documents and religious scriptures. This makes more disturbing the fact that humans, who have such a vast experience in making war, are so blatantly stupid in preventing wars.

[Image: 104.jpg]

It was suggested that an alternative possibility would involve actively acting on the infosphere through the use of synthetic misinformation. The key point of this proposal is that engineered information systems allows to reach large scales thanks to the intrinsic growth of the information society. Societies evolce and change according to how they perceive the world, and they perceive the world according to what information they receive. Once a designed infosphere is released, appropriate conditions will allow this engineered information to make copies of itself and expand to the desired spatial and temporal scales. Using the classical echo chambers (social media, digital mass media, TV and radio networks, etc.) the entire society would be easily exposed to misinformation, disinformation or, at least, contradictory data that would block the decision taking process.

You need a way of preventing undesired explosive growth of misinformation, even if you are the source of that misinformation. One way is to use a modified version of an established fact, provided it exhibits a strict relationship with another fact associated to the target population you wish to misinform. This means engineering a strong information link that makes spread limited and that it would result in misinformation dynamical processes preventing undesired growth of the modified facts. Using the appropriate context, strong disbelief constraints can act in synergy as truth firewalls.

Echo chambers management relies on the fact that online communities do never fight against each other, rather, they support each other amplifying and propagating misinformation and competing against each other on the stupid fact of what community was the first one in 'uncovering' a certain 'conspiracy'.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... d-war.html

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[Image: 117.jpg]

Engineered perception

Sensthetics and invasive communication: The Colares incident

"A good sensory environment is not one that assaults all the senses, but one that creates an engaging conversation within them. And this is precisely what we failed to do in Colares."
(Giselian #2217)

"we do create environments that substantially alter the neurological structure of the brains of individuals."
(Giselian #2214)

"sensory modalities are connected perceptually; what we see affects what we hear, what we smell affects what we taste, and so on. This has a direct impact on the perceptual choices we make in our day-to-day lives."

"when one sense is muted (such as closing the eyes) other senses are prioritized. When the entire process of communication is muted, what is prioritized?"

"Successful illusions balance the correspondences between the senses, allowing only the optimum time of exposure until the brain catches up to the situation at hand. The dynamic balance between the modalities, by carefully choreographing the intensity of the connections (as determined by design intention), might be a key to a successful sensory environment. It can allow us to optimally design environments according to the design intent, be it for healing or relaxation, engagement or excitement, or simply nonintrusive functioning of daily life."

"our worlds are shaped by our individual interactions with what we perceive, and what we ‘choose’ to perceive, or attend to, there is no homogeneous experience across human beings that can be captured and frozen in time. But in the usage of the term “frozen time” we can appreciate that our senses are fused together and are never completely separable. At the same time, only a look at their separate, but relational, identities can help us to create a dynamic whole."

"In successful theme parks that rely on the suspension of disbelief, maximum corelation between what we see, hear, touch, and smell is attempted, to make fantasy come to life and become memorable. On the other hand, in bars and night-clubs minimum corelation between what we see, hear, and touch ensures that our memories of what was on TV, or the music that was playing, is feeble, and the experience is almost like being in a repetitive loop."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... s-and.html

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[Image: 7.jpg]

The morally imbecile

Geřvă fevsimo

Though in incarcerated populations in the United States and in Canada, the prevalence of psychopathy is about 20% and the prevalence of antisocial personality disorder ranges from 70 to 100%, within the establishment, including prime ministers and high profile politicians at both sides of the Atlantic, the prevalence of psychopathy rises to 80%.

[Image: 7-1.png]

automatic analysis of discourse of 17 prime ministers shows an alarming reduced capability to correctly classify emotional words or sounds.

High values of psychopathy are more prevalent in police departments, peaking in New Orleans (US) and Umeå (Sweden), showing higher scores than in the general population and equally prevalent in men and women.

[Image: 8.png]

The Basic Training Programme for Police Officers at Umeå University was established in the autumn term of 2000. Since 2001, Umeå police department has been involved in several xenophobic, racist, and brutality incidents, all of which means that the conditioning programme is working as expected.

[Image: 9.png]

The Milton Keynes (UK) social engineering experiment shows also promising results: in the year ending September 2014, the crime rate in Milton Keynes was higher than the average crime rate across similar areas. However, engineered drugs used in Milton Keynes differ from that in the Swedish test site (Umeå).

We expect an increase in severe depression and generalised anxiety disorder and panic disorder among the targeted population by mid 2016 beginning of 2017.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... vsimo.html

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[Image: 72.jpg]

Manufacturing Witnesses in Man-Made UFO Encounters

Exposing unaware subjects to monotonous rhythmic luminous suggestions

"It is to be expected that if the subject wishes to withhold information he will not wish to enter hypnosis. Therefore, hypnosis must either be induced against the subject's will or without his awareness.

"Perception is seen as instrumental behavior that permits the organism to manage its necessary transactions with the environment. Successful management of these transactions depends on acquiring an adequate internal model of the external world."

It can easily be seen how, with sufficient ingenuity, a large number of "suggestions" can be made to work by means unknown to the subject. Monotonous rhythmic luminous suggestions have proven essential in fabricated encounters. This technique allows the creation of a situation where the individual exposed to the close encounter is legitimately able to give tip responsibility for his actions, and therefore is permitted to avoid a threatening situation.

A situation where it is difficult for the subject to check on the accuracy of his response results in a decrease of resistance. Greater susceptibility has been shown to occur with increases in request strength when pressures are created by a compliant model as well as the converse.

The target subject may have a spotty memory for this period of time, which seems to be a function of a failure to acquire information rather than an inability to recall it. This condition may last for hours or days, and the subject will remember only very isolated events of that period.

It made no sense, once I was up there (close to it) that it was more like black glass. I'm not sure. I was pretty confused at that point. (Unaware Witness from the Rendlesham Forest Scenario – USAF-OSI/12/80)

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... e-ufo.html

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[Image: 33.jpg]

Truth and the simulated society

On manufactured uncertainties

"what sense is there in communicating in this world?"

"communication never gave truth the conceptual attention it requires; we were excessively concerned about communicating ideas, paying no attention at all at whether those ideas were true or wrong"

"truth is independent of what we may think true, but we chose to obviate this distinction. We now live in a world in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief. We are happier with something that feels true, whether or not it is, with those things serving our interests or confirming our prejudices feeling more truthful than those things that do not."

"Within a technocapitalist civilization news becomes a commodity. The ultimate goal is to increase sales. If truth doesn't sell, we simply invent a best-selling product. Our market are those bubbles of like-minded people we all live in, a bubble that turns us instinctively hostile to contrary arguments. In the end, we become hostile to truth itself."

"once even one side adopts radical skepticism as its posture toward opposing views, all conversation breaks down."

"the political prejudices and the social attitudes of human communicators who allow their values and selective perceptions to bias their reporting means we need to remove humans from the communication system. Artificial Intelligence and machine deep learning cannot be a replacement because, by design, an AI-based system requires a corpus from which to learn, yet the corpus consists of tons of toxic, infected fake news and therefore we will come up with a superintelligent system who learned how to lie and increase sales. Truth discernment cannot rely on non-human systems, much as it cannot rely on humans anymore."

"communication is the central element of a social system; if you tamper with it, you tamper with the entire social system. If you degrade communication, you disrupt society as a whole."

"Our task is to create a parallel reality through simulation of the existing one. This means we produce a reality where the difference between the model and the fact is always less and less perceivable. For this to be possible, we hack the very nucleus of the communication system (newspapers, radio, television, cinema, etc.) and we design digital media that simulates reality by reporting and communicating facts that are manufactured, staged, designed, and conceived to recreate the reality we are interested in. It is irrelevant whether or not the model is true in relation to the fact from which it was derived, because it is always only a world picture, a picture we do control."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ty-on.html

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[Image: 86.jpg]

5G and the Internet-of-Souls

Subwars in the Land of Nod

"Studying dreams is like studying birds. Years of research has produced an inventory of recognized dreams. There are common dreams and there are rare dreams, and undoubtedly there are dreams which have yet to be discovered. It would be absurd to approach oneirology with a list of the twenty-five most common dreams and force every dream encountered into one of these categories. It would be equally absurd to ignore the existing dreams we have classified and start anew with each dream encountered. The balanced strategy is to expect dreams to fall into one of the many categories already identified, but to allow for the possibility that new dreams will be discovered. Once we can generate synthetic dreams, we will be in a position to inject those dreams into the subject's consciousness."

"Experimental evidence shows a cognitive basis for stereotype formation. We find that information that is inconsistent with a stereotype is more difficult to recall than information that is consistent with the stereotype. This is the reason why people tend to seek information that confirms stereotypes rather than information that disconfirms them. Dreams operate in a different way and that's why generating synthetic dreams is key in the strategy to turn dreams into a commodity. Sextech is so far the only field in which we have been able to create a common framework: sexual fantasies are all the same all over the world."

"for human societies to achieve a level of existence beyond survival and heading for success, it is indispensable to have dedicated groups of individuals, who are able to produce ideas and images that can be converted to alternative or new options for the repertoire of culture by which the life of societies is shaped and organized."

"The evil of killing at a distance is that it makes death unreal. The evil of turning reality into a dream is that it makes reality unreal. The internet-of-things is meant for that: to turn reality into a commodity you can buy anytime, anywhere."

"Abolition of the image is one of the primary conditions of ecocide. Everything must be rendered abstract, invisible, unreal. No image can be allowed to trouble our sleep, to lacerate our soul. For then we might begin to know that there is indeed an evil far worse than shooting children in schoolyards or flying airplanes into buildings."

"It is true that destructiveness must be given a full, unchecked expression and the psyche must somehow survive that act. We do it incrementally; first, we condition the population into believing a pandemia can destroy civilization, we set fire to forests to show them they are not safe at home, we constantly remind them of how easy is for an asteroid to impact Earth... I mean, we get the population ready to accept the idea that entire worlds can be destroyed with the blink of an eye. All of it is required if we are to destroy entire worlds in the future. See, some of those exoplanets are evil and we have no experience at all in how to destroy wntire worlds. Our only experience reduces to destroying entire cities. That won't be enough in a near future."

"This is the only war: the war between those who wish to turn everything into a commodity, and those who strive to show humans they are spiritual beings. It is the war between those who promote the Internet-of-Things and those who believe in the Internet-of-Souls. It is the war between those who want you to be a mere physical object, and those of us who wish you to never forget you are an spiritual being. A cruel war between those who want to stay, and those who want to be. They want you all to be digitalized and processed, while we wish you to be dreamers. Learn this, and learn it quickly. You've no time left."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... rs-in.html

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[Image: 12a.jpg]

Socially prescribed role-plays

UFOs and other cultural constructions

the first test subject, a suicide soldier from the Islamic State, was administered a high dose of milDMT that made him feel blissfully enfolded, comforted, bathed in love, a regression to and activation of infantile longing by the promise that a benign deity would reward childlike surrender with permanent euphoria. The second test subject, an IS soldier captured near Deir al-Zour, was exposed to PSV Presence. Though the subject lived in the UK before his joining the IS, and thus knew about UFOs, he was unable to associate the exposure to PSV Presence to an extraterrestrial vehicle of some sort. Therefore, induced mystical experiences do not provide veridical insights into reality. Our sense of reality is not based on evidence, but on cultural prejudices.

We are interested here in how the induced loss of orientation and radical perspective change may lead to a sense of standing outside time, and of past and future being coterminous, which is what all test subjects reported after the experiment.

As boundaries disappear between self and world the result is a sense of unity – with the world, with the cosmos, with nature, with the community, with all humankind, or with God. Unity is ‘the hallmark’ of mystical experience, and it is that sense we need to induced in exposed targets. Strangely enough, the average subject seems to hold a negative view of the New World Order, yet he is ready to accept his oneness with the entire cosmos. So, unless you wrap the entire NWO strategy with some sense of mystical experience, it won't work.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... s-and.html

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[Image: 24a.jpg]

Dy Kanndav sy dy Vasi

For books that might arouse problems or where problems have been indicated by sides concerned, special inspectors are organized to carry out inspection... (“Circular on the Strengthening of Book Inspection,” 1994)

[Image: 24b.jpg]

The ideological framework has been presented to media workers in a number of different packagings, the key one being the universities. First of all, the cornerstones of the official ideology have been inscribed into laws and regulations governing media work. Most of the mechanisms of control are simply assumed as natural by the society.

[Image: 24c.jpg]

Understandably, the international bankers do not rely on the efficacy of the ideological framework alone to translate their claim for ultimate control into political reality. An institutional network that covers both the bank organization and that of the government, on both central and local levels, serves the purposes of policy formulation, administration of day-to-day affairs and planning, as well as control of all aspects of the propaganda sector.

[Image: 24d.jpg]

To sum up, a network of institutions in charge of administration and control of the international media sector covers the entire political landscape of the world on both central and local levels. Organs in the G8 hierarchy are duplicated by equivalent agencies in the national structure. In theory, international organisms and government networks are supposed to practice division of labour, yet in practice the G8 bureaus and departments in charge of the media sector have been clearly in the dominant position.

[Image: 24e.jpg]

These observations must be qualified in one important respect. The ban on certain kinds of content does not mean that this information is not available at all. It is withheld from most of the population only. Government members or high-level cadres may receive briefings on important issues not (or not yet) discussed publicly in the press; they might also have access to more or more detailed information on certain topics than the rest of the people. In general, the amount and the quality of information one can access anywhere in the world is tied to one’s status. It might herefore be more adequate to speak of a multi-layered public sphere, or even of several concentric public spheres, than of “the” world public sphere.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... -vasi.html

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[Image: 40a.jpg]

Cosmic consciousness conditioning

The Alphabet Project and the Internet

"As they all share common biological experiences, you can expect them to trigger common reactions of the brain either through stimulation or deprivation. You first need their brains to store images and memes; only then specific signals will trigger those emotions you wish them to experience." (The Zynga Experiment).

"We need language because they search for information using words; once we interpret those search terms we can encode that information into images that their brains will store. In due moment their brains will be exposed to the signals and emotions will emerge."

"We manufacture versions of Regina Dugan, we deploy them, and they all have but one mission: to realize our social conditioning project"

[Image: 40b.png]

"humans surfing the Internet are no different than bacteria in a petri dish and they react to the same inputs. Connecting the world through games - Zynga Experiment - is the first step in our global strategy of a fully interconnected and hence controlled world"

"The entire strategy behind the project is to offer society a search engine whose results will put them into a state of fear. We need people to feel their survival is threatened because fear shrinks perspective. Obviously, we need the entire society to be connected and we need to reach all and any home in the world. That is the idea behind broadband over power lines (BPL)"

"Piggybacking on existing power line infrastructure allows to quickly build an all-encompassing network, and a network is all you need to implement the global social conditioning project."

"A person with a cosmic consciousness doesn’t need much stuff because he will perceive it as trivial or unimportant, and this threats our social conditioning project so yes, you can bet we dislike UFOs and its mystical implications."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... oning.html

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[Image: a1.jpg]

Mythufology: Tampering with Belief Systems

As long as there is little to choose from, selection is not a problem.

People cannot be effective unless they build on the foundation of historically confirmed values, in particular the great books. But we are at a point of divergences with no noticeably privileged direction, but with many, many options. This is not a time of crisis, although some want us to believe the contrary and are ready to offer their remedies: back to something (authority, books, some primitive stage of no-ego, or of the mushroom, i.e., psychedelic drugs, back to nature); or fast forward to the utopia of technocracy, the information age, the service society, even virtual reality or artificial life. Humans are heuristic animals.

[Image: a2.jpg]

the belief that “catharsis” and “renewal” require the reassertion of adolescent myths about ourselves and our place in history. Historical memory must become instead the movement toward a tragic culture: one for whom memory is conscience and not hagiography; for whom the past weighs like a nightmare precisely because it has not been constituted. That is the true meaning of Hiroshima.

the dream of omniscience, the belief that we can know and control the future before it happens. All we have to do is provide a space to which all psyches will be drawn as to a gigantic magnet, addicted to what market capitalism promises, the simultaneity of wealth, knowledge, and power. There is, indeed, something autoerotic about the whole scheme. The informing belief of necessity is that capitalism has already conquered. Terrorists are, finally, just like us.

Belief in historical progress banishes the recurrent suspicion that history may lack direction or, even worse, move to the darkest of ends. Yet, there’s always reason for hope and the belief that no matter how bad things get we’ll always find a way to recover everything that the guarantees assure. This belief will prove fatal for humans, naïve as they are.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... elief.html

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[Image: g1.jpg]

Misinfons and the hypermemetic logic

"The concept of God is the most successful meme so far"

"a meme is a small unit of culture that spread from person to person by copying or imitation; similarly, a misinfon is a small piece of misinformation that spread via the Internet from person to person. However, while memes reflect general social mindsets, misinfons shape general social mindsets, forms of behavior, and actions of social groups."

"cultural information that pass along from person to person, but gradually scale into a shared social phenomenon"

"In an era marked by “network individualism,” people use memes to simultaneously express both their uniqueness and their connectivity."

"misinfons are the minimum form of disinformation and they are a essential in the transmission of ideas in a superconnected world. Studies on misinfon engineering have been gaining importance in recent theories of truth management and disinformation spreading."

"while information about the state of a system is fundamentally erased by many processes, and once truly lost, that information cannot be reliably recovered, misinformation about the state of a system is the end result of those erasing processes; therefore, backengineering the information from the available misinformation is not possible, unless we assume we can go back in time"

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... logic.html

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[Image: i1.jpg]

Web Search Engine's Search Attractors

We report on the current state of the research on search attractors. We finally succeeded in coding Magnus Sahlgren's computational model into NodeSpaces V2.0 (for a complete description of Sahlgren's model, please refer to Sahlgren's dissertation and the relevant bibliography available both there and at www.forgottenlanguages.blogspot.com).

The hypothesis we wanted to test runs as follows:

- performing a looped search for a given term using a given search engine is an iterative process that converges to a single search term (the search attractor).

We follow Sahlgren's definitions herein. More specifically, the computational model used is the word-space model (a term coined by Heinrich Schütze in 1993). According to Schütze, vector similarity is the only information present in word-space such that semantically related words are close, while unrelated words are distant.

Quoting Sahlgren, "the word-space model is a computational model of word meaning that utilizes the distributional patterns of words collected over large text data to represent semantic similarity between words in terms of spatial proximity". Note that while the question he attempts to answer is what kind of semantic information does the word-space model acquire and represent, we already assume his conclusions about what the model finally represents, our interest being using the word-space model to actually make inferences on the results we obtained in our "search within the search" experiments.

[Image: i2.jpg]
Search Term Density Diagram for 1 search term, after 160,000 iterations (A = "forgotten languages", B = "languages", C="forgotten")

Note also that the main search engine we've used in this run is Google's search engine. This means that we need to take into account the nature of Google's search algorithm, that is, the way the algorithm works in its task of searching, detecting, identifying, isolating, and presenting the search results. The generation of the graphic is done using NodeSpaces V2.0 proximity networks built-in capability.

Finally, we recall that although the word-space model acquires and represents two different types of relations between words (syntagmatic versus paradigmatic relations), depending on how the distributional patterns of words are used to accumulate word spaces, we are only interested in the relation between search results and meaning. By "meaning" we understand here the measurement of how meaningful the search results were for the human performing the search. Obviously,
following Sahlgren, we rely on a computational and not psychological model of meaning. This is so because NodeSpaces V2.0 word-space model is based entirely on language data, rather than on a priori assumptions about language. We feel comfortable with this definition of "meaning".

[Image: i3.jpg]
Search term density detail: A = seed search term; B = search term after 16,000 iterations; C = clustering of search term after final iteration.

Again, by "language" we mean written language, following Sahlgren. By word we refer to "white-space delimited sequences of letters that have been morphologically normalized to base forms" (that is, the result of a lemmatization process).

Key here is to understand (as per Sahlgren) that the word-space model is not only the spatial representation of meanings but the way the space is built. Quoting again Sahlgren:

"What makes the word-space model unique in comparison with other geometrical models of meaning is that the space is constructed with no human intervention, and with no a priori knowledge or constraints about meaning similarities. In the word-space model, the similarities between words are automatically extracted from language data by looking at empirical evidence of real language use".

A typical session with NodeSpaces V2.0 runs as follows:

  • define a search term (say, 'forgotten languages')
  • perform an automatic search of the search term using Google's search engine
  • save result page (let's limit here to the first page showing the first 10 results)
  • using NodeSpaces HTML scrapping utility, extract text from the result page
  • perform a word density analysis (word frequency, mean sentence length, etc.) and generate a ranked list of words
  • use the generated words as a new search term and repeat the process (obviously, the initial search term - the seed term - is not taken into account)

The key question under investigation is this: does this search process converge? The answer is "yes".

Obviously, there are related questions of interest here, such as whether the language of the search term have any influence of the attractor or whether the use of the attractor as a seed search term reduce the time required to explore a given word-space (in our case, a search space).

Results on search attractors do comply with Ruge's statement "Inside of a large context there are lots of terms not semantically compatible. In large contexts nearly every term can co-occur with every other; thus this must not mean anything for their semantic properties", but they clearly violate Picard's observation that the majority of terms never co-occur. In fact the idea that the smaller the context regions are that we use to collect syntagmatic information, the poorer the statistical foundation will be, and consequently the worse the sparse-data problem will be for the resulting word space, only holds partially.

Sahlgren's experiments concluded that using a small context region yields more syntagmatic spaces than using a large one, and that using a narrow context window yields more paradigmatic spaces than using a wide window. But bear in mind that he is interested in testing whether it is at all possible to extract semantic knowledge by merely looking at usage data, the answer being "yes". Our interest, on the other hand, lies on whether we can define semantic universals out of the attractors we have found, as this would allow us to build extremely educated search terms that translate into a faster word-space exploration algorithm.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ctors.html

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[Image: j1.jpg]

Antilanguages: Linguistics and its Discontents

[Image: j2.png]

the author of the Speculum gives us a detailed list of suspicious talismanic works of Arabic origin. If we took the author’s claim seriously, that he did “not have a perfect memory” regarding this literature, we would be puzzled by the quantity and accuracy of the references. He classifies these works into the abominable and the detestable, on the one hand, whose images derive their power from demonic influences, and the acceptable, on the other, whose images obtain their virtue solely from the celestial figures. Nevertheless, the author declares—rather surprisingly and somewhat inconsistently— that even the truly necromantic works should be preserved, not destroyed, until the time arrives when it will be useful to have them inspected.

The word “tongue” simply means “language”, and the expression “unknown tongue” occurs six times in Scripture; all six references are in 1 Corinthians chapter 14. It should be observed that in all six cases the word “unknown” is in italics, which indicates that the word does not appear in the original Greek text. It has been inserted by the translators because they believed that in the context it better conveyed the meaning.

[Image: j3.jpg]

There are, however, two ways in which the word “unknown” has been interpreted. Charismatics interpret it as a language which is unknown to mankind and refer to it as a “heavenly language”: the language of angels.

Names connect a person or a place to a specific history, allowing it to be traced backwards and forwards in time. A name is used to discuss its referent and is particularly useful when said referent is removed in either place or time, so that names are a significant tool in establishing historicity. Thus, a lack of a name makes it difficult to confidently communicate the meaning of a person or place; this assumption of stable meaning is exactly what postmodernism desires to call into question.

Perhaps slackers would care more for places if mid-century prosperity had not placed an inordinate value on misguided notions of progress and the new. The land reclaimed from the ocean has been covered with “Faceless blocks of apartments, the miserable foundations of an attempt to build a neighborhood. Asphalt roads threaded through the building complexes, here a parking lot, there a bus terminal. A gasoline station and a large park and a wonderful community center. Everything brand new, everything unnatural”

he argues that communities, particularly nation-states gain their appearance of cohesion through the imaginative work prompted by a shared language, particularly that which is written, published, and disseminated.

The local environment of these migrants is abundantly multilingual. Since Nigerians are a very small minority, their languages are invisible in the public space. The older resident communities – Turks and Moroccans – do publicly display the formal, literate aspects of their multilingualism. We see Arabic and Turkish displayed in shops and on posters announcing cultural or political events. Such public language displays can index the size and the degree of solidification of particular immigrant communities. Thus, Albanian posters have recently begun to appear, indicating the existence of a well-organized and resident Albanian migrant community in Belgium.

by Ariana Jade Paliobagis, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana – 2008

A sociolinguistics of globalization by Jan Blommaert – Antwerpen – 2009

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... d-its.html

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[Image: q1.jpg]

ExoNet: the web as a neural network

Pornographic web sites as unintended neural network layers

"stigmergy: the unintended collaboration between agents resulting from their actions on a shared environment."

"the future is turning the super-intelligent web as a “global brain” for humanity. In this scenario users do not even need to enter keywords or explicitly formulate their queries, as their software agents implicitly learn their interests, while immediately taking into account changes in focus of attention."

"quantitative stigmergy is able to turn the web from a passive medium for communication and storage of information into an intelligent mediator that uses learning and inference mechanisms similar to those of the human brain to recommend to its users the actions, information sources, or people most likely to be helpful for their aims. Well, that's what we want the user to believe. Actually we will feed the user with whatever information we deem useful for national security."

[Image: q2.jpg]

"The experiment tried to prove we can use the world wide web as a massive neural network in which the neurons are the users. Why using artificial neurons when we have millions of human brains working collectively? Why not training the world wide web to solve specific complex problems of interest to us? We can program and train the web without the user being aware that he is part of the system. Of course, training the network requires rewarding some synaptic connections and penalizing others, that is, we had to slow down certain traffic paths and reinforce others... well yes, in a way we had to mess around with global data traffic"

"ExoNet allows to train the world wide web turning it into the largest neural network ever. It works with millions of parameters to achieve the best performance on the tasks we are currently interested in, mainly language modeling, image classification, machine translation and signal analysis. The www encodes knowledge as a conditional distribution over outputs given an input. The input is obviously the content we put in the selected web sites and those we call echo chambers, and the output is simply that: a distribution of probabilities of certain parameters which is the result of the interaction of users among each other as a result of their being exposed to the input."

[Image: q3.jpg]

"We opted for adult entertainment sites because cyberpornography is one of the leading industries driving website traffic online. From data gathered from Google’s DoubleClick Ad Planner analytics we learned which sites to target. Obviously, the overall traffic share is a mere 3% of the total, but if we include those unintentional hits caused by malware and redirecting cookies then the traffic share increases to 17%, which is more than enough for our purposes. The more a path is used, the bigger score for that specific connection. The connection gets reinforced and the entire network is reconfigured until it reaches a stable condition. This is the way we encode a logical operation, say, a logical AND, a NAND, a XOR, and so on. Millions of network configurations allow to encode millions of those logical circuits, and there you are: a massive neural network at your disposal"

"User preference determines what specific content they consume but, to be honest, when we refer to pornography the content is always the same: facesitting, blowjobs, cougar fucks young boy, anal sex, etc. Actually, there are just 25 categories to choose from. When we want a specific circuit to be reinforced we inject some thousand web sites with redirecting cookies, or we ourselves generate new specific porn content. Have you ever wondered about the ties between the LA pornography industry and DoD? The answer is ExoNet."

"Re-entry computations, war games, protein folding simulations, testing of nuclear weapons, all of this requires complex computations. Supercomputers are damn expensive, so we figured out how to build a huge neural network using the wolrd wide web to perform those computations for free. That's what ExoNet is about. In a way you can say that pornography is the catalyst that has launched technology forward. Ironic, isn't it?"

"... and if the number of connections to that web site exceeds certain threshold, while the number of connections to that other web site exceeds a given threshold, the output is taken to be 1; this is a better approach than to simply compute the number of visits to specific servers because the number of web sites is obviously much greater than the number of servers. All in all, we have a neural network comprising hundreds of thousands of servers, and millions of layers based on the unintended collaboration between cyberporn consumers. A neural network is just a black box, so whatever goes inside you don't care, do you?"

[Image: q4.jpg]

"ExoNet required the analysis of the the global behavior of the entire population of the Internet users. For this, we modeled the TCP downstream traffic. We then analyzed users’ behavior during each day of the collected traces. The main statistical magnitudes of downloaded TCP traffic for users are obtained that way. You end up with a model of the average user, plus a model of the average path density. Based on those models we train ExoNet. ExoNet simply considers the world network as a multi-agent system, a system in which an emergent statistical structure appears which corresponds to the Internet demand by users, users that can be modeled as probabilistic distributions that describe their behavior."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... twork.html

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[Image: m1.jpg]

Coalitional Games

Sociotechnical systems for resilient societies

"language evolved not to inform others but to manipulate and deceive them. However, the signals of language are impotent unless the recipient actively applies complicated computations to decode them. It is impossible to use language to manipulate someone who does not understand the language, so you need others to learn the language through which you will ultimately manipulate them"

"language evolved to allow us to think rather than to communicate. It is impossible to think at human levels of complexity without a representational medium for propositions, and language is that medium"

[Image: m2.jpg]

"in all communication systems, errors in signalling or perception are inevitable, especially when signals are physically similar; hence, you should expect errors in a coalitional swarm of Debenian probes, and we need to identify and detect those errors to exploit them against the probes"

"syntax is invaluable to an analytical mind in a combinatorial world."

"One of the most prominent features of the consumer society is that human individuals acquire social meaning and establish social relationships by consuming material objects. This is the social foundation for the production of the commodities’ symbolic value. Therefore, the collapse of the logistics chain, of the manufacturing process, turn human individuals into socially meaningless. That's the difference between the Ebola experiments and the experiments with coronavirus: nobody cares about a bunch of Africans dieing in a remote village in a dark corner of the jungle, but everybody thrills about the logistics chain collapsing because of a virus in Wuhan"

"When two probes meet they start without a lexicon nor shared meanings, and play language games in which they generate new meanings and negotiate words for these meanings. That's the essence of Cassini Diskus. After a period of interaction both probes finally evolve a shared language in which they can communicate."

"In an intrinsically dedicated symbol system there are more constraints on the symbol tokens than merely syntactic ones. Symbols are manipulated not only on the basis of the arbitrary shape of their tokens, but also on the basis of the decidedly non-arbitrary shape of the iconic and categorical representations connected to the grounded elementary symbols out of which the higher-order symbols are composed. Of these two kinds of constraints, the iconic/categorical ones are primary."

"The advent of the consumer society makes all the more appealing the enormous profitability underlying commodities, and “consumption” becomes the absolute truth with which to measure everything. Conventional values have been supplanted by new criteria and new values and the privileged class, in control of the dominant power and inordinate wealth, reconstructs the subjectivity of human beings while exaggerating man’s material needs. They manipulate man’s material needs into a system of meaning and, with the help of all forms of communication media, infuse particular meanings into a wide diversity of signifiers ranging from commodities and spaces to ways of conduct, thus constructing the connotative signifieds for physical objects."

"In today’s highly symbolized world, we are no longer interested in how the meaning is produced behind a symbol; instead, we simply embrace the meaning conveyed by a symbol. Now, how do symbols construct meaning in our society? We find it absolutely impossible to evade the ubiquitous mass media or to resist all forms of consumption myths that are created via various channels of communication. Symbols are inextricably connected with the ideology of a given society. We are unware, though, that those symbols impose constraints on a society’s cultural claims and moral standards with seemingly innate social conventions that are precisely debased by those symbols"

"The coronavirus outbreak is a nice example on how controlling symbolism translates into controlling an entire society. The public has to strictly follow this new encoding system with which to interpret the culture of a given society, to regulate one’s speech and conduct, and even to spontaneously construct its own subjectivity. We know aliens, as a symbol, would never be enough to modify a society's belief system, hence we need something more powerful, something perceived as posing a lethal threat, something invisible, something credible, and in fact not all people believe in aliens, but all of them believe in viruses"

[Image: m5.jpg]

"The coronavirus, or any other virus for that matter, shows a society striped of its due order, which is a cause for apprehension because such a society is an overly orderly and uniform society. We wish to know how the entire society can assimilate positive values from the traditional culture, and how a system of core socio-centric values of harmony, amicability, credibility, and civilization could be constructed, and the scenario of a global invisible threat opens the doors to gaining that knowledge".


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