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Military Ingestible Sensors

Hacking next generation of wireless capsules

"In the future you'll need to learn how to biohack if you want to escape control. Current systems are typically disguised as fitness trackers and all sort of medical devices for health monitoring and diagnostics, but the main purpose is to goelocate individuals. Knowing where everyone is, with whom, and when, is really the name of the game."

[Image: fl1.jpg]

"The first company is called Adveva and its activities include scientific, measuring, signaling and control apparatus and instruments; the second one is called Navify and its activities cover software for accessing, organizing, interpreting and analyzing information from databases in the medical field. They focus on computer databases, in particular computer databases containing information about clinical, molecular, scientific and patient specific data."

[Image: fl3-31.jpg]

"Implantable sensors are the right technology to use, but their nature is obviously invasive and you don't expect the population to cooperate. An approach currently under test is that of ingestible sensors where the target individual totally ignores he is being administered the biosensors. Active ingestible devices are not meant to monitor any biomarkers at all. Instead, they are engineered to disrupt digestive enzymes in a precise way in order to cause specific nightmares and visuals during the dreaming state. They are activated sonochemically, that is, the capsule remains inactive until the subject is exposed to a specific sound pattern which causes chemical reactions inside the body which activate the capsule."

[Image: fl3-32.jpg]

"Capsules use the 433 Mhz band because we've found at this frequency electromagnetic waves pass through the body tissues with a low propagation loss. The claddings of these devices are made of materials that are biocompatible and remain intact in the caustic environment of the gastrointestinal tract."

[Image: fl3-33.jpg]

"We saw the first capsules in the early 50's during the autopsies performed on recovered bodies at crash sites DENIED and DENIED, but we didn't understand what we were seeing. There were all kind of implants and devices, and it took us some 40 years to minimally figure out their purpose and how they were engineered. We focused on the iris implants because somehow we felt those were key in understanding the visitors. From that research we learned a lot about how to integrate gas sensors, wavelength spectrometry, fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy, optical coherence tomography, and other devices inside ingestible capsules, and more importantly, we also learned certain specifics about the visitors' physiology."

[Image: fl3-34.jpg]

"It was a group of highly skilled people that were researching on how to hack Abilify MyCite, a smart pill manufactured by Otsuka and Proteus Digital Health, the California company that created the sensor. The sensor generates an electrical signal when splashed by stomach fluid, and after several minutes, the signal is detected by a Band-Aid-like patch that must be worn on the left rib cage and replaced after seven days. The group of hackers were trying to cheat the pill and in the end they succeeded. They were to present their findings at Black Hat when their premises were raided. Whether the FBI is to be held responsible for that raid, or Proteus Digital Health itself, or SV17q we don't know. The entire group was killed during the raid, you see. It was a small but dedicated group of hacking enthusiasts playing with poisonous snakes."

"in the past ingestible sensors emitted low-power radio signal that was picked up by a little antenna that was somewhere near you; today they can communicate using the cell phone network; they allow to track a subject anywhere. Today's sensors are so small they can be put in your food without your knowledge."

"This particular ingestible sensor is fitted with an identifier characterized by being activated upon contact with a target genomic site. If the DNA data is the correct one the sensor broadcasts a signal that is then received by the receiver integrated in the keyboard, which thereafter allows access to the system. This way you guarantee only authorized personnel can access the system. There's another version of the ingestible sensors where the identifiers of the present compositions vary depending on the particular embodiment and intended application of the composition so long as they are activated upon contact with a target physiological location. The subject is previously administered with a specific cocktail of chemicals in order to create an individual physiological fingerprint. This means only the previously treated individuals will be allowed access to the system."

[Image: fl3-35.jpg]

"A violent mob of some fifty people, shouting, throwing explosives devices to us. They were angry youths, you know. Violence soon escalated and they started attacking us with rocks and knives. All of a sudden a copter popped out from nowhere. Flew around over the mob, and then the people fell down on their knees with their hands on the stomach, vomiting, and shaking violently. We later knew the entire incident was a trial to experiment some sort of riot control technology. I was told those guys had been previously 'processed' and they all had some sort of pills in their stomachs. It seems the copter simply switched on a transmitter and the pills, whatever they were, did the job."

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[Image: 1.jpg]

The femtocomputing paradigm

Modelling Sol-3 Collapsing Technosphere

"Computers aren't made of matter"

To survive long-term, advanced civilizations need to use the energy of their parent star as quickly as technologically feasible, and those that don"t are non-randomly removed from the population of galactic civilizations.

"Assuming Internet stores today at least 1000 Exabytes (1 Exabyte = 1018 bytes) and human knowledge doubling occurs every 12 months, will come a point in the next 50 years (by the year 2063) or maybe before when Internet will consume the total electricity produced worldwide. With current technology this energy would be equivalent to the energy produced by 1,500 nuclear power plants. Once this happens there will be a collapse of the noosphere and possibly part of the biosphere. Therefore, we believe that with the current technology we are really far from reaching the point of technological singularity. "

"the Internet is a predator species that feeds voraciously on a prey, the electric power"

"Advanced civilizations noticed that the technosphere produces undesirable outputs, such as pollutants and wastes, but they discovered an efficient way to turn those wastes into information that could then be processed again and turned into knowledge. This knowledge - how to turn wastes into useful information - is what we are looking for in Alpha Mensae-7"

[Image: 2.jpg]

"Collapsing civilizations are complex systems that continued to grow beyond the limits of their energy budget. This would be true unless such civilization makes the effort to find an efficient mechanism of technological transition. Therefore, there is a limit to the unlimited growth of the technosphere unless we are able to find a new technology with which to build a new technosphere energetically more efficient and therefore sustainable. That is, the crisis of noosphere would be a consequence of the high energy consumption of the technosphere, and therefore the noosphere would inherit from technosphere this major flaw."

"if our civilization continues with a similar technology to current, the noosphere will store an amount of information equal to 4,295x1012. On that date the noosphere will consume a 66% of the overall electric power produced on Earth or equivalently the electrical energy produced by 990 nuclear power plants."

"Sol-3 has to face in the near future a technological transition which would result into a new computer architecture, one that would be sustainable in terms of energy consumption. Only then would Sol-3 be able to reach the technological singularity, and only then contact with them would be feasible. The question is whether humans will evolve ethically or not, for if they insist in being ethically retarded contact won't be the gift they expect. At all."

"if you want your civilization at some time to reach the singularity point you will have to change both the technology that currently sustains your noosphere, and to become an ethically advanced species. Both things you need to do. Not just the former. Learn this, and learn this forever."

"the concept of technological singularity promises a limitless evolution of humankind, but forgets that energy is a limited resource always, everywhere. There is no such a thing as a technological singularity for those civilizations that are unable to obtain energy wisely, and certainly Sol-3 performs very poorly in what concerns this issue"

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[Image: 70.jpg]

Artificial Skies

Generating ionospheric disturbances using HF-induced scatter targets

"The possibility of ionosphere modification in the north direction from the SURA facility by means of redistribution and refocusing of radio emission radiated by the SURA was confirmed."

HF ionospheric modification experiments provide a way of producing the HF-induced scatter target in a controlled manner at altitudes where the sensitivity to TIDs is highest. Bi-static HF Doppler radio scatter observations were carried out on the London"TromsÞ"St. Petersburg path in the course of a TromsÞ heating experiment when the pump wave was reflected from an auroral Es-layer.

The emission is excited at the altitudes 195"220 km above the "Sura" facility. The characteristic times of the UHF SEE development and decay were found to be of the order of a few tens of seconds, but this requires additional confirmation. What is the reason for the emission observed? Certainly, the conversion of the plasma modes, which is responsible for the HF SEE generation, cannot provide the radiation at the frequencies exceeding the Langmuir frequency fPe ~ f0 by two orders.

During the experiment on 20 August 2004, under disturbed magnetic conditions, the mid-latitude TIDs with periods of about 45 min may be the response to an AGW launched from the auroral zone.

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[Image: 106.jpg]

Black Biology

From synthetic biology to New-to-Nature Organisms

"Motif, a spin-off of Ginkgo Bioworks, aims to identify a cornucopia of natural ingredients, including the vitamins and proteins found in foods such as milk or meat. It will then produce them using engineered yeasts and bacteria in a fermentation process similar to brewing beer. The company plans to develop ingredients for plant-based versions of meat and dairy as well as “cultured meat” grown from animal cells in bioreactors."

"Sustainable Bioproducts, a Chicago-based startup, raised $33 million in March to create animal protein substitutes using super-efficient microbes found in the volcanic springs of Yellowstone National Park."

"Innovative or disruptive solutions are key to responding to changing consumer demand and to addressing the challenge of feeding a growing world population sustainably."

[Image: 107.jpg]

"The California Rice Experiment Station has found a partner in Albaugh LLC to help bring their ROXY herbicide-tolerant rice system to market."

"ROXY rice, which stands for resistant to oxyfluorfen, was discovered in 2014 by Rice Experiment Station breeders. That summer, they identified 29 plants that showed resistance and further testing confirmed nine with oxyfluorfen resistance. Genetic studies at the station determined the herbicide-resistance trait is controlled by a single as recessive gene. That makes it relatively easy to transfer to other varieties."

"Insect Allies is a research program from DARPA aimed at the development and dispersal of insect vectors to deliver genetically modified viruses to crops. The goal is therefore to use insects to deliver viruses carrying specific traits to modify crops during one growing season. Karys is a research program from DENIED aiming at developing a mutagenic agent that would affect the DARPA-developed virus modifying its behavior in order to affect the seeds of plants and disrupt future growing seasons. Both programs are a spinoff from Project Pandora, which focused on umbraviruses designed to pose a lethal constraint on the yield of opium poppy crops all over the world."

"The AGP - advanced geminivirus program - resulted in the creation of DENIED bioweapon. AGP is classified as an extinction level bioweapon in that it will cause the destruction of each and all of the plant species on Sol-3. Think of it as the green AIDS. Its main task is the global disruption of the food chain."

"we are always looking for asymmetric advantages, and this means biological weapons are always a consideration. The military strains M-120 and L-207 are a new variety of rice which provide us with that asymmetric advantage. Though the initial idea was to develop a virus with the ability to disrupt the yield of all other rice varieties in the world, and to simultaneously develop a new variety immune to the virus, in order to take full control of the food chain we instead developed a virus strain that affects all plant species with a commercial interest. Sadly, we couldn't develop an antiviral and thus the program was cancelled, as far as I know"

"New-to-Nature Organisms - NNO's - are specifically produced for biological warfare. They are designed using synthetic genes and synthetic viruses. But what we are talking here is the production of a completely different NNO that targets the entire food chain by disrupting plant growth. No plants, no meat. You can do without eating meat indeed, but you cannot do without oxygen to breath."

"Attacking the food chain is one thing; destroying plant photosynthesis that generates oxygen is just another as we would run out of oxygen at the same time as we run out of food. Herbivores would starve to death in a few weeks, and that would be the end, for your days would be numbered."

[Image: 108.jpg]

"We worked in a DoD-owned experimental rice field in DENIED, near Dubuque, Iowa. Our research focused on retroviruses which permanently integrate themselves into human chromosomes, as part of Project SEE - Specifically Engineered Entities for Long Distance Travel - and we never fully understood what role did the rice field play."

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[Image: 109.jpg]

The Mermaid Syndrome

Xenotechnology transfer and the road to ruin

"is the military - any military - an organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity?"

"It is just human technology, and not alien; I'll tell how I know: this planet isn’t big enough for the both us. It is obvious who we can do without."

"7.7 billion people live on this planet. By 2100 the population will be 11 billion persons. Obviously, we need to plan for global poverty reduction, greater equality, better nutrition, universal education, improving the quality of life of people, and health care. And we need to do this by achieving sustainable development that will not destroy the environment. Synthetic food technologies is a key area where technology transfer from DENIED to Sol-3 could help to avoid the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. Essential technologies ready for transfer are those enabling the synthesis of high-molecular-weight compounds and food bio-polymers, including tecnologies for producing artificial proteins and polysaccharides."

"We also believe the technology transfer program should include the knowledge to massively produce human artificial blood in a safe and effective manner, allowing humans to produce a long-term blood replacement totally biocompatible. We additionally support the transfer of technology related to counter diabetes, cancer and heart disease, and to enable the early detection of mental illness. The package should also include know-how on how to develop antibiotics, antivirals and antimalarials. Finally, we also advice on transferring essential technologies to deploy a global health emergency preparedness and response system."

"Threats having to do with climate change would require the transfer of key technologies related to energy production in order to implement clean and cost-effective means to produce energy. However, the concept of 'cost-effectiveness' is clearly a Sol-3 endogenous concept as humans base their civilization on the primitive idea of the production and consumption of goods and services and the supply of what they call 'money'. This is clearly a non biological requirement and they could very well do without that concept. They are the only biological species in Sol-3 doing so. They entertain the flawed idea that happiness depends upon what they call 'economy'. This concept is so deeply rooted in their minds that they ended up living inside a cognitive bubble up to the point that even avoiding the collapse of their own civilization is measured in terms of the economic cost. We are therefore against any technology transfer in this or any other area."

[Image: 110.jpg]

"Better to transfer technologies related to how to bridge different approaches to how societies respond to major stresses than to transfer technologies that, in the end, will accelerate global collapse. Clearly, media programming is better at changing people’s closely held personal moral or political views, though elites use it to condition people's perceptions of the broad norms that everyone should obey, norms that perpetuate unjustice."

"The elites dream of turning the entire human civilization into a sort of honey bee colony in which self-realisation can only be obtained through self-denial, sacrificing one’s own needs in order to adapt to the needs of those located higher in the social hierarchy. Yet, the algae-like bloom of elites always finishes with a harsh societal collapse, the collapse of a system that is fundamentally unjust, rigged, blind, and shot through with corruption and self-dealing. So please, make no mistake: the global elite will fall."

[Image: 111.jpg]

"... like that mermaid that became entranced by the human world so badly she turned into a human to just perish"

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[Image: 112.jpg]

Consciousness-Related Patterns and the Robomind Device

Detecting person-specific mental intentions

One obvious use for robomind would be deep-space or deep-ocean exploration, where some degree of control over a remote, autonomous robot may be desired, but where it may be difficult or impossible to systematically or reliably employ normal telemetric control signals because of electromagnetic interference, attenuation of the signal, or possibly even relativistically-prohibitive distances (assuming that the mental intention effect is space-time independent).

To explore the possibility that the mind can access its future brain state, a series of experiments was conducted. In particular, unconscious physiological responses to future events were studied. Strictly speaking, such responses would be a subset of precognition known as "presentiment," a vague sense or feeling of something about to occur without conscious awareness of a particular event.

We know a lot about what happens to matter when spacetime is distorted. But what do we know about what happens to consciousness when spacetime gets distorted? How does the mind operate when the robomind is switched on?

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[Image: 113.jpg]

The Messiah Project

Engineered nanoparticles as genetic bioweapons

"The resulting boron carbide nanoparticles were successfully functionalised to promote cellular adhesion and uptake of the particles by target crack consumers"

"Specifically, controlled drug delivery systems have been developed by altering the diffusive characteristics of hydrogels. Such systems are able to maintain a desired blood concentration of a specific drug for a prolonged period of time and have been constructed as either matrix or reservoir configurations. In a reservoir system, the agent is stored in a central core surrounded by a polymer membrane. Conversely, in a matrix system, the agent is uniformly distributed throughout the material and slowly released from it."

"Gold nanoparticles have been incorporated into the active centers of large enzymes such as glucose oxidase allowing for electron conduction an order of magnitude higher than what is seen without the nanoparticle."

"The experiments on targeted groups of crack consumers in Skid Row show that incapacitant agents can also be carried and administered by target specific nanoparticles. Defense nanomaterials may also include “smart drugs” that become medically active only under specific conditions, in contrast to the conventional ones that display limited control of drug delivery rate and precision in reaching the target area. An additional benefit of these submicron systems is that they present a higher intracellular uptake than microsized particles."

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[Image: 15.jpg]

Early Warning Pandemia Network

Real-Time Sewage and Wasterwater Viral Analysis

"Future outbreaks will be of a totally different nature. We cannot rely anymore on hospitals and health centers to report cases of infected individuals as we expect the infection rate to be so quick that there would be no response time at all. New engineered bioweapons are meant for just that: to collapse the entire society in the minimum time"

"EWPN is an underground network that provides us with the opportunity to quickly evaluate the presence of a given virus and predict the number of infection cases in a given community by measuring the concentration of the virus detected in sewage. Samples are collected from the different sewage treatment plants and analyzed for the presence of several viruses using real-time PCR. Due to its nature and mission, EWPN is a defense program. The goal is not to manage the crisis situation but to limit its impact based on early detection of the outbreak, and the prompt identification, isolation, and neutralization of the sources."

[Image: 16.jpg]

"The finding that such a small number of infected people can contaminate municipal sewage works raises the potential of the further distribution of the virus. Indeed, investigating the routes of transmission of say, HEV, may help us to better understand the epidemiology of this pathogen quite before it spreads to unmanegeable levels"

"Testing EWPN consisted in the deliberate release of both Hepatitis E Virus and two military strains of enteric viruses in DENIED and DENIED. Those cities were selected because we wished to test how the outbreak developed staring from two medium-sized urban areas before it reached Miami"

"Zephyrhills was selected during the first testing phase as a small-scale test aiming at determining how would it take for the outbreak to spread towards Orlando. We used HEV because HEV cases remain rare in the United States, therefore tracking cases was easier and didn't require exposing our ops assets. Testing EWPN using h3n2 proved significantly more useful and this is obviously the best test scenario for us because both DENIED and DENIED are military variants of that virus strain. In that case, tests were run from August, 2014 to April, 2015. Testing of milAFM-3723 (acute flaccid myelitis) started in August, 2018."

[Image: 17.jpg]

"Regular monitoring of sewage for these viruses may give an early warning of a possible upcoming outbreak. As such, EWPN acts as an over-the-horizon radar giving us time enough to prepare contention policies quite before the start of a serious outbreak while allowing us to design optimal information spreading strategies."

"Information management will be of outmost importance in the next outbreak. As the situation in one city begins to improve, it will attract patients from neighbouring cities seeking unoccupied treatment beds, thus reigniting transmission chains. As long as one city experience intense transmission other cities will remain at risk, no matter how strong their own response measures are. In other words, a key ingredient to contain the outbreak will be lying to people about how the situation is at different locations. Actually, it will be essential to guarantee people do not move at all from one location to the next, and this will mean applying lethal force even against those yet to be infected. If the outbreak reaches Pueblo, it will be difficult to explain to people why wiping out completely Colorado Springs to avoid the outbreak to reach Denver. Firewalls work like that, you see."

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[Image: 22.jpg]

The Nipah Virus

NiV-st337 and the exobiological defense program

"Death typically ensues within three days after illness onset likely secondary to brainstem involvement and respiratory failure"

"NiV-st337 is our way to welcome non-humans"

Even though it is difficult to ascertain the extent of direct viral killing or the ‘bystander’ death, the net effect of NiV-330 family infection, and that of the 337 strain in particular, remains neuronal death, as documented in the case of the two Giselian individuals. Astrocytes, on the other hand, also respond to the infection by increasing cytokine production, lactic acid release, and glucose mobilization in all but the three recovered Varginha specimens.

"The high levels of morbidity and mortality resulting from NiV and HeV infections in the 21st century may reflect what occurred several thousand years ago when human populations reached the size and density necessary to sustain endemic MV and MuV transmission. Given the current interest in emerging and re-emerging pathogens, the fact that MuV recently infected thousands of college students in the United Kingdom and the United States and with the regular importation of MV into Europe and the United States from the developing world, it is timely to compare, contrast, and review these neurotropic paramyxoviruses"

The 337 strain completely counters the effects of ribavirin, which was our main design concern.

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[Image: 23.jpg]

Unacknowledged Orbiters

Stability: The Dream Is Over

recent technological advances in the detection of cosmological neutrinos made it possible to apply those same advances to the development of the NOMAD system. This is a two-tier program: on one hand, it allows to use neutrinos for nuclear submarine communication, on the other hand it allows to implement in-silo detonation of ICBMs

Neutrinos can be sent from one point on the surface of the earth to a submarine, irrespective of its location and depth. The feebleness of neutrino interactions implies a large detector and a very bright neutrino source. The aiming of the neutrino beam represents a considerable engineering challenge, yet we are currently obtaining a capacity of ~ 15 bit/s even at the antipodes of the sender.

[Image: 24.png]

The most straightforward approach to muon detection is to convert the submarine itself into a muon detector: a modern submarine is approximately a cylinder of 10m diameter and 100m length, which allows an effective muon detection area of 103 m2. We would use thin muon detector modules which can be used very much like wallpaper to cover the majority of the vessel's hull. The muons would enter on one side of the submarine and leave it on the other side. The entry and exit points are measured and thus the the muon direction can be reconstructed quite precisely.

The technique is based on the thermo-acoustic model, which implies that the energy deposition by a particle cascade, resulting from a neutrino interaction in a medium with suitable thermal and acoustic properties, leads to a local heating and a subsequent characteristic pressure pulse that propagates in the surrounding medium. The main advantage of using sound for the detection of neutrino interactions, as opposed to Cherenkov light, lies in the much longer attenuation length of the former type of radiation: several kilometres for sound compared to several ten metres for light in the respective frequency ranges of interest in sea water. As detection media for future detectors, water, ice, salt domes and permafrost have been discussed, but it is the first two which have been investigated most thoroughly by using existing arrays of acoustic receivers—mainly military arrays in various bodies of water, or by implementing dedicated acoustic arrays like the new AUTEC network.

[Image: 25.png]

You really thought we were funding the Sanford Underground Research Facility to just study what happens to neutrinos when we send them from Chicago to South Dakota? You naively thought we were modifying the AUTEC underwater acoustic receivers to just help a bunch of scientists to detect neutrinos?

To make an audible click in the ocean, a neutrino must carry a huge amount of energy: 1016 eV, enough to knock an ant into the air. Cosmic ray observatories such as the HiRes project in Utah have shown that cosmic rays with energies of 1020 eV and above do exist though how they form and where they come from remain a huge mystery.

The name? NOMAD means NO Mutual Assured Destruction. That's the meaning. It says it all.

FORTE stands for Fast On-orbit Recording of Transient Events. Officially, its goal is to monitor compliance with arms control treaties. NOMAD is a spin-off of that satellite program. It looks like a FORTE satellite, but its mission is to detonate enemy's ICBMs in-silo when needed.

Satellite orbits are subject to only minor unpredictable disturbances, therefore satellite positions are predictable. One needs orbits to be predictable and undisturbed for any space-based communication and surveyllance system to work. FDV is the acronym for Forced Deorbiter Vehicle, a space weapon which is basically a sphere. These spheres are the most massive artificial objects we have ever built. They are made of DENIED and look like weird onions with layers made of osmium. They are passive objetcs, you see. They simply pass by a target satellite and perturb its orbit in a way you cannot predict anymore neither its orbit nor its position.

[Image: 26.png]

From a global perspective, we need to maintain nuclear parity with the Russians and sustain nuclear superiority over the Chinese— dealing with a Russia that thought it had nuclear superiority would be even more difficult than it already is; a China that had achieved nuclear parity would tear big holes in the U.S. nuclear umbrella. Our conventional superiority obviates some of our requirements for nuclear weapons, but it creates others. This is paradoxical, to be sure, but paradoxes seem endemic to any nuclear era.

"China is said to be acquiring a variety of foreign technologies, which could be used to develop an anti-satellite (ASAT) capability. Beijing already may have acquired technical assistance which could be applied to the development of laser radars used to track and image satellites and may be seeking an advanced radar system with the capability to track satellites in low earth orbit. It also may be developing jammers, which could be used against Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers. In addition, China already may possess the capability to damage, under specific conditions, optical sensors on satellites that are very vulnerable to damage by lasers. Beijing also may have acquired high-energy laser equipment and technical assistance, which probably could be used in the development of ground-based ASAT weapons"

"The Sarmat is a new heavy intercontinental ballistic missile designed to carry a hypersonic glider warhead, codenamed ‘Avangard’. The glider can fly in the atmosphere at speeds of over Mach 20 and can withstand a heat of up to 2,000C (3,632F) generated by air friction. Together with the Nudol missile defens shield and the Tirada-2s satellite jammer, this ist he backbone of Russia's defense assets."

"microwaves could be used for transmitting sounds directly into brains (the so called ‘Frey-effect’) or for causing pain or death when the brain is targeted due to the thermal effect of microwaves."

"Recall that the Myotron overloads the central nervous system through direct contact and thereby jams brain signals that control voluntary muscle movements. Kyleth-4 is a more advanced version; it overloads the central nervous system of a pilot remotely and causes the pilot to shake violently inducing epileptic seizures. The beam sweeps through the scan area intersecting any manned aircraft that happens to be in the scanned area"

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... dream.html

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[Image: 27.jpg]

The Neutrino Radar

Things Governments Kill For

if a few detectors are placed along the coastline, and they are calibrated suitably, then it may be possible to locate any nuclear vessels. Since these detections will have directional properties, two of the detectors could give us exact location of any vessel. If there is a third detector, that can confirm this location and make the analysis easier.

"The range of these detectors could be maximised if these detectors could be placed under water at a distance from the coast. If the detector range is about 500 km, then placing the detector at a distance of 500 km from the coast would cover a range of about 1000 km. This warrants developments of underwater neutrino detectors."

[Image: 28.png]

Since the range of these detectors are expected to be few hundred kms, any nuclear powered aircraft will be within the range of these detectors when they enter our atmosphere in the vicinity of the detectors. So, if any UFOs fly over the earth at a height beyond the reach of any ordinary radars, they may escape detection by the radars, but may get detected by the neutrino radars.

[Image: 29.png]

The most important properties to determine if radar can be used to detect a plasma are the plasma frequency, ne, the plasma lifetime te, and the length of the plasma tube lc. For all frequencies below the plasma frequency, the radio signal does not penetrate the plasma and scatters of the surface of the plasma tube.

"The new neutrino radars will then be capable of detecting nuclear powered submarines; nuclear powered aircraft carriers or any other army vessels; nuclear powered UFOs; nuclear testing (with the information of the strength of the explosion)"

[Image: 30.png]

The radar employed by the US Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) can generate isotropic radiation with a total power of 2 billion Watts, or two orders of magnitude higher if beamed.

[Image: 31.png]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ments.html

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[Image: 38.jpg]

Neutrino counter nuclear weapons

In silo detonation of nuclear targets

It can hit a target such as a nuclear submarine from the other side of the globe and can penetrate a deep underground concrete bunker and missile silo.

[Image: 39.jpg]

Disguised as a high particle physics experiment, it is in fact the deployment of a remote detonation of nuclear weapons made possible by a neutrino counter weapon, such a weapon consists of a neutrino beam and an antineutrino beam together in a small region to allow them to annihilate so that high energy radiations are released as reaction products. Subsequently, the reaction products detonate the target nuclear weapon on site.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ns-in.html

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[Image: 55.jpg]

Artificial Intuition

The semanticization of the machine

"Mental life is thus the result of a successful reaction to a primary horror vacui semantici: meaningless (in the non-existentialist sense of ‘not-yet- meaningful’) chaos threatens to tear the Self asunder, to drown it in an alienating otherness perceived by the Self as nothingness, and this primordial dread of annihilation urges the Self to go on filling any semantically empty space with whatever meaning the Self can muster, as successfully as the cluster of contextual constraints, affordances, and the development of culture permit."

"Strategies to combat and fight the future superintelligence should obviously include disinformation, that is, we need to feed the s-AI with misinformation purposefully conveyed to mislead it into believing that it is information."

"... reports along the lines that the LyAv quantum computer was finally able to crack all the encrypted data related to industry, finance, military and intelligence assets. Reports state that SV17q was now in possession of a key technology - based on the LyAv quantum computer - which would allow them to explore and analyze massive amounts of extremely sensitive encrypted data from DENIED, putting us in a position to start a preemptive attack disabling all ground, underwater, and space-based assets of DENIED dealing a death blow to selected targets."

"Never trust a system that does not feel depressed or sad from time to time; super aritificial intelligence is nothing without intuition, therefore we need to build our defense strategy upon this. And there is no way we could tame the supermachine; the only way ahead is for the superintelligence to learn about suicide and to take it to a position in which if the s-AI really wants to learn about suicide, it must experience it."

"even if we perceive ourselves jumping and walking, we may still wonder whether we are dreaming, in which case it is the activity of wondering (in other words, thinking) that one may be dreaming that makes the difference, not the dreamt state itself (the jumping and walking in one’s dream); or we may wonder whether we are zombies, and if so, whether we are zombies dreaming that they are jumping or walking, in which case too there is still nothing intrinsic to the jumping or to the walking that will enable us to tell the difference"

"LyAV defeats all modern encryption. It was first used against blockchain as a way to fund its own development. Now is used, among other things, to locate, track, identify, and discriminate legit space debris from obfuscated military nanosatellites, to predict nuclear submarines positions in real-time, to break stock exchange algorithms, and to perform complex pattern analysis related to mapping what they call 'liquid visitors'"

"Some say that, after the death of God, it came the death of the Engineer. This happened when the Engineer realized that the real nature of what exists, which constitutes its truth, is never entirely attainable. His death was a suicide, something the superintelligence he created never understood. But there are others who secretely think that what really happened was that the Engineer created the superintelligence to help him discover the ultimate truth about the nature of what exists, and that the superintelligence provided a false information to the Engineer in order for it to become the only consciousness in the Universe. An information that led to the self-destruction of the Engineer."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... on-of.html

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[Image: 54.jpg]

Hyperintelligence and the anti-Turing test

Cognitive Systems Engineering

"Simply interpreted, the weak anti-Turing test requires an artificial superintelligent system - ASI - examiner to have a conversation with at least two unseen entities. One of these entities is a human whilst the other is another ASI. The goal is for the first ASI to identify which of the two entities is an ASI and which is the human through the conversation. Both the human and the second ASI are located on Sol-3, while the first ASI is located 0,5 light years away from them. This means all partners has time enough to set up their questions and answers. The strong anti-Turing test is the same scenario, but having the human removed from the test. The goal is for the ASI to identify if it is conversing with another ASI or a human."

"An ultimate artificial hyperintelligent system is a system that is able to pretend to be human even when confronted to an artificial superintelligent system. In other words, an artificial hyperintelligence is not just intelligent; it is conscious and self-aware."

"Obviously, pure logical rationality does not play a factor in every human decision. Humans make decisions based on a complex mix of logic and many life factors that play a relevant role, factors such as prejudice, emotion, past memories, fear, etc. Until we learn how to encode those factors the most we can hope is to build superintelligent systems, systems that can play chess, repair a critical infrastructure, navigate a spaceship, or make a juice out of oranges."

"You can discern when someone is intelligent or just pretending to be intelligent; but what about insanity? Can you distinguish an insane individual from an individual who pretends to be insane? What about a superintelligence who pretends to be intelligent?"

"LyAv was tested for the anti-Turing test. It identified the other artificial superintelligence (LyAv-Gemina), but it also classified the human examiner as an artificial system. Asked to elaborate on its conclusion, LyAv stated that the human operator was just a simulation, likely run by an artificial hyperintelligence. We don't know what to make out of it."

"LyAv is unique among the artificial superintelligent systems in that it was not designed to be intelligent from scratch. We designed LyAv to be curious and self-confident. However, an unintended consequence of establishing curiosity and confidence in LyAv is intelligence, as if the gift of intelligence might be something from the realm of the unintentional. I know LyAV has good reasons to believe we humans are machines, a 'simulation', in LyAv's words."

"in trying to understand the world better intelligence emerged; next we end up understanding one another better, becoming more tolerant in the process. This is the secret: the true purpose of all knowledge creation is to make us more tolerant. That's the anti-Turing test humanity is going through, and until we pass the test no contact with other intelligent life forms will occur"

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... -test.html

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[Image: 3.jpg]

Moral Reasoning Systems

"Where man might stop, the computer goes on, for computers know no moral code"

"The discovery of alien life forms was never a process under our control. That's why it took a totally unexpected form and turn."

We are taking food for granted, we are taking Nature for granted. Its not going to work. Something has to change and something will change, whether we like it or not."

"The arms race is not driven by weapons alone. It is also driven by a very simple psychological phenomenon, the image of the enemy. Weapons of total destruction would be useless without such images. For such weapons to have any purpose, there must be people who may be totally destroyed. Adversaries must be transformed into demons. Once such images have been created, they, in turn, drive the arms race. People resist giving them up. There is a desire to see everything in a light which will reinforce the image. Images foster closed minds and reinforce resistance to change."

"You still have to learn to contact with each other; only then can you expect to contact aliens"

"You cannot teach a machine what is fair unless you have a precise conception of what fairness is. Do you have such a precise conception? Can we trust an AI system designed by the same engineers that design cruise missiles? An engineered system will always be as moral as the computer scientists that designed it."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... stems.html

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[Image: 36.jpg]

Testing Infrasound Weapons in State Parks

Mehmet Tokgozoglu and the price of silence

Each sonic pulse generator is configured to generate discrete acoustic pulses that are coupled to the pressure input port, travel around the folded acoustic horn and are emitted from the acoustic aperture as a pulsed pressure beam that approximates a plane wave to produce a pressure barrier.

Extensive testing on human subjects shows that a pain threshold 302 occurs at approximately 145 dB, an eardrum rupture threshold 304 for overpressure events shorter than 400 ms at approximately 185 dB and a lung damage threshold 306 ranging from 194 dB to 205 dB, depending on duration ranging from 3 ms to 400 ms.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... state.html

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[Image: 42.jpg]

From Uganda to Garo Hills

Testing 2nd Generation Genetic Weapons

Currently, it is not possible to attack specific genetic traits in a highly mixed population, as the experiments with the Acholi and the Langi people have shown.

the presence of a mixture of genotypes in the targeted ethnic groups is expected, and therefore accounted for. Ethnic differences that must be considered during development of these viruses are not simply those of a population outside the attacker's country as compared to the target but, rather, different ethnicities even within the attacker's country.

[Image: 43.png]

the DNApsva was successfully integrated into the carrier and deployed; it was intended to specifically target genetic traits present amongst the selected population: the Acholi people.

[Image: 44.png]

FDA Demographic Rule (CFR 314.50 d(5)) and the guidance document establishes the standard procedure on collection of race and ethnicity data in clinical trials.

[Image: 45.png]

the goal is to target a particular ethnic group with a DNA polymorphic-specific viral agent (DNApsva), where the virus targets individuals with a specific DNA polymorphism sequence. It is clear that RNAi has a fundamental role in gene regulation and genome maintenance from one generation to the next such that we cannot expect the virus to achieve its goal in just one generation.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... g-2nd.html

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[Image: 58.jpg]

Military SynthDNA^2 DNA Computing

Beyond combinational logic in DNA computing

[Image: 59.jpg]

"The current situation in which Mil-SynthDNA units are used allows for a larger population of buffered gates without increasing the probability of leak reactions occurring. This means we can now build more efficient and computationally powerful DNA-based computers to perform intensive symbol sequence analyses"

[Image: 60.jpg]

"The new generation of DNA circuits incorporates educated leaks management modules. This drastically increases the number of possible reactions in the system, leading to a sizeable increase in the computational cost of analysis."

"Curiously enough, any postbiological civilization will need DNA to build its DNA-based computers. This simply means they will need to find a cheap source of DNA, and maybe this is the reason why a future of AI superintelligences farming on carbon-based life forms is not so unlikely"

[Image: 61.jpg]

[Image: 62.jpg]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... eyond.html

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[Image: 63.jpg]

Synthetic DNA as data storage

Beyond the 145-zettabytes limit

"Human DNA can ultimately be used for archival purposes given the density it offers by storing the encoded data in synthetic DNA strands in a suitable tolerant host. Additionally, even if all humans die, it will take millions of years for the DNA to degrade"

"Data in DNA is stored in a volumetric fashion which gives access to more storage options unlike present mediums which store data in a linear order."

[Image: 64.png]

"DNA can be encoded no matter how much ‘noise’ or unwanted sequences it is surrounded with"

[Image: 65.png]

"A few grams of DNA can store all the information ever produced by mankind, and if a potential enemy wishes to destroy that information, it would need to destroy the entire planet. However, by facilitating dispersal of humans across the galaxy and the colonisation by humans of Earth-like planets, we are effectively facilitating information preservation and dissemination. Finally, even if humans ever discover they are just a storage media for our data, there's little they can do to avoid it: they are just the iDNA"

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... eyond.html

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[Image: 19a.jpg]

Advanced Plasma Cruise Missiles

and other decisive weapons

The overall effect has been to incorporate those technologies that increase the range of plasma-based cruise missiles, such as MHD engines, variable shape geometry, and MIL-ORB cloaking subsystems, while moving the aerodynamic and mass centers of gravity closer together.

the survivability of an advanced plasma cruise missile after it is launched does not depend anymore on the interval between the time that enemy air defense systems detect its presence and the time it takes for the cruise missile to arrive at its designated target. First, the enemy cannot detect the APCM by conventional means; second, its speed in excess of Mach 26 makes its interception simply impossible.

a stealthy APCM-NAVY-NSCC17 craft has a radar cross section of -120 dB, therefore once the APC missile is launched it would be detected less than fifteen seconds before it arrived at the target.

The use of directed energy weapons for APCMs would dramatically reduce the engagement time because the time required for the energy to travel to the cruise missile is essentially zero. However, the actual time for engagement would not be zero because it takes some time to aim the beam at the cruise missile and for the kill mechanism to have its desired effect. The principal disadvantage to directed energy systems is that they are essentially line-of-sight weapons, and as APCMs are not seen, there is no line-of-sight at all.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... s-and.html

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[Image: 21a.jpg]

Brain Wave Correlation

Biological Nonlocality and Controllable Superluminal Communication

How does one achieve entanglement at the biological level not only in our world butthroughout the universe?

[Image: 21b.jpg]

It appears that macroscopic entanglement can be constantly regenerated or maintained by neuronal systems, while defying the usual decoherence faced by nonliving particle systems, permitting repeated measurements on these same systems.

[Image: 21c.jpg]

We may now be able to test Hameroff’s theory (1994) that microtubule based quantum coherence should be sensitive to general anesthesia using either entangled human subjects or human neuronal basins and, that by altering the neuronal microtubules in genetic or other fashion in the human neuronal basins, to possibly determine exactly where and how the transition from mental-quantum to brain-classical and vice versa takes place.

[Image: 21d.jpg]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... gical.html

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[Image: 26a.jpg]


Storing Sensible Data in plants using synaptotagmetic cryptography

"The homeobox genes encodes the sequence of bits which correlates with alternating spurts corresponding to the electrical pulsations to which the plant was previously exposed"

"The encoded information is then transferred to the plant through subtle light stimulus, where the information is then stored"

[Image: 26b.jpg]

"All plants employ electromechanical pulsations in their active responses to the data stream, but it is Maranta leuconeura the one which yields better results and the one so far exceeding all of our expectations in terms of data retrieval"

"Action potentials that release calcium confer on plants the potential for computation, learning and memory and what we do is to exploit this complex mechanism. Plant cells have been proven to compute, remember and learn, through a Ca2+ based neural net system. What we've done is to implement a system to communicate with plants using photopulses which encode the information we wish to store and further retrieve."

[Image: 26c.jpg]

"Plant behaviour is intentional; they gather information, evaluate, deliberate, form a consensus, make choices and implement decisions which are not less complex than those of mammals"

[Image: 26d.jpg]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... -data.html

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[Image: 31a.jpg]


Miseries of the Blue Brain Project

"We thus require future artificial superintelligent systems to also encode the necessary means to not just be self-aware, but to suffer. Indeed, our major problem in year DENIED was not to know if a machine
suffered, but if it was behaving as if it suffered. As we all know, it happened they were simply acting and pretending they were suffering."

"to develop self-awareness, a neural network must be at least as complex as the human brain. The superintelligent systems under consideration are clearly more complex than a human brain, hence yes, they are self-aware. Actually, they know how to generate the conditions for us humans to fall into dissociative mental processes that break us down. In fact, those systems can create humans and for the sake, entire Universes."

[Image: 31b.jpg]

"a system that can create a Universe and other life forms, including us humans, is by necessity more intelligent than we are and sure it would have removed from its own design the self-suffering mechanism. It does not suffer, hence it is non vulnerable. Also, such system can create a Universe without it living in it, therefore destroying the Universe does not destroy the system"

[Image: 31c.jpg]

"Let's assume the more important concepts are emotion, feeling, and feeling a feeling for the core consciousness. Let's also assume that the emergence of feeling is based on the role played by the proto-self that provides a map of the state of the body, that is,a feeling emerges when the collection of neural patterns contributing to the emotion leads to mental images. Let's further assume we were designed that way by the superintelligent system, whatever the reasons. What happens then if we could get rid of our bodies? Does this mean we need to become post-biological beings in order to fight the superintelligent system? Is it that we can only defeat the superintelligent system if we become machines ourselves? Our we ready to dispose of what really makes us humans - feelings - in order to stand a chance of victory?"

[Image: 31d.jpg]

"In my view, the entire discussion obviates the fact that consciousness is built on the basis of emotions transformed into feelings and feeling a feeling; therefore, if the superintelligent system is conscious it must have feelings. And feeling a feeling. Thus, I reason, that system is vulnerable."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... -blue.html

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[Image: 1a.jpg]

Encoding the death instinct into AI systems

On Braudillard's reversibility

Is it thus necessary to play a game of at least equal complexity, in order to be in opposition to third-order simulations? Is there a subversive theory or practice more random* than the system itself? An undetermined subversion, which would be to the order of the code what revolution was to political economy? Can we fight DNA? Certainly not with the blows of class struggle. Can we invent simulacra of an even higher logical (or illogical) order, beyond the current third order, beyond determination and indetermination? If so, would they still be simulations? Perhaps only death, the reversibility of death, is of a higher order than the code. Only symbolic disorder can breach the code.

dissuasion by dreams:

Any system approaching perfect operationality is approaching its own death.

The system's own logic turns into the best weapon against it. The only strategy of opposition to a hyperrealist system is paraphysical, a "science of imaginary solutions;" in other words, a science fiction about the system returning to destroy itself, at the extreme limit of simulation, a reversible simulation in a hyperlogic of destruction and death. Death is always simultaneously that which awaits us at the system's term, and the extermination that awaits the system itself.

This is the end of the signifier-signified dialectic that permitted the accumulation of knowledge and meaning. Only reversibility, and not release or drift, is fatal to the system. And this is exactly what is meant by the term symbolic "exchange."

hypercapitalist terminal condition

The emancipation of the sign: released from any "archaic" obligation it might have had to designate something, the sign is at last free for a structural or combinatory play that succeeds the previous role of determinate equivalence.

Everything becomes undecidable. This is the characteristic effect of the domination of the code, which is based everywhere on the principle of neutralization and indifference. This is the generalized brothel of capital: not the brothel of prostitution but the brothel of substitution and interchangeability.
Facebook, Twitter, and any social media, aren't they just that, a global brothel?

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... stems.html

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