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Understanding Technological Inevitabilities

The weaponization of the 5th dimension

"Having been militarized virtually since the beginning of man's experience in this medium, societies will weaponize space as they perceive threats to the ability to gather information, communicate, and trade in, from, or through space. The question is not whether societies will do so, but when and in response to what stimulus."

"Maybe we need to fabricate the stimulus ourselves that would make acceptable for society the use of space assets to conduct combat operations in space, from space, and through space. In the meantime, we work on building the required doctrinal framework for combat operations in, from, and through space because we know that, sooner or later, space will be weaponized."

"It is inevitable that, after all we know now about them, science be subordinated to the purposes of military power."

"Weaponizing space is a prerequisite for overcoming the current technical asymmetry we face in our war against Giselians. This weaponization will occur with maturing of specific technologies, the development of stable permanent military space platforms, and the design of robust and autonomous intelligent probes, just as they do. Our main problem is how to overcome current legal and political impediments to doing so, and we expect president nº 45 to fully understand what the situation is and what we expect from him."

[Image: 28.jpg]

"An increasing number of high-value resources and military systems has migrated to space so we need to protect those assets, and this means we need to quickly weaponize space. Next, we need to weaponize the fifth dimension because it is there where the real war is happening. Much like nukes are an effective deterrent force today, a weaponized fifth dimension will be an effective deterrent force tomorrow. Confrontation with those non-Sol-3 enemies is just a question of timing."

"Let me tell you how we envision tomorrow's strategic environment: you will have to cope with a collapsing home planet, overcrowded, with depleted resources, globally disrupted, with a changing climate devastating your chain food, with millions of people starving, and a battleground full of ground-based lasers, space-based lasers, and kinetic energy weapons, but no food. That's the world you will have to defend. It is your world."

[Image: 29.jpg]

"because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity. The prospect of domination of the nation"s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present and is gravely to be regarded"

[Image: 30.jpg]

"Military satellites proved to be major factors in maintaining nuclear stability during the Cold War; autonomous intelligent deep space probes will prove essential in protecting our civilization in a not so distant future. The public is now fascinated with the discovery of exoplanets by Kepler telescope, but this fascination will turn into horror once we reveal to them that some of them are indeed inhabitated by aggressive civilizations, while others are simply what's left after a planetary thermonuclear war with their neighbors."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... gical.html

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[Image: 57.jpg]


Resisting mental engagement during interspecies contact

They appeared to have been failures at previous attempts at hybridization. Thus, it is essential for the Breeding Program to enhance the mindscan procedure without affecting or damaging the entry point to human consciousness, namely: the optic nerve.

Data transference to hybrids also includes emotional responses. The procedure includes "wiring" to a female hybrid who sits opposite to the human target and performs the mindscan upon her.

[Image: 58.png]

The structural and compositional analyses of the recovered implants point to the fact tha a knowledge of in situ electrochemical parameters as the pH is crucial for an adequate characterization of the pressure treatment in biological organisms, such as humans. Biological processes are strongly mediated by the pH of the hydrostatic medium and its control becomes crucial in the breeding program.

alien uses the optic nerve to gain entrance to the brain's neural pathways. By exciting impulses in the optic nerve, the alien is able to "travel" along the optic neural pathway, through the optic chiasma, into the lateral geniculate body, and then into the primary visual cortex in the back of the brain. From there he can travel into the secondary visual cortex in the occipital lobes and continue into sites in the parietal and temporal lobes and the hypothalamus. Through that route, the alien can stimulate neural pathways, travel to many neural sites, and cause the "firing" of neurons at whatever sites he wants.

the test subject shouldn"t be able to avert or close his eyes; they must remain fixed and open. The test subject is simply forced to peer into the alien's eyes.

in mindscan experiments in which only a relatively low pressure range is needed, with a larger volume of the pressure chamber, moissanite, sapphire or cubic-zirconia anvil can be a far more judicious choice.

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[Image: 6.jpg]

Humans in rags

On Terminal Vessels

"We have by now confirmed at least three Earth-like telluric worlds which are candidates for Heritage Program targets. The terrestrial planet around the red dwarf Proxima Centauri is of utmost interest as the planet’s equilibrium temperature is within the range where water could be liquid on its surface. Situated at a distance of 1.295 parsecs, Proxima Centauri b is thus a perfect target for a short interstellar travel. We believe that travelling at 1% of the speed of light it would require a 423 year-long journey to reach Proxima Centauri b, while reaching Ross b would require some 800 to 900 years at that same speed."

"All this means it would require more than one generation to reach these planets, that is, travels to Proxima Centauri b cannot be achieved within the life expectancy of a human. It requires a long-duration space voyage, which necessitates to find a solution for the crew to survive hundreds of years in deep space"

[Image: 7.jpg]

"The most optimistic scenarios show that we won't have available to us the technology to travel faster than even 1% of the speed of light by year 3100, a time in which Sol-3 will definitely become uninhabitable. This in turn means you are left with a narrow window of opportunity to launch a Heritage spacecraft somewhere between 2275 and 2500."

"Building genetic banks of frozen early-stage human embryos is the approach taken to slowly populate an Earth-like exoplanet. We consider
robotic equipment would help the embryos to mature and develop once the destination is reached. The SEE Project is all about that, with a focus on designing artificial wombs. This way the size of the ship and its speed can be reduced to feasible projects. However, so far all our efforts to build advanced extrauterine systems to physiologically support extreme premature animals have failed."

"recovery and analysis of those mystery creatures found washing up on our beaches proves the animals are the result of some experimental program, most likey having to do with the development of artificial wombs for the Heritage Program"

[Image: 8.jpg]

"In order to prevent overpopulation the crew should be young, with a 50/50 ratio of women and men in order to maximize genetic diversity. They should be allowed to procreate only late during the women’s reproduction life in order to postpone the appearance of the first generation for as long as possible. We plan for a genetically viable population to endure a 5-generation space voyage under strict population genetic control. This is a critical mission design requirement that will only vary according to whether the destination is Alpha Centauri b, Ross b, or Epsilon Eridani. The ship’s operation is entirely automatic with very simple human intervention."

[Image: 9.jpg]

"Yes, consanguinity due to inbreeding is a serious problem in closed systems where long-term population planning is an important key to success. Obviously, we expect the crew to not have taboos against incest. Since procreation can only happen when a settler is at least 35 years old, and lasts for 5 years, it becomes impossible for a daughter to mate with her father, as the father will be well beyond the allowed procreation window. However, inbreeding due to cousin/cousin or brother/sister breeding is still possible, together with other combinations."

"Of course, the mission necessitates a control of birth rates in order not to saturate the space ship, and that's why postponing parenthood until late in the women’s reproductive life is one viable option to delay overcrowding. But we are not stupid and we know sexual arousal can ruin the mission, hence we have included smart ways to remove the excedent population. That's the role of the norovirus termination system. See, the most harmful situation can only occur within the crew, where a major disease could break out. Some of the crew members are expendable as this is the only way to keep the spaceship population within limits during the long trip to destination. I know it sounds cruel, but if we don't do that every male and female will eventually die."

"On the other hand, we need to take care of implementing intelligent social engineering principles for otherwise strict social engineering principles would drive the population of the vessel towards extinction. Finally, with this criteria in mind, the number of people needed to create a viable population for multi-generational space travel has been calculated to be about 80. This all means you should forget about designing a spaceship capable of traveling at the speed of light, forget about Alcubierre's warp, forget about light sails, forget about any science-fiction-like propulsion system. We have what we have: nuclear powered spacecrafts, and maybe ion thrusters. That's all we have and will have for a long long time. And we are who we are: humans in rags wandering through space leaving this planet that we ourselves turned into hell, reaching towards the nearest rocky planet around to thrive and survive. If you expect other galactic intelligences or even God to come rescue you, forget it: we are all expendable."

[Image: 10.jpg]

"By the way, have you ever considered the possibility that, in fact, this is not th first time we embark on this journey? Have you thought of the possibility... that we already ass-fucked our real home planet... and that we came to Sol-3 millions of years ago from, precisely, Alpha Centauri b? Wouldn't be funny to arrive to Alpha Centauri b to just find a ruined familiar planet? Think about it. You've no time left before the final collapse."

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[Image: 35.png]

Intragalactic Communications

Using 6.3 PeV Neutrinos

[Image: 36.png]

we do not know the methods that may be available to advanced civilizations to make a neutrino (or any other) beam. We have direct evidence in the 1020 eV cosmic rays, the gamma ray bursts (GRBs), the micro-Quasars, and the amazingly collimated jets from active galactic nuclei (AGN), so that we might suspect that we do not yet understand some fundamental issues on particle acceleration.

The human brain is adapted to the mind and culture of the tellurian species Homo sapiens, to understand and interact with other beings of our species, to understand human feelings, thoughts, motives, etc., in a psychological and sociological interplay that forms our human culture. This fact is crucial for future interstellar communication. I believe that cognitive science can give clues to how we might interpret and formulate interstellar messages.

[Image: 37.png]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ng-63.html

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[Image: 28.jpg]

Self-repairing systems

Lessons learnt from the second interstellar mission to αCentauri

The spacecraft decelerated at the Proxima system and deployed the flyby probe to αCen A/B despite sub-micron sized dust particles heavily eroded exposed surfaces of the mmW proximity radar.

[Image: 29.png]

The same relativistic effects that make detection easier or more difficult depending on the direction of travel, affect the communication between a ship and its planet of origin. An outgoing ship sends and receives data at a smaller rate. A chain of small decode and resend repeaters moving at intermediate speeds would provide a ladder of frames for which good communication is restored.

[Image: 30.png]

if a spacecraft of limited acceleration is the only means of travel available, a coaster could maximise their final comoving distance by accelerating up to ca. 26 years (or ca. 23 years for a lower bound). There is a preferred duration for which the rocketeer should accelerate, to maximise the distance that she covers while minimising the amount of proper time spent travelling.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... earnt.html

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[Image: 76.jpg]

The Value of No-Evidence

Rethinking the indisputable physical evidence

"I'd like those beings to be decent enough to at least crash their probes on a suitable place; we're fed up of those remote crashing sites in rogue countries and deserts though, you know, even the typology of those sites tells you something about the logic those beings follow when the crash is unavoidable. It takes us a lot of time to arrive to the place, and by the time we reach the site, they have already been there days before. The way they clear the area is also shocking: fulvic acid is the only thing you'll find. See, no evidence is also evidence."

[Image: 77.jpg]

"Evidence is anything that can be used to prove something, and you have no evidence at all for what concerns visiting aliens; however, the lack of evidence, namely, no-evidence, has sometimes more value than evidence."

[Image: 78.jpg]

"You know? Building a society only on science and technology, which is what you're doing, is the worst decision you've made. Both the future and mental sanity of your entire civilisation will be compromised beyond repair. It happened before, somewhere else, out there."

"The sad thing is that you don't have many possibilities to choose your own life style. It's not your fault after all if your civilisation collapses. You were doomed by design."

[Image: 79.jpg]

[Image: 80.jpg]

"What is an indisputable physical evidence of alien visitation? For a zebra, the indisputable physical evidence of a lion is the lion itself; What about a jelly fish? Is it a piece of plastic floating on the water any indisputable physical evidence of anything for a jelly fish or will it just pass unnoticed? And for humans, what could an indisputable physical evidence be, when by design they can only perceive a limited part of the environment which, by the way, has nothing to do with that a jelly fish perceives? The flag on the Moon surface, is that an indisputable physical evidence of human visitation to the Moon? For whom is that an indisputable physical evidence? Certainly not for a jelly fish."

[Image: 81.jpg]

.....(Yulara Restricted Area, Bangi Restricted Area, Gisel JHEDP Site, Atacama JHEDP Site, Amarillo Transect, Corumbá JHEDP Site).

[Image: 82.jpg]

"You see, you went to the Moon and you wanted to leave an evidence for other humans to see. Suppose some aliens came here and left a physical evidence, and suppose those aliens were similar to jelly fishes; what kind of "indisputable physical evidence" would they've left behind? A flag?"

[Image: 83.jpg]

"Will harm you in a lethal way; but you still might want to be there."

[Image: 84.jpg]

[Image: 85.jpg]

"The one unsatisfactory feature about these UFOs is the ambiguity relating to their mass. All other physical properties are well understood, but they are explained only if we postulate that these objects have a tiny or even zero mass. To all purposes, these objects are just photons."

[Image: 86.jpg]

"Tomorrow Martian bacteria will find the debris of our probes that crashed against the Martian surface. There are quite a few of them by now. Tell me, would that be an "indisputable physical evidence" of Earthlings visiting Mars? I'm afraid bacteria would need a different kind of evidence. Same holds for us humans, we are asking for physical evidence that we humans could understand, and that's asking too much, you see. Nuts and bolts are left behind only if you use them to build things, but what if your probes are paraphysical objects? What nut and what bolt do you expect to find?"

[Image: 88.jpg]

"Does perceptual experience provide us with any evidence at all? It provides us with that evidence we can perceive, but that's just a small bit of the real evidence."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... nking.html

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[Image: 14.jpg]

Cryptoendoliths and the contact strategy

"The experiment's goal is to analyze what intelligent interactions can be established with NTTs. Instead of simulating a hostile, extreme environment as we expect to find in an exoplanet, we take a rock as the exoplanet and design a molecular probe that displaces along the interstitial space and pores between mineral grains till it meets a cryptoendolith, and we focus on studying what kind of communication strategy would be best to establish contact with cryptoendolithic lifeforms"

"The goal of any virus is to enter the human body. Once in, viruses commandeer the cell’s nucleic acid and protein-making machinery, so that more copies of the virus can be made. Isn't this the way a von Newmann probe work? If we wish to be ready for the day we meet an exotic logic system out there in space, we need to focus on the biosystems that we know do best resemble an ELS. See, viruses are very intelligent and capable of thinking. They do things that we do not expect, and they adapt to the environment in fascinating and creative ways. They change themselves in order to survive, and all of these features make them an ideal model to study future interaction strategies between us and potential extraterrestrial intelligent life-forms"

"between 40 and 80 percent of the human genome arrived from some archaic viral invasion. A virus is a parasite, a quite special one: a virus is a genetic parasite, and that makes a big difference. What about, say, consciousness parasites? Can the Yulara NTT be termed a parasite of consciousness? Wouldn't that be in fact more terrific?"

"The entire game of contact with other intelligent lifeforms is all about communication, but it’s also about the type of communication and, most importantly, about shared communication."

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[Image: 13.jpg]

NTT - Entity

Let's assume that Akrij has everlasting life; if such were the case then the entity needs not fear a cessation of its existence and we should not be perceived as a threat. And though we cannot ascribe human features and aspirations to such an alien being, we can draw some parallels with all we know about biological beings here on Earth.

It is a fact they can curve space-time and visit us. But instead of asking how they do it, let's ask why they do it. Why they do what they do? What are the rules of their behaviour? Direct observation is not possible and, on the other hand, the mere contact with them leads to insanity. They are inexpressably alien, that is, they are alien beyond words. Nothing in our neural conformation is ready to meet them vis-a-vis.

self-preservation is our ultimate priority, and that is something they seem to fully understand. The message they sent seem to point out that there is a fate worse than death for us, and that we need to understand this. Preservation of one's culture leads to a drive for knowledge. This Akrij made clear on several exchanges.

Yulara is a turning point. We have for the first time learned of a new universe, where the laws of nature differ from ours. Now is time for us to redefine all of our notions of reality. If we deny the new reality we must become insane. Mind, our reality itself is intact, it does not change. But our perception of it must change.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ntity.html

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[Image: 20.jpg]

METI and Arrogance

Messaging to extraterrestrial intelligence

We know of an intelligent species that sent a message. And we know of an intelligent species that received the message. The message could be the Phaistos Disk, or an excerpt of the Voynich Manuscript. Both the sender and the receiver are the same species: humans. Yet, the message is still indecipherable by humans themselves!."

Effective METI strategy requires long-term commitment to transmitting for at least hundreds or thousands of years, depending on the distance to the nearest watchers. Furthermore, individual METI attempts occur at a particular frequency or set of frequencies, which in turn requires that any watcher must be sensitive to that frequency.

We tend to forget that although mathematical discourse is suggested as the message content most likely to be understood because mathematics concepts might be the most universally accessible, the language in which we encode that mathematical content is not at all universal.

Exchanging messages encoding the Fibonacci series with an extraterrestrial astronomer has nothing to do with two planetary civilizations communicating with each other. It has to do with elite members of a given civilization communicating with each other, while the vast majority of the inhabitants of those planets most likely ignore who was Fibonacci. Ethically, it would be more reasonable to send messages to the interstellar medium... only after the entire population of Sol-3 has a knowledge of basic mathematics.

There is no eason for optimism about humans’ ability to understand cosmic cross-cultural communications precisely because our frustrations with Paleolithic art have mostly had to do with the difficulty of understanding the message’s content, that is: our failure in understanding what is being communicated. No one denies that these paintings are the work of human agents, produced through purposeful activity and carrying meaning. But we do not understand the meaning.

While mathematics does not include a grammar as such, surely the concepts and their symbolic representations are systematically related, even if not in the same way as “natural” languages, which means mathematics is as worse as any natural language for interstellar communications within the METI framework.

[Image: 21.jpg]

[Image: 22.png]

I am suggesting something more like the following: creating messages such that ETIs could recognize our use of symbols and thus our intelligence, should be possible. Transmission of specifid, objective knowledge through written language is certainly worth trying, but if our experience in deciphering ancient scripts is any indication, it will not be easy for an intelligent being out there to get through the two layers of symbolism to the content of the message. Communicating as the artists (symbolists) of Lascaux did, with but one layer of symbols, won’t get across a concrete, specifid body of data either, but it could convey useful insight about us, perhaps more than a rich, language-based message that can’t be read.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ng-to.html

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[Image: 54.jpg]

Subcivilizations within the Hypercivilization

Are ants aware of the existence of humans?

the biology and neurological setup of an ant certainly prevents it to be aware of the existence of humans; ants' civilization is thus a subcivilization embedded in a human hypercivilization, a hypercivilization of which ants are completely unaware. However, what about those uncontacted tribes in North Sentinel Island? Aren't they humans, too? Is not their biology and neurological setup identical to those who fly above them in planes taking photographs and video recording their daily activities? Sentinelese are for sure aware of them, yet they reject any contact with other people. If aliens want us to be a subcivilization which is part of their highly advanced hypercivilization, don't we have the right to reject any contact with them?

[Image: 55.jpg]

Let's assume for a moment that many present species, including our own species, have resulted from genetic manipulation by those members of the hypercivilization. This means we would share portions of our DNA, and this opens the possibility to design genetic weapons that we could use against them. In the end, if we are the result from genetic manipulation by them we need to take this as a blessing, for it means we at least know something about them, something we can use against them.

the older the civilization, the more intelligent the individuals, if and only if we compare civilizations of the same species, and even then this is not always the case. Sharks, for instance, were around a long time before humans; are they more intelligent beings? No, members of the hypercivilization are not more intelligent than we are: they are simply different.

We do not oppose to individual contacts between some humans and some Giselians; we oppose to a general contact between our own civilization and theirs. If you want to know the reason, just ask the Sentinelese why they reject any contact with other people.

[Image: 56.jpg]

It is not whether we are alone or not. It is that we do not care at all what the answer is because, whatever the answer, this wouldn't solve any of our current problems. See, ants do not care about whether humans do exist or not, and we don't care about whether aliens do or do not exist, much as the Sentinelese don't give a damn about the other tribes in the Andaman islands.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ithin.html

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[Image: 4a.jpg]


Assesing long-term impact of Class-IV encounters

"The fear to really contemplate the terrestrial consequences of a confrontation with extraterrestrials"

"Radical fear is based on several anthropocentric pre-assumptions, the key one being this: they are strangers, hence, they are dangerous"

"Not only has Earth initially provided an environment for life to develop, but also the resulting living organisms have subsequently shaped the planet. But... whose planet is it, anyway?"

"Contact between a Type-I civilization and a Type-II civilization can only be made in the Type-II's home stellar system. Otherwise, the encounter will likely imply the total collapse of Type-I civilization."

"Contact with Earth's civilization is bound to be asymmetrical. Wanted or not, this will be psychologically devastating for them."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... -term.html

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[Image: 20a.jpg]

Symbolic Communications in 5D Cosmologies

5D seru dafo essa

Communication with extraterrestrial civilizations using electromagnetic waves must inevitably be compromised to some extent by the finite speed of light. If the universe really does have five (or more) dimensions, exchanging signals via the fifth dimension may be the faster and preferred method.

Clearly, any form of communication with aliens which is to take place on a human timescale implies some kind of signal whose effective speed in ordinary 3D space exceeds that of light.

One aspect of this rigid space is that the loss of information from a signal is very little. In the existing four-dimensional space-time world the attenuation of signal is via 1/d2 law i.e. the signal strength reduces from the source by inverse of distance squared. As the space dimensions increase and the space gets rigid the velocity of signal also increases and in higher dimensions it could be many times the velocity of light. So no, communicating with a spaceship located at the other end of the Universe is no problem. In fact, there is nothing like "the other end of the Universe".

[Image: 20b.jpg]

Obviously, it is Fermi's inability to see the extra dimensions the reason why he wasn't able to see the aliens he was asking about. We now know our Universe is extradimensional. Actually, we as observers have a null surface defined by five coordinates in Minkowski 5-space, and therefore we, as observers, are ourselves located in Minkowski 5-space – in the 5-brane, the mental plane. Fermi included, by the way.

Because time in the 4-brane is imaginary (subjective), your experience of motion (change), and hence your sense of time, depends on your state of mind. It is your state of mind what determines both the message to be sent, and the message you receive.

[Image: 20c.jpg]

[Image: 20d.jpg]

in vision, we do not perceive the world as it actually is, but as the brain computes it most probably to be.

[Image: 20e.jpg]

Any dreamer knows about extra dimensions. We can dream because the Universe is extradimensional; and dreams, much like thoughts, are signals which travel faster than light, as seen from a 3-dimensional world. On the other hand, time can be introduced and removed from the universe and hence the total time in universe is constant.

Sure we can send 'thought packets' as well as receive them whenever our minds are anchored to the object of perception. In fact the very act of perception means exactly the information packets from the object of perception will be received. The same applies to thinking about somebody. The Fermi paradox should be reformulated as follows: if the Universe is extradimensional, where are those extra dimensions? Or, if you wish, this other way: if we are all one, where the hell are the others?

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... in-5d.html

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[Image: l1.jpg]

All the beautiful systems

The Book of Jehu

"What peace, so long as the whoredoms of thy mother Jezebel and her witchcrafts are so many?"

"we were particularly excited by the striking similarities between hypothesized four dimensional phenomena and certain incidents and descriptions found in the scriptures and other religious literature"

"The Book of Jehu contains in all probability the most precise and detailed explanation of what other seers did really see"

[Image: l2.jpg]

"due to the infinitesimal 4D thickness of this 3D world an infinite number of such worlds could be layered one around another permitting worlds without end. These worlds would be closer together than the pages in a book and yet no interaction would occur between them without intervention from a higher dimensional force. The inhabitants of such a world could never know of the existence of these adjacent worlds unless they were told by someone who had been outside of their own plane of existence"

"A three dimensional being would have difficulty describing four dimensional objects or events since he would have but a three dimensional vocabulary to call upon. The highly unusual and somewhat confusing language that Ezekiel used to describe what he saw might well be the result of the inadequacy of our language to describe hyperdimensional objects or events; in turn, Jehu's description of what he saw is more scientific and detailed, not because he spoke a different language, rather because he used mathematical terminology - albeit limited - to help in the description of events."

[Image: l3.jpg]

"Right, really, no joking, but the language of Sol-3 STO-2075 scientists describing quantum effects clearly resembles Ezekiel's when he tried to describe his arrival to DENIED. You may laugh at Ezekiel's childish description of wheels inside wheels and bright-blinding thrones, much as you can laugh at current description of D-branes and hyperdimensional space-time. You are today's Ezekiel, my friend."

[Image: l4.jpg]

"Norea, learn that all kingdoms have a law given and there are many kingdoms, for there is no space in the which there is no kingdom and there is no kingdom in the which there is no space, either a greater or a lesser kingdom. And unto every kingdom, Norea, is given a law and unto every law there are certain bounds also and conditions."

"To approach light speed or faster than light speed what is needed is not anti-gravity but anti-mass/inertia. Superluminal speed cannot be achieved until at least light speed is achieved."

[Image: l5.jpg]

"if the ship speed is many multiples of the speed of light, the duration in spacecraft time is the distance divided by the speed of light, and that determines the spacecraft time elapsed during the mission and the physical aging of the crew. Thus, even with an 80-year lifespan of the spacecraft crew, the crew could only reach, and return from, stars that are less than 40 light years distant from Earth. So for less-than-light speed (subluminal) travel, the limitation is the lifespan of the Earth-bound observers, while for greater-than-light speed (superluminal) travel, it is the lifespan of the spacecraft crew that is the limitation."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... -jehu.html

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[Image: p1.jpg]

Fw geifad ira iro

"Earth time is not spaceship time. Earth history is not spaceship history. Earth time and ship time are different, but it is Earth time we must be concerned with, because that is the time in which the project team is living. Yet, the project team will be speaking about a spaceship which has nothing to do with the one they once designed and commanded. In other words, once your spaceship reaches relativistic speeds it will become completey alien to you."

[Image: p2.jpg]

"The Pioneer spacecraft team that was present when the Pioneer spacecraft passed by Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune or Uranus is no longer the group listening for the sporadic distant signals being received from the Pioneer spacecraft."

[Image: p3.jpg]

"... and they were baffled by how much did Earth change in this 25,000 years that lapsed since they departed... and were shocked at how little these new humans knew about their own past"

"Whether the spacecraft is manned or robotic, for distant space destinations there would be no one on Earth that could recognize the object that was returning to Earth, or why. Unless you are clever enough to have written down the instructions in a smart way, hidding the message in the DNA... or perhaps in a neutrino beacon deeply buried in either of the planet's poles"

[Image: p4.jpg]

"Humans perceive the present moment as having special significance. They constantly forget that there is no special moment, not even what they call the "present". All of eternity is laid out in a four-dimensional domain composed of time and three spatial dimensions. What is observed as the passage of time is actually that earlier states of the world are different from earlier states of the world we remember. A clock only measures duration between events; it does not measure the speed with which one moment succeeds another. The flow of time is subjective, not objective."

[Image: p5.jpg]

"We already have a sound knowledge of space propulsion physics, and we are already at a position to build such advanced quasi-stellar engines using current technology. Yet, it is not propulsion theory but a new navigation theory what becomes indispensable for galaxy exploration. The practical interstellar exploration must combine a space drive propulsion theory with a hyper-space navigation theory. Getting a spaceship to travel at light speed is currently not the problem: the problem is how to navigate that spaceship."

"We leave the development of advanced propulsion technologies to space agencies and the industry; we are not interested in galaxy exploration. For us, the key thing is obtaining impossible maneuvers, impossible speeds, and the capability to stop the vehicle in mid air here on Earth. We are not interested in exoplanets or alien civilizations, you see. Our concern are the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians. We pushed technology beyond limits to build MilOrbs and PSVs, not interstellar spaceships."

[Image: p6.jpg]

"There is no technology transfer possible at all. Picture this: the public is interested in firing high energy particle beams at small fusionable pellets that will implode and be magnetically channeled out the nozzle in order to have a feasible propulsion engine, while we are interested in firing high energy particle beams at nuclear silos to cause an in situ detonation of thermonuclear missiles and ICBMs. Only when the general public and the military share the same goal does technology transfer work, but at the moment we don't share the same goals, I'm afraid. So no, you won't see a transfer of our gravity switch-off system, and you won't see any of our enabling technologies being used in civilian applications. Not in the short term."

"Contact is a complex process. Traversing to the other Universe requires the cooperation of a lot of different civilizations in remote planets separated by vast distances and with radically different biologies and technological capabilities. Sharing one and the same goal - the will to transcend this Universe - is the key. For an hypercivilization space exploration is not a requirement; discovering and exploring other Universes is their driving force. Look, a Type-0 civilization aims at exploring its moons; a Type-1 civilization aims at exploring its star system; a Type-2 civilization aims at exploring its galaxy; for Type-3 civilizations, exploring other galaxies is what drives their civilization, but for a Type-4 civilization it is exploring other Universes their main motivation. I am sure there is still a Type-5 civilization, those who create universes."

[Image: p7.jpg]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... a-iro.html

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