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[Image: 36.jpg]

Communication Fabrics

Communicating with spacetime neighbors

"Our ancestors should not be convicted of irrationality for thinking that the differences between past, present, and future are important ones, simply because they lacked precise clocks and rapid signaling methods."

"Coexistence As Sharing a Hyperplane of Simultaneity"

"They do not have to say that biochemistry gets the workings of the brain wrong, only that it does not tell the whole story."

[Image: 37.jpg]

[Image: 38.jpg]

"There is a form of the eternalist growing spotlight view that can leave the future radically open. Eternalism requires the existence, already, of every future event and individual that will ever occur or exist, thereby threatening to "close off" other future possibilities. But if every possible future event and individual already exists, though many of them will never occur or be made concrete; then the bare existence of the future history that will, in fact, have occurred could not be thought by anyone to raise the specter of fatalism."

"Can the interesting notion of coexistence be extrapolated to Minkowski spacetime?"

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ating.html

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[Image: 32.jpg]

Countering the Time Traveler Threat

Protocols for Detection and Identification of Time Travelers

"We assume a hostile time traveler coming from the future into our present. We assume the isotopic signal of biochemical fluids to be indistinguishable from our own isotopic signal, and that cultural differences have been already taken into account by the intruder. The task is how to correctly single the time traveler out of the normal population."

[Image: 33.png]

"Time travel technology is some two centuries beyond our current capability in what concerns traveling. In the meantime, we need to develop efficient mechanisms to detect potential time travelers who might pose a threat to national security. Of the currently available means, isotopic signature, based on carbon isotopes profiles of physiological based fluids, and DNA mutation rate characterization are the most promising"

[Image: 34.png]

"Quantification of total carbon in whole blood, plasma, washed red blood cell, and urine in time travelers shows a distinctive value that clearly differ from that of normal subjects, pointing to some future high level event which exposed time travelers to abnormal levels of radiation"

"Quantification of iron binding sites in transferrin, taken from blood plasma, served to clearly single out intruders from normal population"

The discovery of time travel into the past could be transformative not only to physics but humanity. Its uses might be many and varied -- probably enlightening, but possibly catastrophic. Unlike modern searches for dark matter and dark energy, however, modern searches for time travel are comparatively rare. Given the modern ubiquity of the Internet, though, there now exists new, far reaching, and falsifiable methods to search for time travelers.

[Image: 35.png]

"time travel requires personal identity: he who arrives must be the same person who departed."

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[Image: 41.jpg]

Implementing the Rinse and Repeat Strategy

When Objekt 4202 met MilOrbs

in order to prevent war the most vital challenge is not war itself but the prelude to war; in order to prevent next war after the last one the most vital challenge is the postwar scenario"

"In that scenario, only subs will survive. Therefore, detecting moving massive objects based on the time variation that these objects produce in the local gravitational field measured by several detectors is of prime importance. This is a stealth-resistant system: everything moving will be detected without the need to use radar signals. Theirs is a technology fully based on radar-absorbing materials, and that, together with the speed of their crafts, is the key advantage they have. However, it is impossible to hide or shield a gravitational field and that's why a gravimetric radar can detect those moving objects. In a normal scenario, detecting the object this way is extremely difficult due to the clutter caused by the random motion of surrounding objects, like animals, but in a post-attack scenario there will be no animals at all, just them and our autonomous defense systems. And a completely radioactive devastated landscape, of course."

"It is not a matter of survival or of defending a devastated soil. There will be nothing to defend, and no survivors. It is a matter of revenge. We have the right to strike back even when we are all dead down here."

"It is a matter of committing yourself to the task of successfully turning Earth into a deadly booby trap for anyone visiting it, even long after no life forms are left and we all have disappeared."

"After a terminal nuclear war there will be no operators in the command and control centers, so you can expect seeing satellites falling down, one by one, as there will be none commanding and correcting their orbits. First ones to fall will be those in low-earth orbit."

"Deterrence is based on the rational and exact knowledge by your enemies about the capabilities of your own forces; nuclear deterrence is based on the fact that your enemy knows what a thermonuclear bomb does once it hits the ground. But what deterrence can be based on MilOrbs, when the enemy ignores everything about them? MilOrbs shouldn't be used as a surpirse last resource offensive weapon. If we wish them to really deter our enemies we need to plan for a demonstration attack. The debate now is where to use them for our enemies to know how nasty these MilOrbs are. The Idiot proposes a 'conceptual attack' against Iran for the Chinese to realize the potential of our MilOrbs."

"space-based interceptors will give us the power to defend against a missile strike and provide us with strategic options other than resorting to a devastating nuclear attack in response. The Idiot must focus on revitalizing the concept of space-based missile defense to regain America’s military advantage"

"The price tag for an updated Brilliant Pebbles effort is estimated to be about $20 billion. It is supposed to be the most comprehensive, integrated, and costeffective multi-layered BMD system out of all in use by the United States. Yes, we know there are unconventional threats out there, but your fucking extraterrestrial visitors are of no concern to us. It's been our policy, a quasi-religion if you wish, to constantly and insistently deny the existence of UFOs, not because they pose a threat to us, but because we do not want to divert a single dollar to programs ond projects that will prevent us from funding what we really need to be funded: Brilliant Pebbles."

"The ecological stressors will be so intense that population recovery is simply impossible. Nobody will recover from the losses already inflicted on them. And even if we freeze some DNA here and there to re-seed the planet after the event, the resulting life forms won't be able to survive a totally new hazardous environment. Re-seeding with old species a self-destroyed planet is not an option."

"Look, it is not the public we want to keep off from Giselians. It is the president. The reason? Our enemies are China, Iran, Russia, and North Korea. The existence of otherwordly visitors would translate into funds going to research on them, funds we are not ready to waste in that shit. As far as I am concerned UFOs not only do not exist: they are absolutely banned. They cancelled the Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System, but they doubled the funds for DENIED program. See? That's all your ETs mean to us, an annoyance."

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[Image: 43.jpg]

The Semiotics of Nuclear Self-Assured Destruction

"some physical organ is necessary to make the handling of abstract impressions possible. Such a sensory organ must be closely related to the neural centre for language. For each vague intuitive concept the sharp concept exists all along, only we do not perceive it clearly at first"
Kurt Gödel

"Military planners consider the environmental effects of a nuclear war as collateral damage while, in fact, environmental damage is the goal"

MAD posits that, if country A attacks country B, the retaliation from country B will be so devastating that a first strike would be suicidal, while SAD tells us that it would be suicidal for country A to launch a full-scale nuclear attack on country B regardless of whether country B responds in kind.

[Image: 44.jpg]

The idea is not to use a time machine to travel back to a specific point along the timeline in order to prevent a nuclear war. The idea is to send thermonuclear probes into the future, along a closed timelike curve, in order to hit a target located in the past. This would act as a secure self-destruction mechanism. By the time A has destroyed B the last thing A would expect is to be struck by nuclear probes coming from A's own past.

Under a strictly scripted-life scenario, the destruction of both A and B is unavoidable and taken for granted. However, you still have free will: you can choose the exact moment that will happen. That's all you can decide upon.

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[Image: 31.jpg]

The language of the new alchemists

"Let's be clear on this: genetics is a pseudo-science if left in the hands of pseudo-humans, that is, of emotionally handicapped individuals."

However, the question is not what we (human beings) will be in a thousand years, as it is doubtful that people will even exist on the terms that can be understood as human today, it is a question of what the result of our genetic endeavours will be, because simply by the process of intervention, differences in both the physiological and the ideological are created that are impossible for humanity to surmount.

"At that time, the process was based on seemingly empirical evidence, which led alchemists to believe that they could turn base metals into precious elements. At this time the language remains the same, replacing 'metals' by humans, and 'precious elements' by 'genetically modified slaves'".

The homunculus is the model of goal-oriented evolution, because its physiological make-up is altered by intelligent will. The homunculus is a being whose reproductive genesis will be completely mediated by the will of the previous generation and its physical body can be changed according to its own whims. Evolution and indeed extinction, can be seen to be an interdependent relationship between organism and environment.

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[Image: 37.jpg]

Deviant Strategies

From National Defense to Global Disruption

"The program is officially a basic research and development program on advanced space propulsion systems. The line of thought is that we need to figure out new and innovative propulsion systems based on new discoveries in quantum physics. The truth is we do not give a damn about interstellar travel. Our real goal is to develop sophisticated propulsion systems for our missiles in order to increase cruising speed and be able to degrade the ability of air/missile defense systems to acquire and engage them"

"Tests conclude the Patriot-3 PAC-3 system is easily overwhelmed by using these new type of missiles. Additionally, we do not need to deploy our command and control network on the ground, we do it using satellites and PSVs. Again, we officially deploy satellites to monitor the melting of the ice cap while in fact what we do is putting in orbit satelites with the capability to degrade long-range ultra-high frequency early warning radar systems such as PavePaws. It is the combination of both our newly developed high speed cruise missiles and our jamming satellites what will allow us to penetrate the airspace of our enemies in a way never before known"

"It is a high-power microwave weapon used as a ground-to-air, high-power jammer aimed at degrading AWACS detection range. The high speed of our new cruise missiles and the need for terminal evasion maneuvers required new electronics to be developed, and testing these missiles requires in turn maximum secrecy and a cover-up shield to avoid our enemies gaining any intelligence about our capabilities. You just see black flying triangles there where we are testing the entire system."

"The missiles will fly longer distances over land, with varied terrain features. Some regions in Central Asia are extremely rugged, and this all requires sophisticated mission planning systems; again, the speed at which these missiles fly is so high that any conventional guidance, navigation, and control system is useless."

"The current doctrine is as follows: we use PSVs to implement strong electronic jamming and deceptive attack against the enemy air force bases; MilOrbs force the enemy air defense system to go into operations in advance so that we can get a precise idea of the tactical technical indices of the enemy air defense system. PSVs will also lead the attack against early warning radar systems and, once neutralized, conventional aviation force will penetrate the airspace. PSVs were built for just this reason."

"How you fight wars is based on the social, economic, political, and technical aspects of your society, hence weakening your society, messing around with your domestic politics, and compromising your technology is all your enemy needs to win war. Creating failing states in the Middle East is as easy as turning Sweden or Norway or any other country into a failed state. You just need flooding those countries with a constant flow of inmigrants, degrading their economies, introducing some 'natural' disasters, carrying staged false flag operations, supporting their far right parties, and the final result will be a failed State. People is the same everywhere: they panic, they easily hate, and they are always ready to fight against each other. If you think Afghanistan or Sweden or the United States are different to each other, it means you know nothing about humans."

"We have very precise models for climate change. We keep on insisting climate change is just an untested hypothesis because we need to hide from our enemies all the knowledge we have about how the Artic will be in the next 25 years. We know how rain patterns will be in the next 25 years, when will the ice cap finally melt, what geological resources are buried in the Artic, and where to find them. The Arctic geopolitical situation is changing rapidly and it is our will to take the best position there by when the war comes. The Artic will become a new hotbed of global activity because we know a large amount of the world’s undiscovered oil, natural gas, huge ore and rare-earth deposits lie there. So yes, forcing the collapse of the surrounding Artic states is one of our priorities. We know the Artic will be the Middle East of the future."

conflict is just a political competition driven by human ingenuity tied to the societies in conflict.

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[Image: 77.jpg]

Doomsday Engineering for Sub-K1 Civilizations

"the model is fed with detailed data on the effects of human population growth and predicted agricultural, environmental, food, energy, biological, and geochemichal data from observed growth rate trends. In the raw scenario, doomsday window is predicted to fall within the 2020-2050 range. Old models define doomsday as the day in which humans, as a species, should run out of space or food, or induce catastrophic anthropogenic climate change through thermodynamically unavoidable direct heating of the planet."

"Using refined data, LyAv predicts the doomsday window to be somewhere within the 2300s-2400s, with a definite year given by 3100. It is also assumed direct heating of the Earth will be a substantial contributor to climate change by ≈2260, regardless of the energy source used, coincident with our transition to a Kardashev type-I civilization."

[Image: 78.jpg]

"thermodynamic limits imply that humanity cannot sustain its present growth rate in energy use and possible evolution into a colonizing, spacefaring civilization without significant negative consequences to its supporting terrestrial environment."

"Denebian probes operate beyond our cognitive and physical capacity. It is my opinion they are waiting for the doomsday as, somehow, they are programmed to not interfere with intelligent biological life-forms. The moment they detect there is no intelligent life on Earth they will take the planet over."

[Image: 79.jpg]

"We gave up applying geoengineering strategies because they cannot alleviate the thermodynamic limitations imposed by a growing energy use on a finite planet."

"It looks like the only way out is to take some fraction of our civilization or technology elsewhere to colonize other worlds. This means we shouldn't focus on geoengineering but rather on genetic modification of the selected seeding population. Bioengineering a subset of human population in order to colonize the target exoplanet seems to be feasible. The question is how deep such a genetic modification should be in order for human species to survive off-Earth and yet be recognized as humans."

"Simulations show a window of opportunity that would occur between 2900–3400, with 3100 being the cut-off value. In other words, by around 2900 we must be able to relocate the subset of bioengineered humans to the selected exoplanet. The candidate exoplanets lie within a colonizable volume of ≈500 –1000 pc in radius. Kepler-452b is our first choice."

[Image: 80.jpg]

"What if you reach a point of technological development which would allow you to move from a dying Sol-3 to Kepler-452b in order to avoid extinction? Wouldn't you move? And what if, on arriving to Kepler-452b, you happen to discover that planet is inhabited? Now what? The 1967 UFO wave was all about that. They faced the same dilemma you will face in 3100."

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[Image: 5a.jpg]

Disrupting harmony

Cybertextures and Technospheres in Sol-3

there is nothing like "complex interactions" between human and ecological systems. The interactions are simple: humans deplete the resources they need to sustain their own life, for a given time t, until there are no more vital resources left. At that point in time, either they colonize other worlds, or they die. Any virus dymanic simulation system concludes the same: viruses and humans are but the same thing.

In the new energy economy, our cities will be unlike any we have known during our lifetime. The air will be clean and the streets will be quiet, with only the scarcely audible hum of electric motors. Air pollution alerts will be a thing of the past as coal-fired power plants are dismantled and recycled and as gasoline- and-diesel-burning engines largely disappear. Of course, those cities will be populated by non-humans.

The traditional approach to protecting biological diversity by building a fence around an area and calling it a park or nature preserve is no longer sufficient. If we cannot also stabilize population and climate, there is not an ecosystem on earth that we can save, no matter how high the fence. If we don't disrupt Sol-3 right now, they will be infecting nearby planets soon. Thus, it is key for our success to implement the TopSoil program as soon as possible.

China’s irrigation plan is to raise efficiency from 43 percent in 2000 to 55 percent in 2020. Key measures include raising the price of water, and providing incentives for adopting more irrigation-efficient technologies. That would ease spreading the geminiviruses and accelerate the collapse.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... s-and.html

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[Image: 23a.jpg]

Information paradoxes

Reception and processing of qubits from the unambiguous future

"The problem is not really detecting qubits of information being sent to us from our own unambiguous future. The problem arises from the fact that all non-linear evolutions treat proper and improper mixtures differently, and so long as this difference is observable it will lead to the need of having an entanglement detector, that is, a device capable of telling whether or not a system is entangled with another. This device should be able to have access to both the past and the future in order to perform this entanglement check, and so far the situation is we can indeed send qubits back to ourselves in our past, but in the past we lack the knowledge to build such a device."

[Image: 23b.jpg]

"Sending qubits back to 1958 when the guys in the 1958 timeline do not even know the concept of 'qubits' means we will never get a response from them. However, the fact that the 1958 Mars Bluff B-47 nuclear weapon loss incident did not involve a nuclear explosion means the qubits sent did modify the 1958 timeline somehow. On the other hand, the second 1958 timeline STO does show that the incident was fatal. If ontological bias affects decisions made, we need to know the exact moment at which those decisions were made."

[Image: 23c.jpg]

[Image: 23d.jpg]

"It is by analyzing the way the future affects the past that we can unveil the corresponding theory of time travel. This means we need to perform controlled experiments by sending qubits back to the past and monitoring what happens, though the problem here is our observers in the past do not know how to report back to us their observations as they cannot send qubits into their future. And no, there is no version of 1958 timneline in which they have this capability, or at least we haven't found it yet."

[Image: 23e.jpg]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... n-and.html

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[Image: 11a.jpg]

Knowledge decay over time

Truth lifetime and belief systems decay

"no matter how long-lived a species already is, its extinction rate is nonetheless the same as a much newer species."

"There is little evidence that rare stochastic events are the single cause of the fall of certain empires."

"If the maths is correct, by the year 3100 the collapse will be unavoidable; the increased complexity of a society is just a parameter that determines how fast or slow it disintegrates, no matter how it responds to environmental stresses. The end result is always a collapse of civilization, regardless of its complexity."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... truth.html

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[Image: k1.jpg]

Conflict theories

Collapse of complex technosocieties

"Complexity is generally understood to refer to such things as the size of a society, the number and distinctiveness of its parts, the variety of specialized social roles that it incorporates, the number of distinct social personalities present, and the variety of mechanisms for organizing these into a coherent, functioning whole. Augmenting any of these dimensions increases the complexity of a society."

"Economists base their beliefs on the principle of infinite substitutability. The basis of this principle is that by allocating resources to R&D, alternatives can be found to energy and raw materials in short supply. This leads to an increasing higher complexity in which the marginal costs of research and development grow so high that it is questionable whether technological innovation will be able to contribute much to the solution of future problems"

[Image: k2.jpg]

"It seems a D-civilization could escape nuclear annihilation, control pollution and population, and manage to circumvent resource depletion, but its fate then is sealed by the high cost and low marginal return that these things would require. This is so because the cost of overcoming problems is too high relative to the benefits conferred. Curiously enough, not solving some problems is sometimes a hard yet economical option. The question is whether not controlling population growth is one such problems that need be not solved."

"Obviously, inequality is the main factor guiding the collapse of civilizations. Inequality may be thought of as vertical differentiation, ranking, or unequal access to material and social resources. In a fully connected and interdependent society, inequality is like a cancer that drives the collapse of the entire society. For those with unequal access to material and social resources, non-action is a legit option to accelerate the collapse of a society that keeps them down their knees and alienated. Another valid option is to consciously cause a breakdown of the environment so that the entire civilization collapses."

"Ours is a world in which the main actors are driven by competition, imitating new organizational, technological, and military features developed by its competitors. Obviously, the marginal return on such developments declines, as each new military breakthrough is met by some countermeasure, and so brings no increased advantage or security on a lasting basis. A society trapped in a competitive peer polity system must invest more and more for no increased return, and is thereby economically weakened. In this world collapse is not, however, due so much to anything we have accomplished as it is to the competitive spiral in which we have allowed ourselves to become trapped."

"Sure, to sustain growth resources will have to be allocated from other sectors of the economy into science and engineering. The result will likely be at least a temporary decline in the standard of living, as people will have comparatively less to spend on food, housing, clothing, medical care, transportation, or entertainment. This means the only possible solution is to diminish the population, something which requires a deep change in the belief system of the society"

[Image: k3.jpg]

"Certainly, a nation today can no longer unilaterally collapse, for if any national government disintegrates its population and territory will be absorbed by some other. But what about an entire planet collapsing? Will there be a civilization from some other planet absorbing the collapsing one? Would that explain the increase in Denebian probes in our star system?"


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[Image: p1.jpg]

Models of failure in Contact Theory

"After a period of observation, the orbs concluded that human society is clearly stratified. The orbs analyzed the interaction among humans and concluded those the interactions among individuals change at a rate enormously slower than the opinions of each of them. They also concluded that each individual human often chooses between his neighbors and decides which opinion to hold at a given time, according to his own advantage, based on the observation of what happens to his neighbourhood."

[Image: p2.jpg]

"The orbs concluded that human civilization state, at the time of observation, was a nearly decomposable system, that is, it is at least partly built up of social units that are themselves unstable due to inequality and social stratification."

"We have no reasons to believe their destruction was caused by a single-event catastrophe. There were no natural disasters such as dramatic volcanic eruptions, no global earthquakes, no major disease epidemics. No cosmic events, no solar flares, no gamma bursts. Nothing was recorded by the probes. Replaying of the simulation only confirms a total sudden collapse in Sol-3 in an extremely short timeframe. What if they were terminated by an I-civilization?"

"Any good classifier knows that in the process of classification, information about variety is lost while information about similarities is gained. The utility of a classification must be judged (at least partially) by whether the quantity and quality of information gained outweighs that lost, and this depends largely on the purposes and needs of the analyst."

[Image: p3.jpg]

"but the analysis showed that, during the most devastating earthquake in California, dated DENIED 2023, the entire system collapsed due to its being under heavy social stress. The hierarchically managed networks of storage and redistribution of goods and produce vanished during the first three minutes of the earthquake. New social structures emerged to protect the privilege of a limited few with preferential access to the scant resources."

"all cities were devastated after the DENIED event, and the environment turned highly toxic for them; orbs were sent in order to observe whether a new human civilization could emerge after the global collapse, and to gather data that could allow DENIED to simulate when and how such emergence could be possible."

"The designoids generated from Cassini Diskus worlds simulation programs are often repetitive. Specifically, we found four out of five of our benchmarks reuse the same designoid structure multiple times, only altering the symbol sets of the state transition elements. It might be we do not fully understand the use of Cassini Diskus yet, or it might finally be the case all D-civilizations populated by human-type designoids are fatally flawed from the very beginning"

[Image: p4.jpg]

"What did really destroy Sol-3 civilization? Was it merely economic factors? A chance concatenation of fatal events? A global social dysfunction? A catastrophe that turned insurmountable for them? Was Sol-3 collapse due to an insufficient response to circumstances? Was just that vital resources on which human civilization depended were depleted? Or was it because of intruders, contact with another complex civilization, or simply due to mystical factors? What happened in Sol-3 for such a total and extremely quick collapse?"


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